Favorite Songs of the Year….So Far

So 2014 is almost over, and I’ve decided to put together a playlist of some of my favorite songs this year. Picking favorites is the hardest thing for me to do, especially with music because I love so much. I actually have a never-ending playlist that I add onto with favorites, but I’m going to filter it down for you guys, and give you some of my favorites of the year so far!

“Rather Be” – Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glyne

So for one of my classes at Ohio University last Spring, we got to venture down to SXSW. We spent the week seeing shows, attending panels, and meeting with individuals in the music industry, and when we got back to school, we had to present our experiences. I volunteered to put together our group’s presentation, collecting stories, videos, and pictures form each classmates, then went ahead and put everything together into a short little video recapping our trip. That was the easy part. The hard part was figuring out what song to put to the video. I’m weird, and when I only have one shot to pick a song to impress people, I spend forever making my decision. I was shuffling through my iTunes library, yes I said iTunes, and yes I still use iTunes. After about two hours of searching through my collection, all of a sudden these lyrics came through my headphones – “We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea. But as long as you are with me, there is no place I’d rather be.” The first thirty seconds described it perfectly. I spoke for our entire group, and we all felt the same way. What we experienced in Austin together couldn’t be replicated, we all had a special place in our hearts for Austin and our times together that week. Now whenever I hear this song, it immediately takes me back to Austin, Texas with some of my best friends.

“Restart” – Sam Smith

Where do I start here? I could’ve made this entire post about Sam Smith’s debut album, In The Lonely Hour. Back to SXSW, I remember planning to see him at this church one evening because I could only imagine the beauty of his voice bouncing off the tall church walls. Unfortunately I switched my schedule around, but I still got to see him perform at the MTV Woodie Awards, but from the roof of a BBQ restaurant next door. I anxiously waited for this album to release, and when it did, it was the only album that was played for the next month. Listening to the album, I was thinking it was great, and then I get to “Restart.” I was a little thrown off, as this one isn’t a slow, romantic love song, or a slow song about heartbreak. Upbeat and fun, this had me thinking of some 80s pop that I had recently got into during high school. Then all of a sudden, about three-fourths of the way through the song, I flipped out. I can’t even describe what happens, but it’s almost glitchy, but yet so beautiful, and after this section ends I find myself singing louder and dancing even more than I originally was. This actually might be my favorite song of the year, so far, and I’m not sure if something can beat it.

“Like Real People Do” – Hozier

One of the best new artists of 2014, and Hozier’s self-titled debut album was just released in the U.S. “Take Me to Church,” is their most recognizable and popular song so far, but this band is going to have many chart-toppers in the near future. This song starts off with an acoustic guitar plucking along, soon joined by Andrew’s voice, delivering soft and sweet lyrics. His voice grabs my full attention, and makes me just want to sit there and listen, forgetting about anything troubling me at the moment. “Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, we could just kiss like real people do,” is sung, followed by a hymn-like chorus, but with a folk twist. I remember the first time I heard this song; I was just mesmerized and did not want to get up or do anything after hearing it. It brought me this happiness, this self-peace that I hadn’t found in a song for a long time.

“God’s Whisper” – Raury

I don’t even remember how I discovered Raury. Which is weird because when I discover a new artist, especially one that starts to gain popularity, I can recall the first time I heard them and how I found them. What I do remember is my initial reaction to this song. I asked myself, “how does this seventeen year old kid have all of this wisdom and emotion when he’s so young?” It’s not a bad thing at all, I was just so impressed, and when I found out he was only 17, I couldn’t have been more excited. He just released his debut album for free, Indigo Child, and to download it you had to play a video game on his website and reach a certain score to get the download link. Again, I was impressed, nobody’s done that. Then I put the whole album on my phone and listened to it as I drove from Colorado to California. I remember driving with the windows down, through a couple tunnels, and hearing Raury’s powerful vocals echo through the tunnels. It took me by storm, and gave me chills. If Kanye is giving him attention, you better be too.

“Sad Machine” – Porter Robinson

Before finding this song this summer, I had no clue who Porter Robinson was. I found this song, and was in love. I could never get into any sort of electronic music, but something changed. This was one of the first that I truly loved. The vocals are so beautiful, then all of a sudden are distorted, and the song expands and the journey begins. This song changed my outlook on music and had me appreciate so much more. His new album, Worlds,  was just released at the end of the summer and it was amazing. If you like this song, you need to listen to the album. The album is a story, and “Sad Machine” is only a chapter of it. Imagine only reading one random chapter of a Harry Potter book; you might enjoy it, but put it with the rest of the project, and you’ll love it so much more. That’s the case with this song and Porter Robinson’s album.

