Beyonce and Jay Z Release Another Trailer For Paris Tour Dates


It’s no question that Queen B loves surprises. In addition to her self-titled album, Queen B and her man JAY Z release another tour trailer, titled “On the Run,” to promote their September 12-13 shows in Paris. It has the same fast-paced, action packed clips that we loved in the first trailer, but it focuses more on the two. After all, who doesn’t love seeing this power couple in action?

Here is the “On the run” trailer


Here is the first trailer, “RUN”

Disclosure Remix of Pharrell’s “Frontin”


Disclosure has taken an old favorite and remixed it into create something quite exceptional. Pharrell’s song, “Frontin,” featuring Jay Z has become more electronic, perfect for dancing. It seems like everything Disclosure touches is great.

Take a listen below!

Beyonce and Jay Z Release Trailer for Their New Movie???

Jay Z and Beyonce are in the news again, but this time it’s positive news. The dynamic duo have released a spoof trailer for a movie entitled Run which includes actors such as Rashida Jones, Blake Lively, Kidada Jones, Jake Gyllenhaal, Emmy Rossum, Don Cheadle, Sean Penn and Guillermo Diaz. The new song by Jay Z and Beyonce, Part II (On The Run) is the reason for the video and has over three million views so far.


Now Playing: “Dreams”- BOOTS feat. Beyonce


He helped her with her album, now she is offering her lovely vocals for his last track. A few weeks ago Producer BOOTS announced his new project titled WinterSpringSummerFall with which he included a picture of the track list. Aside the name of the last track it read (feat. B******). We had suspicions that it might be the one and only Beyonce and our instincts did not lead us astray. The Beyonce and Boots collaboration is one that we are all thankful for. After the release of Beyonce’s visual album, curiosity about the identity of the name that appeared all over the credits remained. BOOTS latest mixtape will feature the song “Dreams” as its last track. Take a listen to BOOT’s new song “Dreams.”

Listen to more of BOOT’S music on SoundCloud.


Fashion and time are probably the two things that never stop happening. Isn´t it crazy? A few weeks ago, we were all excited about the October Issue from our favorite magazines, and now it´s time to say “Hello!” to the November Issue. And could we have chosen a better cover  to start with? We don´t think so.
Vanity Fair says “welcome” to the 11th month of the year with a living legend: MR. JAY Z. Styled in a white black tuxedo, the rapper looks simply amazing. Photographed by Mario Testino, Jay Z talks about his most recent album, how he used to sell drugs and the two reasons of his entire happiness: Ms. Beyonce and baby fashionista, Blue Ivy.

Jay-Z x Barneys Holiday Campaign

Christmas with Mr. Carter?! Jay-Z‘s latest collaboration is a holiday campaign, called “A New York Holiday” for the infamous Barneys holiday gallery space! Barneys typically worked with big names each year – with Lady Gaga making reigns two years ago and Disney just last year.

“If you close your eyes and think about who best represents New York and stands for the city, you can’t help but think about Shawn Carter,” Barneys CEO Mark Lee told WWD.

Jay-Z comments, “Everything that encompasses ‘A New York Holiday’ . . . represents a perfect example of a unique and groundbreaking collaboration that I hope demonstrates how inspiring New York has been to me.”

The collaboration will also include a limited edition collection designed by Jay-Z, including watches and a humidor, along with items from Balenciaga, Lanvin, Balmain, Proenza Schouler, and Rick Owens.

The collection will be available on November 20. A quarter of all proceeds will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation.

 Image via Hypebeast

Can NY handle Jay Z and Barneys together?

That beat drops as he talking about blowing a stack with some talk about the trap.
He doesn’t pop molly; he rocks Tom Ford.

Who else could this person be? Of course, it’s Jay Z.

(In case you haven’t heard, he also took that dash out of his name)

He’s making some serious moves, but then again, when is he not?
HOV has always been known to make alot of noise for his home place of New York.

Word on the road has been rumoring that he’s in process of collaborating with Barneys.
It makes total sense because Jay has always been about a lavish life and business so it
seems right for him to partake in some trapping with a high-end luxury retailer like Barneys.

There is no official word that there is a deal on lock, but you know Jay!
He can come outta nowhere and serve us up with holy grails – it’s safe to say that if they come together, Barneys and Jay will definitely pack some fire for the men’s fashion industry (assuming he’s only doing men’s fashion).

Stay posted on the official word!

Photos via Tumblr

Listen: The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

With only two days away from the HIGHLY (and I mean HIGHLY) anticipated premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, we are presented with a full Deluxe soundtrack album from the movie. We previously raved Jay-Z’s scoring and gorgeous preview tunes from the likes Lana Del Rey, Beyonce, and Florence and the Machine – and our wait is finally over! We’re treated with other amazing vocals like The Xx, Gotye, Jack White, and Sia who are all big names to an ensemble of a perfect soundtrack album.

Be sure to check out the rest of the album here! T-minus 2 days till the premiere! EXCITED yet?!

A Whole Lot of Beyoncé’s in New Pepsi Commercial

As if her worldwide tour and summer campaign for H&M wasn’t enough, Beyoncé’s new Pepsi commercial, which is part of her 50 million dollar contract with the company, has finally debuted. Titled “Mirrors,” the ad will be released in 70 countries and is projected to reach 1 billion viewers. Lucky enough for the world, this commercial has a whole lot of Beyoncé to go around.

And I mean literally. The commercial takes place in a dance studio where Beyoncé gets confronted by self’s from past iconic music videos—everything from “Crazy Love,” “Single Ladies,” and “Bootylicious.” Queen Bey proves that not only is she a whole lot of woman (yes, that was a Foxy Cleopatra reference), but she’s a whole lot of Beyoncé as well. And while this fun journey down memory lane is occurring, Beyoncé’s latest track “Grown Woman,” plays… definitely giving us a huge teaser for this soon-to-be hit.

The combination of fierce dance moves and a playful concept has us thinking that Pepsi knocked it out of the park. How do you feel about Beyoncé’s newest commercial?

All photos VIA NY Daily News

Oprah “Next Chapter” With Beyoncé

18 February, 2013 All, Music, See, Top News 270 comments

Beyoncé was the next musical guest on “Next Chapter” as Oprah made her way to London to sit down with the queen on R&B & Pop. Just hours before her HBO “Life Is But A Dream” documentary was set to premiere, Oprah got an exclusive interview at Bey’s hotel room in London as she got a little personal before opening up to the world later that night in the HBO Documentary. Here, B speaks about the pressure leading up to her big Super Bowl halftime performance two weeks ago feeling as she won the game herself with a flawless performance causing the stadium to even lose power.

She also opens up about her marriage with Shawn Carter and how having Blue Ivy has changed both of their lives for the better as well as cutting ties with her father Matthew with money mishaps in the past. Enjoy the 40-minute clip above with the two tackling every recent event she’s had to deal with in life including opening up about having a miscarriage in the past.