The Fashionable First Lady To Open The Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Met

Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour seem to be pretty big fans of one another. Through various collaborations and even a couple of Vogue covers for the First Lady, the two seem to get along well and on May 5th we’ll see them both again at the Met Gala. Michelle Obama will be cutting the ribbon for the opening of the newly renovated wing for the Anna Wintour Costume Center.


The infamous designer’s influence on the fashionable First Lady’s sense of style is said to stem from her loyalty to the Obama family. Wintour helped massively with fundraising for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and has since kept in contact with the family. explained, “Because of her close relationship with Anna Wintour, Mrs. Obama will attend the naming ceremony. There was some talk about her attending the Met Gala itself, but it was decided that her attendance would require huge extra security and screening at the party, which could inconvenience others. Guests wearing gowns wouldn’t wish to go through metal detectors or be patted down on their way into the ball.”


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First Lady Michelle Obama wears Reed Krakoff

First Lady Michelle Obama wore a dress by designer Reed Krakoff for the official 2013 White House portrait. This isn’t the first time the First Lady has worn designs by the American designer as she also wore a navy blue dress last year. This year’s look (shown above) is much more mature and sporty.

Her arms are covered which was different compared to last year’s photo where she wore a sleeveless Michael Kors dress.  The touch of pearls added the lady-like sophistication Michelle portrays in her seamless looks.  She also donned a dress by Krakoff for the Swearing In Ceremony earlier in the year – wearing a blue dress and cardigan.

The dress Michelle wore in her released photograph was a collaboration between Reed Krakoff’s atelier and Michelle.  Michelle’s decision to wear garb designed by American helmed labels, is conscious and all in hopes boosting American designer brand awareness. This is also a practice Kate Middleton participates in for our British counterparts. Hence the gorgeous Alexander McQueen wedding dress designed by Sara Burton.

What Was Vogue Doing At the White House?

SPOTTED: A Vogue team entering the White House (with cameras and all) last Thursday. Is Michelle Obama set to feature in another Vogue cover? Rumors of Vogue’s presence in the White House has been confirmed by Mark Knoller, a CBS News White House Correspondent. The Huffington Post also reports that the President’s schedule had been cleared that day, which indicated that he will be part of the shoot as well.

Celebrity photographer Anna Leibovitz was also at the scene, who most likely would be working the shoot as she’s shot the First Lady’s first Vogue cover and has worked with the Obama family before.

We’re excited to see what Vogue has in store for us with these secret meetings with the First family! Stay tuned to find out!