“Slow Motion” – PHOX

This summer I spent a lot of time looking up new bands, and if I were to count the hours I would lose track. Phox is from Wisconsin, which proves they can produce more than beer and cheese. This song is the band’s most popular, but they also just released their self-titled debut album, and have a new single, “1936″ that should get some attention soon. This song is so uplifting and will definitely put a smile on your face. Monica Martin’s vocal range is shown off in this song as she quickly flips between lower and higher registers, often leaving in the cracks in her voice too, showing that she is, in fact, human.

“Hey Mami” – Sylvan Esso

This song starts off with distant wind, followed by a couple different vocal tracks singing in a round. Then Amelia comes in and sings over the original vocals, and that’s the beginning of the song; no instruments, just vocals. It’s not until about halfway done where we get some drums, chimes, and synths in addition to all of the original vocals. I remember hearing this and thinking it was such a cool approach to a song, not relying on instruments, and just using them to enhance the song’s beauty.

“Just One Of The Guys” – Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis made a splash this summer with her hit “Just One Of The Guys.” This song actually took me a couple listens to fall in love with. I wasn’t a fan of the song other than the chorus for the first few listens, but that quickly changed. I would actually listen to it right after Sylvan Esso, and her take on her vocal tracks amazed me. Just a ‘normal, folk-ish, pop song’ but she’s going out of the box on her approach, sowing the true grittiness of her voice at times, singing with distortion, and naturally shows the range of talent that Jenny Lewis has. After hearing this song I went ahead and listened to her album, The Voyager, where I found the song “Slippery Slopes,” and truly appreciated all of the little things she is doing in each song she releases. I could listen to ant song of hers and find something new each time that I love, that I might’ve missed the listen prior.

“Ordinary” – Copeland

So from what I’ve heard Copeland was a pretty big deal in the early-mid 2000s. At this point I was mainly playing sports all of the time, and music -wise I was only listening to hip-hop and didn’t know about much else. So I actually didn’t know of Copeland until earlier this year when my girlfriend told me they were her favorite band. So I listened, and I liked them, but I wasn’t in love. A couple weeks later, they announce their return and released a new song “Ordinary,” and I remember I actually got chills from this song. Aaron’s vocals swept through my body, and during that first listen, I felt as if I was paralyzed. A similar feeling that I had with the Hozier song I mentioned earlier, but the lyrics on this song had a little more substance to them. When the lyrics stop, and the piano takes over, my mind was completely empty. This never happens, as something is always going through my head, but during that first listen of “Ordinary,” it was a feeling I never had. After this experience, I had to go back through their catalog to see what I missed out on in the 2000s, and I missed a lot. But, I find myself listening to them more and more, almost once a day, and truly one of my favorites to listen to.

“Kanye” – The Chainsmokers + SirenXX

So earlier the Chainsmokers released their song “Selfie,” and I absolutely hated it. There wasn’t a part of it I enjoyed, and the more I heard it played, or even blogged about irked me. One week on Spotify, looking through the new releases, I see they released this song, “Kanye.” Completely got rid of my disgust towards them, as Kanye is one of my favorite people and musicians, and thought that it must be good. So I gave it a listen, and I’m so glad I did. An upbeat piano keeps the song going, while the vocals scream “I wanna be like Kanye, I’ll be the king of me always,” and I soon found myself dancing and a huge smile across my face. I couldn’t stop listening to this song, and I pretty much forget that they made “Selfie,” and when I do remember, I don’t care because I love this song so much.

“Telemiscommunications” – deadmau5 + Imogen Heap

Most of the population knows Imogen Heap only from the Jason Derulo sample, “Watcha Say,” and they’re truly missing out. She has one of the most beautiful and captivating voices I’ve ever heard. I was listening to the new deadmau5 album, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw her name on the tracklist. I decided to wait to listen until it came on, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The anticipation I created for myself was at such an unreal level and was not let down. I can’t give her all of the credit on this song though, as deadmau5 deserves a lot of it for the amazing production, and reaching out to Imogen Heap to collaborate on this beautiful ballad.

