Vogue is Getting Sued and Kanye West is to Blame?

Looks like Vogue may be regretting their decision to feature Kimye in their magazine. The April shoot, which meant a long awaited cover for Kim Kardashian, has seemed to bring down some trouble on Anna Wintour and her team at Vogue. According to The Post, Rickey Spicer, who has already sued West before, is now trying to sue the magazine for supposedly using one of his songs in their behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.


Spicer’s rep stated that, “his voice is used substantially throughout the video, comprising approximately 44 percent of the lyrics” and that all this took place without consent or authorization. Kanye West apparently lobbied Anna Wintour into getting Kim on the cover stating that she was “more relevant to fashion” than Michelle Obama. Wintour may have thought it a good idea at the time, but the repercussions may be causing more trouble than the cover was worth.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Working With Kanye West On New Collaboration

Giuseppe Zanotti has a new collaboration taking place that may come as a shock. The eccentric designer is teaming up with rapper and Kim K’s arm candy, Kanye West. West and Zanotti first collaborated for West’s very first Paris runway show and the pair hit it off right away. Zanotti explained that the process was very easy when it came to working together.


Zanotti tells, “I met Kanye in Milan during a charity event. He’s very sweet, very sensitive and sometimes dangerous because he’s sensitive. He’s a good guy. Good heart. He’s a poet. We met twice and then he asked to come into mymaison because he wanted to understand the process of [creating a] collection of shoes and design. We started with something elegant for his runway, then we did something else — sneakers — together. He taught me something, I taught him something. Also, I showed him my archives of records and he sang something for me, for my team. It was good synergy, exchange of sensation and love.” Zanotti has quite a fondness for artists, especially the more eccentric ones and this collaboration sounds like it’s going to be very successful.

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Kimye’s Vogue Flies Off Shelves


Regardless of the initial controversy surrounding Kimye’s cover of Vogue Magazine, the issue is set to be the highest-selling issue of the magazine to-date.

The April 2014 cover of Vogue features Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kanye West in a wedding-themed shoot. Many critics were outraged by the cover, claiming Kim had no standing to be on the cover of the fashion bible. Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar even took to Twitter to publicize her disapproval, going so far as to tweet, “I guess I’m canceling my Vogue subscription.”

Despite the haters, though, the Kimye issue is being forecasted to sell 400,000 copies–that’s more than both Beyonce’s and Michelle Obama’s covers!

We guess, at the end of the day, the all-powerful Anna Wintour is always going to get the last laugh.


Now Playing: “Sanctified”- Rick Ross


Complete with a gospel sample and guest appearance from Kanye West and Big Sean, Rick Ross’s new song “Sanctified” is definitely one of the best off of his album “Mastermind”. Having released earlier this year, “Mastermind” is Ross’s fifth album. “Sanctified” is a beautiful collision of gospel vocals, clever lyrics and unique beats that tie it all together. The song allows Ross, West and Sean to tell their perspectives of how the fast-paced life of fame has impacted their lives.


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Kanye West x A.P.C. Collaboration

New baby daddy, Kanye West dips in the pool with French clothing brand, A.P.C. for a menswear collaboration! Everything is peachy and set for the collection to debut later this week! A.P.C. took to their Twitter to confirm the news.

Kanye West Tweeted (referring to the founder of the brand), “Thank you Jean Touitou for letting me create with you”

According to Fashionista, the brand always did quiet collaborations and this time is a first with a celebrity. “Touitou told GQ last February that he and West ‘wanted to do something related to clothes that’s not high fashion.’”

A.P.C.’s founder later wrote in a statement:

Over two years ago, a visitor to the A.P.C. studio was announced to me as “Kenny”. He wanted my advice on the fashion industry; although I found such a request quite vague, as a mutual friend introduced us, I met with the guy. The guy talks, talks and talks and I was having a good time listening. He had nice manners and spoke about losing his mother in a surgery accident, about losing his girlfriend too, and about how difficult doing the right thing in fashion was. After a while, I was curious to know what this gentleman was currently doing in his life. I simply asked him: “May I know what your trade is, sir?” He took his shades down, so that finally I could see his eyes, and answered me: “I am a hip hop artist.”

At some point my crew informed me that his name was West, Kanye West. I introduced him to the A.P.C. design studio, and he kept asking how he could start something in that fashion industry. This is when we all advised him to start that something in France, and keep quiet about fashion noise while learning about it. Then later, as we became friends, he invited me to his recording studio at Hotel Meurice. At the time he was working with Jay-Z on an album, which wasn’t already named, Watch the Throne. Over the months, we kept hanging out and finally came up with the idea of doing a small capsule collection of clothes together. “Small” meaning that this capsule collection consists of a jean, a hoodie and a T-Shirt. Those are precious to me and to Kanye too, because it took time and thoughts to get there.

Jamie Foxx’s BET After Party Presented by Malibu RED

Last night, Jamie Foxx hosted a BET Afterparty at his residence in Thousand Oaks, which was presented by Malibu RED. The evening weather was perfect, guests started to come in as the sun started to set. Malibu RED was branded all over the event with the cabanas, step and repeat and red carpet showing the red logo. Guests were able to sit at the back cabana, watch TV and lounge on the couches, while they drank and enjoyed Malibu RED the entire night. There was also multiple Malibu RED models circling the event, making sure guests and VIP attendees had a full cup.

