United Colors of Benetton: New Advertising Strategy

For the very first time, Benetton will be featuring celebrities to grace their new campaigns.  The launch of a new campaign strategy is difficult and risque; however, the intent will bring forth the necessary shift into a new form of advertising.  Model Alek Wek (below)  was chosen to give examples of the humanitarian work she’s accomplished.

[“Each one of the people we used is unique in their own right, and it’s the community of the nine of them together that make the campaign strong, because none of them should really be a model in standard fashion language,” said Benetton chief merchandising officer and creative director You Nguyen.]

[“This is an innovation for us, because we have never used testimonials,” Benetton Group chairman Alessandro Benetton said, of the videos. “Now, we are using testimonials that are visible and recognizable to the world of fashion. That is the provocation.”]

A strong focus for the ad campaigns is color.  Why?  The change, in a sense, led Benetton to go back to their focus of color that was huge for them back in the late 80′s and 90′s.  Models featuring the product will go through different color schemes that correspond to that of their story pictorial/video.

Sales for the company has slumped and mostly Italy and Spain account for 60% of their business.  The new shift for United Colors of Benetton is nonetheless, exciting and fresh.  (Above famous transgender model Lea T).  Using models in the pubic eye and showcasing their stories  brings the raw element many campaigns lack.  The campaigns channel real concerns to the public eye…  which is necessary in today’s fashion.