“Say You Love Me” – Jessie Ware

Right now, in today’s pop music, if I had to pick my favorite female vocalist it would be Jessie Ware. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. An untraditional love ballad, “Say You Love Me,” shows off the raw power and emotion she has in her vocals. Early is the song, you can hear the dynamics heighten, and all of a sudden she rips it away and goes back to her soft and delicate style. Before the 3:00 minute mark, the guitar starts to build suspense, and more vocals are added into the mix, and it hits. The power and emotion of her voice is back, paired with a choir in the background, and she can do no wrong. She actually settles back down and brings all of her emotions together to finish out the song with the softer and more delicate style she opens with. Then I found out that she wrote this song with Ed Sheeran, and loved it even more. Her album Tough Love is released on October 24th, and cannot wait to hear the whole album in one sitting.

“Love Me Harder” – Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd

Last, but not least, Ariana Grande finds herself on this list with one of her newest singles. Her album, My Everything, has a lot of great features on it and I actually couldn’t decide between this song and her song with Donald Glover to put on this list, both are amazing. I decided with this one because this song with The Weeknd has more potential to be a global hit. The Weeknd comes in for the second verse on his own, and his soulful, and seductive vocals fill the airwaves. The duo then plays off one another’s vocal riffs on the chorus, and I remember laughing the first time I heard it because I could tell how much fun they had recording it. After hearing this song, I just wanted to listen to more of the Weeknd because I felt like he was underused on the song, and just can never get enough of his vocals. But as a whole, her album was great, and can see at least 4 singles from this album to hit the top of the charts.


These are an extremely small sample of my favorites I’ve came across this year, but there’s something for everyone on this list and I hope you enjoy! Here’s the Spotify playlist for the songs:



Artist To Watch: James Bay

Fresh off of his release of his Let It Go EP, James Bay is preparing to take the world by storm. He was found by a YouTube upload of a performance at a local pub; oh the wonders of the Internet. Now he finds himself joining Hozier on a world tour, one that you don’t want to miss. Starting as a local artist from Hitchin, UK, to a global name, and making his way around the world with another emerging, soon-to-be famous band.

About four months ago, James released Let It Go, a five song EP via Soundcloud. His title track “Let It Go,” was the first I heard of him, and it was a great first impression. I was surfing through a couple music blogs and came across it on multiple sources which made me give it a listen, and I’m glad I did. A soft, smooth, yet powerful song about independence quickly found its way in my daily playlist. Perfect to relax to, gather your thoughts, and become one with yourself.

“If You Ever Want To Be In Love,” takes a complete 180 degree turn, and is an upbeat folk-pop love song. The layers of vocals on the chorus grabbed my attention during my first listen, as well as the background guitar riffs, reminding me of those played by John Mayer. Towards the end of the song, it gets stripped down for a couple seconds, focusing on the vocals and those few seconds gave me chills. I imagine hearing an acapella track by him, or more stripped down songs, and cannot wait for what I hear next.

“Heavy Handed,” is written about him dwelling on the past, something a lot of us do a lot. When it comes to the composition itself, I’m not that big of a fan of this song. The electric guitar hidden beneath the upfront acoustic is nice, but other than that, I’ve heard it all before, and so has everyone else, as its the least played song of his on Soundcloud. But the lyrics. The songwriting is what makes this song special. Almost everyone can relate to dwelling over something in the past that they can do nothing about; whether its a past love, a loss in your family, a fight, career-related, or whatever it may be, James reassures it’ll all be alright.

“Hear Your Heart” starts of with hearing the sweeps across the neck of the guitar, making it feel as if your right in front of him playing it for you. Soft, raspy vocals sing the lyrics of this love song, kept in time with the shakers in the background. James reassures again that everything will be alright in the present and future, you just have to let everything go. He also sings how its much easier to move on, when you have someone by your side, wanting to be there with every move you make.

The final song on the EP, “Running,” is a simple, yet powerful love song driven by his soft vocals and piano. Written about him running home being next to his love, when he is needed the most. Running to the place he belongs, by his love’s side. Everyone has that one person who’ll they’ll drop everything in a heartbeat for. This song is written for them, the loves of our lives. This song hit me hard the first time I heard it this summer, and made me realize how lucky I was to have the friends and family I do; it put into perspective that I owe a lot of thank you’s (more than I could ever say) for all of the support they’ve given me through the thick and thin.