Attendees included Jamie Foxx, Kanye West, T.I, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Shemar Moore, Garcelle Beauvais, Draya, Nene Leeks, Cheryl Burke, The cast of Basketball Wives, The cast of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills and Atlanta, Yandi, Candice Parker and many more. Timbaland, Nelly and Omarian made a fashionably late presence strolling in around 3am.

Jamie Foxx spotted on the Malibu RED red carpet taking photos at his BET After Party

Kanye West enjoying specialty Malibu RED drinks in the VIP Lounge at Jamie Foxx’s BET After Party

T.I. enjoying Malibu RED drinks in the VIP lounge at Jamie Foxx’s BET After Party

Tichina Arnold seen posing on the Malibu RED red carpet at Jamie Foxx’s BET After party

Cheryl Burke posing on the Malibu RED red carpet at Jamie Foxx’s BET After party

Shemar Moore posing on the Malibu RED red carpet with a Malibu RED bottle at Jamie Foxx’s BET After Party

Malibu RED models posing and entertaining guests with shots and drinks

One of the many Malibu RED displays around Jamie Foxx’s house

The Malibu RED cabana

Photos by Claire Bloom/Guest of a Guest

2013 Gov Ball: Mud, Rainboots, Music, and Some More Mud

11 June, 2013 All, Music, See 13 comments

Photos courtesy of Elle, Vogue, Refinery 29, Nymag, Marie Claire

The lineup was incredible – almost impossible (pun intended). The 3-day Governors Ball Music Festival was held on Randall’s Island, New York with rocking names like Kanye West, Kings of Leon, The Xx, Of Monsters and Men, Kendrick Lamar, The Lumineers, Feist, Guns N’Roses, and lots more to the lineup.

Unfortunately the storm alert from Hurricane Andrea on Friday (June 7), warned high winds and floods and caused headliners Kings of Leon to cancel their stage. Fortunately, they managed to play their make up set the following day! The rest of the festival was a muddy mess but that didn’t stop music lovers from splashing and sludging their way to their favorite artists. Overall (though the 8 inch muddy mess), the festival was a success with Sunday’s weather being almost too sunny with some of Kanye’s new tunes!

Annnnd a music festival isn’t complete without some Festival Street Style! Annex presents to you the Governors Ball fashionisas rocking their rain gear!

Kim & Kanye’s Baby Girl

Kim and Kanye have tried their best to keep the gender of their new baby a secret until the season premier of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, and after last Sunday’s episode aired, the world finally knew for sure. They are expecting a baby girl! According to Kim in last weeks episode of Keeping Up, Kanye has always wanted a girl. The two would go out and buy clothing for their baby, prior to the shows air date, but with paparazzi following them, literally everywhere, it was pretty difficult. To stump the paparazzi, they would either buy all white clothing, or boy’s and girl’s clothing.  Now i want to know what they’re naming her! So until now, it looks like we’ll have to wait a few weeks until new baby West enters the world.

#ThatFashionThing Head Over Heels For Heels

(Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood)

Shoes are a fashionistas favorite accessory. I always say “The higher the heel, the better you feel.” Comfort is never number one on my list when finding the perfect pair, the look of the shoe is always number one. The perfect heel or boot can make you feel like a million bucks. There are so many designs of shoes out right now that it is almost impossible to decide which style to go with. I am normally a fan of solid colored shoes with a 4 inch heel or higher, but a I also love shoes with detail! Although, shoes with detail MUST have to be worn carefully! You don’t want a “loud” shoe with a “loud” outfit, they have to be balanced out. Always remember that a detailed shoe calls for a simpler outfit! Your ensemble should never over power YOU.

Sarah Jessica Parker looking stunning in her Alexander McQueen’s (Perfect 10)

Kim Kardashian wearing a pair from Kanye West’s line. There is too much going on with the shoes and although this dress is simple, it just doesn’t go. (I’ll give her a 4… Anybody else not a fan of these Kanye’s?)

Jessica Biel paired her outfit perfectly with her yellow heeled Nicholas Kirkwood’s. Talk about the perfect outfit for Spring! (Another perfect 10)

Okay. This is what I mean by an OVERPOWERING outfit. I love Lady Gaga, but there is just so much going that I don’t even know where to look. (A sad zero)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Heat Up L’Officiel Hommes

25 February, 2013 All, Exclusives 156 comments

As if Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s pregnancy wasn’t big enough news, the power couple take it to the next level of sexy with their new French magazine cover for L’Officiel Hommes. 

The controversial magazine cover has everyone talking on what the photo is really all about. It has been said to be a depiction of them creating the miracle baby inside of Kardashian. Other rumors have circulated that L’Officiel Hommes is trying to stir up controversy from their last magazine cover, where Benicio del Toro carries an unconscious woman. Ultimately we conclude that L’Officiel Hommes is bold on what they show on the cover of their magazine. The photo is captivating and expresses a great deal of emotion.