Go ahead and check out James’ Soundcloud page, and listen to the EP yourself, as well as his new single “Hold Back the River.”


Artist Spotlight: Niykee Heaton

Up and coming R&B singer/hip-hop cover artist/pop star, Niykee Heaton, is finding herself quickly climbing the charts as her debut album Bad Intentions, topped the Billboard Real Time Twitter charts when released this past week. She also partnered with the new label, All Def Digital, ran by Def-Jam creator Russell Simmons. The label finds talents through YouTube and works with promotion and artist development afterwards. Heaton’s track “Bad Intentions,” actually was awarded Single of the Week in May, and has seen over 6+ Million new listeners across both YouTube and Spotify since its release.

With that being said, it would be worth noticing Heaton’s career on YouTube was going to be successful no matter what, covering well known hip hop songs on her own, without any outside help. Some of her standout covers are Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools,” Future’s “Turn On the Lights,” and “Poetic Justice,” by Kendrick Lamar and Drake. Its quite a feat for her to be able to cross these songs over into acoustic covers, because with hip hop there’s not always chords, its just a pattern of different loops, and not always composed as other genres.

Now to her debut album Bad Intentions. While being signed to All Def Digital, she got to choose which imprint of Universal she signed to, and Niykee chose Capitol Records. With one of the most star studded in line-ups in music, Capitol added more versatility to their label with the R&B, Soul, and Pop star in Niykee Heaton. Her debut EP with Capitol, has 6 songs, with her lead single “Bad Intentions,” which is the one that got Russell Simmons’ attention when submitted to his label.

The first song on the album “Sober,” Niykee starts off almost rapping, bringing back her roots of her hip hop covers onto the album. Then all of a sudden when the chorus comes in she flips the switch and goes into ‘R&B Niykee,” where she channels her inner-Rihanna. This one song, which most importantly is her intro song, she shows she can wear whatever hat is thrown her way. If she wants to rap, she can, if she wants to slow things down and seduce the listeners, she most certainly can. “Champagne,” sounds like it could easily be remixed by Schoolboy Q, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky, or even Drake and would be a huge success. Hearing her on this song has me imagining of a Drake collaboration, resembling the professional relationship he has with Rihanna, turning everything they touch into gold…and sometimes platinum.

Then comes “Bad Intentions.” The first time I heard this over the summer, I was speechless. I had no clue who she was. But she made this beautiful, slow, smooth, angelic, and seductive song and that’s all that mattered. Throughout the verses Niykee layers on some background vocals of her own and its just unfair on how great it sounds. Kudos to Niykee, her producer, Russell Simmons, ADD, Capitol, and Universal, they have a star in the making and her lead single is the perfect example of the work she’ll release in the future. The next single “Skin Tight,” comes in with some familiar synths that sound a lot like the synths from “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes. I’m not sure if I should call this one a love ballad, but more of a love appreciation song. Hitting all of the Rihanna comparisons in this song with a little bit of Cher Lloyd thrown in her sound as well.

“Rolling Stone,” is actually my favorite song on the album. Going back to her acoustic roots on this song with a choir of her own vocals, I hear a repeating comparison. Her vocals sound so similar to Rihanna’s vocals in “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake. This right here is why I think the Niykee/Drake collaboration would do exceptionally well. The last song on her debut album, “Villa,” is another acoustic, R&B, pop mashup that only a few people could pull off. Joined by shakers, salsa music, a horn section, gives this song a Southern American vibe, reassuring me she has been inspired by Rihanna and learning from the best.

I can’t wait to hear more from Niykee soon. Until then I’ll be listening to this album non-stop, along with rewatching all of her YouTube covers. This is not an artist to sleep on, as I can guarantee she will hit radio airwaves soon and become a household name.

Listen to her debut album, Bad Intentions, here:



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This will be a popular series I will begin posting, as I will pick a new artist each week. This week’s artist is CHVRCHES.

The premise behind this idea is that I will recommend new artists for you to listen to based on the original band posted. So in this post I will give you new recommendations that are similar to the sound and style of CHVRCHES. CHVRCHES is an electro-synth-pop band, whose single “The Mother We Share,” is still talking over airwaves. Soon enough their song, “Gun,” will join it on the top charts.

So now to the recommendations:

1) MS MR, a duo from New York, has the same vibe to them as CHVRCHES has. The vocals and composition by Lizzy are beautiful. The lyrics and composition of their single “Hurricane,” are much darker than CHVRCHES, and its evident without the bright synths. But nonetheless phenomenal. I suggest listening to “Hurricane,” and “Bones,” both dark but yet both beautiful when it comes to talent and storytelling.

2) BANKS, a signee of Capitol Records, fresh of her debut album Goddess is making listeners turn heads. “Beggin For Thread,” is a combination of MS MR and CHVRCHES. The storytelling and artistry behind it is similar to MS MR’s style, and the instrumentation is more similar to CHVRCHES. I’ve probably have played her new album over 30 times so far since its release. The second song I suggest listening to is “Warm Water.” It’s a very popular track for DJ’s to remix and for good reasons; her vocals in this song are breathtaking. Less instrumentation in this song, which has a “stripped down” vibe to it, where you need to listen to the vocals and the story being told.

3) Grimes, a Canadian producer as well as artist, takes the chilling vocals that are similar from each band so far listed, but combines it with driving drums, and hints of EDM in her work. “Go,” has a lot of the EDM feel to it, but only when the chorus comes in. Other than that part of the song, it sounds more like a faster pace BANKS. “Genesis” has a lot less of an EDM feel to it. This song makes me feel like all time around me has sped up, and I’m in slo-mo just floating there, watching everything happen normally. No idea why I feel that way, but I close my eyes and that’s what I feel. But the beauty is there’s no right answer. Close your eyes and listen to “Genesis” yourself, and see what it feels like to you!

I’m in love with female vocalists. Radio will usually only play normal pop, cookie-cutter songs with female vocals. Nothing dark, nothing experimental, nothing true. I could sit here and submerge myself into my own thoughts to music like this, but still be able to have a smile on my face and be happy while listening! Let me know what you think of these artists, and here is the Spotify playlist for you to check out!



Featured Artist: Jon Bellion

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I wrote about Jon Bellion a little in my previous post regarding artists you need to know. It was hard for me not to write everything on my mind right then and there, but I had to wait. His new album, The Definition, was just released this afternoon, and I’m absolutely in love. Last year he released an album, The Separation, which I loved, but his new album blows it out of the park. The Definition, is his fourth free album released, which is rare to see one album given away for free now, yet alone four!

In my previous story, I mentioned Jon has seen a lot of success from songwriting. He wrote the chorus for “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna. He also co-wrote and produced Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets.” Both reached the top of the charts in the last year and a half. He’s seen great monetary success from these two opportunities, and many others, that allow him to release his albums for free. The money he makes from songwriting gets recycled back into his music, whether it be buying new instruments, new studio gear, or bringing in other musicians, he is making sure to spend the money wisely. In his Reddit AMA (ask me anything) he tells one fan that he’s done making free music. This is pretty exciting because he was improving so much, using money  just from songwriting and touring, but now he will have more money to recycle back into his creation process.

Signed to Visionary Music Group, home of rappers Logic and QuESt, Jon brings a nice change of pace to the roster. One of the most unique artists I’ve listened to, combines pop elements and vocals, with picture-painting storytelling, and all combined with the production heard on top hip hop classics. This is why I love his music. He combines every element of music, and makes it his own. He started off producing at the age of 14, and then just recently started singing and rapping on his own productions. If only he had discovered those skills even sooner…

Jon states his top 5 albums of all time are:

Cease To Begin – Band of Horses

Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie

Donuts – J Dilla

Graduation – Kanye West

For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver

You can definitely hear each album’s influence in his music. Imagine the production of Kanye and J Dilla mixed with the vocals of Death Cab, and the storytelling of Band of Horses and Bon Iver (Justin Vernon). So imagine that combination plus much much more, and then you have Jon Bellion, a musical genius. I can’t even grasp how his mind works musically, but luckily, he makes YouTube videos of how he created each song, and is an absolute delight to get a glimpse into his musical mind. 

Now I’ll get into some of my favorites from his new album The Definition:

“Pre-Occupied” – The song starts off “Wu-Tang raised me, Death Cab changed me…” both two of his biggest musical influences. This is a very honest song by Jon, he says everything on his chest regarding the music industry. The first verse definitely sounds angry, where he addresses the motives behind most publishers and producers. He then also brings up two more of his influences, J Dilla and Paul Simon. All of a sudden after this angry rant, a very bright and cheerful chorus comes in, where Jon doesn’t hold back his vocals at all, letting all listeners to appreciate his artistry.

“A Haunted House” – The first thing you hear on this song is an electrifying harmony created by Jon’s vocals laid on top of each other. Then comes in the piano and Jon singing about his past loves and current love. He tells a story about a new love in his life, allowing him to feel comfortable and safe in this world. “I’ve been saved, watch them all fall back into the grave.” He is referring to the ‘ghosts’ of his past loves that he would stay in touch with whenever he was lost, and now that he’s found love again, he doesn’t have to deal with his past any longer.

“Ooh” – This is one of my favorite songs because of the mood it puts you in while listening. The instrumentation is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. About a minute into the song, Jon says “these lines won’t make sense,” and while you hear them, you hear Jon laugh. Just a moment for him to be himself and have fun with this song, while still staying true to his creativity and musical talents. Christianne Jensen sings backup vocals to Jon in this song and midway through, you get to hear mainly her sing and paired with Jon’s production, it is stunning.

“Luxury” – This song features Audra Mae, the great-great-neice of Judy Garland, and musical talent definitely runs through their family genes. This is the outro to the album, in complete juxtaposition of the intro “Munny Right.” In this intro Jon is almost bragging about this luxurious lifestyle he’s created for himself, and how his life has changed because of the money. But in “Luxury,” Jon and Audra sing about staying true to themselves and still staying modest despite the success. One of the most beautiful moments on this album is when Audra sings the outro to the song, “don’t let my soul drown in in the luxury.” It gave me chills the first time I listened to it.

In addition to the album, and behind the scenes videos, Jon made an animated short film to accompany his song “Luxury.” It shows the main character, who is an animated version of Jon, become tempted by many different things/people as he grows up. The candle is a symbol for faith and that no matter the temptation, its a must for him to keep his faith and not let the temptations get to him.

He makes it clear that he stays true to himself in all of his works, and I have not yet been disappointed with any of his releases.

Go listen to his new album, The Definition, here: http://open.spotify.com/artist/50JJSqHUf2RQ9xsHs0KMHg


Featured Artist: ODESZA

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ODESZA, the stage name of Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), started in 2012 when the duo started making music together their senior year at Western Washington University. Only two years of making music, and they’ve given us two albums, an EP and an endless amount of remixes along the way. The duo just released their second studio album, In Return, and are embarking on a 3 month world tour. They just had 2 shows in the LA area, at the Fonda Theater and then at Amoeba Records. I stopped by the show at Amoeba and will be reviewing that as well as their new album!

We’ll start with their new album In Return, which is one of my favorite albums of the year, surprisingly. I heard “Sun Models” over the summer and fell in love with this song, and at that point I had no clue who ODESZA was other than this beautiful song. Not knowing who they were killed me. I had to know more and more about them, as I then came across their remix of the summer hit “Faded.” I knew 2 songs, and loved both of them. After listening to their 2012 debut album Summer’s Gone, I was sold. They had me. I was on the edge of my seat awaiting the newest single, or any news for a matter of fact, and I got both. They released 2 additional singles, which were instantly added to my Summer playlist, and announced their new album. This was in mid-summer, so I had to wait almost 3 months until the full project, one of the worst feelings to have. Imagine starting a countdown for Christmas in September, where the Indian Summers are still in effect, and you’re off dreaming of snow and presents under the tree. Rough. But luckily September 9 came faster than I thought, and In Return released!

This album will only put you in a good mood. In comparisons to Porter Robinson’s Worlds that just released, or Aphex Twin’s soon to be released Syro, ODESZA made sure every song could lighten your mood and make you want to dance. Those two albums I mentioned have multiple acts in them, whereas In Return has one act, dedicated to brining positivity to the world. The  opening track “Always This Late,” starts off with an upbeat clapping, setting the tone of the track. Soon enters in a females voice, but almost mumbled so you can’t hear what exactly she’s saying, but its catchy enough to where you start singing what you think she is saying. The following track, “Say My Name,” has chopped vocals coming in almost instantly, but soon enough there’s actual words you can sing along to. “I wanna dance, I wanna dance, daaa-aaa-aance, with you,” belts Zyra, the featured artist on this song, and as a listener you quickly want to dance with the song. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, thanks to Zyra’s electrifying vocals. Only 2 songs in, and those three long months of waiting are finally worth it.

I won’t go through each individual song, so I’ll list some of my favorites:

“White Lies” – This song features another female vocalist, Jenni Potts, whose voice I fell in love with from this song and is is fairly unknown, as her entire Spotify discography has less than 1000 plays. This starts off with spacey vocals over a piano, and all of a sudden Harrison and Clayton start their magic. The upbeat synths enter, followed by a simple, yet driving drumbeat, and more angelic vocals.

“Memories That You Call” – This one has a mysterious intro. While listening you’re not too sure where this track is going to go, and then all of a sudden, here are the bright and upbeat synths that the duo has mastered. Paired with chopped vocals, unable to catch what Monsoonsiren (the featured artist) is saying, but that makes it all the better. Everyone is going to hear something different. That’s one of the bonuses of the album that I just discovered tonight. It creates a unique listening experience for each listener out there.

“Sun Models” – Here it is, the song that got me hooked! This single features Madelyn Grant for the vocals, and once again they are chopped in a way for you to imagine what you want to hear form them. Every time I listen to this I hear something new, which I love, and makes it so this single, or album never gets old. I find myself singing random pitches that I hear from Madelyn, or random words that I think I hear, or want to hear.

You can close your eyes and pick a song at random to play, or put the album on shuffle, and no matter what song comes on you’re going to be tapping your feet, nodding your head, and then all of a sudden you’ll find yourself on top of the table dancing and singing random words that may or may not even be in the song!

Their show at Amoeba was great, despite some technical problems at the record store. When the speakers worked 100% it sounded amazing! It sounded so much better live than the studio version, but then when some speakers began to malfunction the magic went away. But the duo actually improvised during their set. They played the beginning of the songs we all knew and loved, and then remade it into a new, one of a kind experience. I knew I would never hear that rendition of “Say My Name” again, so I appreciated every second of that performance and every other song they played. The record store was packed with a younger audience, majority of them holding their new In Return vinyls in preparation for the signing afterwards. Harrison and Clayton played a mix of older and newer material, while making up the setlist on the spot.


ODESZA_amoebaThe songs they played tonight at Amoeba were:


If There’s Time

Memories That You Call

I Want You


Sun Models

All We Need


Say My Name


With only 2 studio albums under their belt, ODESZA is still fairly new and only going to rise in popularity. I highly advise you to go listen to In Return,  as well as their debut album Summer’s Gone.


Check out their tour schedule and see if they are playing anywhere near you, it will be a great show to see in person!


Goodbye Summer: Artists You Need To Know

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As the end of summer is quickly approaching, we have listed some new artists that should be a household name. With genres spanning from folk to synth pop and from hip hop to alternative pop rock, here are eight new artists that you need to know:

How To Dress Well

Tom Krell, also known by his stage name How To Dress Well, is no newcomer in the music industry. Starting in 2009, he started releasing his EPs for free online, and quickly was recognized by Pitchfork as an artist to keep an eye on. Coming off his latest release of “What Is This Heart?” Krell is looking for his well deserved recognition before he sets off on his U.S. tour. The album features soulful and dreamy vocals mixed over upbeat drums and bright synths, but still makes you sit back and reflect on life. Two of my favorite songs on the album are “Words I Don’t Remember” and “Precious Love,” which both will be on the playlist at the end of this post.

Shawn Mendes

At only 16 years old, Shawn Mendes found his success through social media like a lot of young pop stars. Most being found on YouTube, Mendes went a different route and posted covers of pop songs on his Vine account, gaining millions of followers in a matter of months. His top single, “Life of the Party,” has peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts, is absolutely amazing. It reminds me a lot of “Stay,” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. A piano driven love ballad, with soft spoken vocals matched with the keys, makes this sixteen year old stand out as an artist to watch.

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion isn’t a household name, but definitely should be. You may know the song “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna, but what you don’t know about it is that Bellion was the writer of the song’s chorus. Most of his monetary success has been from songwriting, but that’ll soon change. He has released a couple mixtapes, and signed to Visionary Music Group, headlined by rapper Logic. This week he is releasing a new album, but what will set this apart from the rest will be the animated film he is releasing alongside the album. The short film was also 100% written and directed by Bellion himself. He is by far one of my favorite artists in music right now, as he fuses hip hop production, into powerful pop and soul vocals mixes with amazing storytelling. His musical talents are through the roof, and continues to impress me along every release. Keep an eye out for an album and film review later this week.

Vance Joy

Known for his single “Riptide,” James Keogh, is hearing his hit single across all airwaves. Soon it’ll be more than his one single that America is familiar with, as he just released his debut album Dream Your Life Away. The singer-songwriter released the album on September 9, which peaked at #17 in the US, but topped the charts in his home of Australia. The newest single on the album, “Mess is Mine,” is an upbeat song with a catchy chorus that’ll soon find success that Riptide did. He draws comparisons to Mumford and Sons, mainly because of the common folk traits used by each, but his powerful vocals reminds me a lot of Marcus Mumford’s. “Wasted Time,” one of my favorite songs on the album, James shows his soft side and shows everyone how vulnerable he is when it comes to love.


Afie Jurvanen, known by his stage name, Bahamas, is finding his way to success mainly online through music blogs. I discovered his single “All the Time,” while surfing through my usual blogs. This was one of my favorite songs of the summer, with its slower, electric guitar driven, and falsetto vocals driving the song. What I loved most about the song was that I felt this suspense coming through me for some reason, and then at the 1:35 mark the guitar takes over, and again around 3 minutes into the song. Growing up on classic rock, I heard those guitar riffs and fell in love with the song and more importantly I was won over as a fan. “All Time Favourite,” starts off with multiple voices humming, all in harmony, then comes in with an acoustic guitar and vocals coming right at you. It’s a very honest feeling song, and shows Afie’s versatility as an artist, as he can switch up he styles on the album and still sound great.

You + Me

Now, I doubt you know this duo from the name, but if you hear their debut song “You and Me,” they made sound familiar. Well the duo consists of Pink, and Dallas Green, the lead singer of City and Colour. At the moment this is their only single, but their debut album, RoseAve, is due to release October 14. Not a traditional love song that you would hear on the radio, but still a love song nonetheless, and in my opinion better than the typical love songs. It feels darker than most, due to the perfect harmonies made by the two, paired with strings in the background that makes the song have a mystery factor. I can’t wait to hear their whole album when it releases in a couple weeks.


Norwegian EDM/pop duo of Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou, Lemaitre, is shooting up the charts after their release of Singularity in July. This project only has 4 songs, but each one is so different it fills all musical cravings you might be having. It ranges from piano-pop (High Tide) to  old school disco (Wait) to a more traditional electro house song (All I Need). The four song project also features Chuck Inglish, one half of The Cool Kids, and LOLO, an upcoming artist on DCD2 Records, an imprint of Fueled By Ramen. This was a daring move for them to leave their roots of primarily electro house, and start to become more versatile as a duo.

The Madden Brothers

Joel and Benji Madden started working on music as The Madden Brothers in 2011, as a side project of Good Charlotte. They would release a mixtape collaborating with a star studded roster of rappers in 2011. It took them 3 years to finally release their debut album, Greetings From California. This album sounds like its roots were based off of Joel and Benji’s experience in Good Charlotte, mixed with more modern synth driven pop. A couple stand out songs are “Dear Jane,” “Jealousy,” and “Bad.” The album is 2 parts, the first being a more upbeat, Good Charlotte-esque sound, and the second half is acoustic driven, which is my favorite of the two. I automatically think of Good Charlotte and mid-2000s alternative rock when I hear the vocals on each song, but the instrumentation and composition of each song keeps me coming back for another listen.

Here is the Spotify playlist featuring all of the songs covered in this post, I hope you enjoy!



Lady Gaga for Versace SS14

23 November, 2013 Campaign, Fashion 34 comments


Lady Gaga definitely lives for the applause, isn’t that right? Today, we were all able to take a look at Versace’s most recent  campaign, and yes, we loved it. The pop icon looks stunning wearing a long hair wig and a purple cut-away gown that make her seem just like the always stylish Donatella. Photographed by by Mert Alas, Gaga will be Versace’s face for summer and spring 2014.
We cannot wait to see the other ads that are about to be released. Music, Italian fashion, luxury and pop culture come all together to become one of the most successful campaigns of the upcoming seasons!


Music and fashion are definitely two of the most important things for anyone that appreciates the good life. And when these two combine, great things happen. Why are we so sure about it? Take a look at Louis Vuitton´s most recent campaign and you´ll know what we´re talking about. For this year´s L ´Invitation au Voyage campaign, the French house chose the music icon as their newest face, and oh my, we´re loving it! The official campaign comes out on November 7th. In the meantime, let´s enjoy the teaser that is driving everyone crazy!