Homme Essential Holiday Gift Guide

18 November, 2013 Covers, Fashion 55 comments

We can´t wait for Christmas to finally arrive! Lots of people prefer the warmer seasons, but for all fashionistas, winter will always be the perfect opportunity to dress up, have fun and look amazing of course. And when it´s time to for a man to find inspiration, there´s no better answer than Homme Essential.
For its November issue, Homme Essential brings the best winter looks, and their 2013 holiday gift guide. And no, we won´t forget to mention that stunning model Ben Allen turns this cover into something magical, wearing an amazing emerald suit.
Once upon a time, people said fashion was for women only, then Homme Essential came and obviously changed the rules. Guys, don´t forget to ask Santa for something nice to wear for the season, and if he´s broke, we promise that getting Homme Essential will at least make you feel so much better.

Kate Moss Joins Vogue UK as Contributing Editor

Kate Moss has recently joined Team Vogue UK as a Contributing Editor! In the midst of designing yet another collection with Topshop, the multi-tasking supermodel is trying her hand at fashion editorials.

Kate, who has been on 33 Vogue covers, will be hands on editing photo shoots with her own choice of photographers and models.

“I am absolutely delighted that Kate is going to work with us in this new role,” said Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman. “Her undoubtedly brilliant sense of style, depth of fashion knowledge, and understanding of what makes a wonderful image will be exciting to see used in the pages of British Vogue. I am really looking forward to working with her on ideas.”

Her first story is set to debut for Vogue UK’s upcoming spring issue.


Dia De La Beauty with Nelson Blanton


Model: Mary Ruby with ELITE Models
Photographer: Nelson Blanton of Stylehouse Productions
Hair: Marcus Hoey
Makeup: Lysette Castellanos
Products used:
SKIN: Giorgio Armani luminess silk foundation
EYES: Inglot gel eyeliners
LIPS: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Liptar
LIPS: Melt Cosmetics lipstick
SKIN: Nars Copacabana highlight
EYES: MAC eyeshadows

Rick Genest X Hypebeast “Restless East”

26 September, 2013 All, Campaign, Fashion 1 comment

Rick Genest and Hypebeast collaborates together to create a innovative editorial shot in the rooftops of Hong Kong! Dressed in ETRO, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Burberry Prosurm, Rick overlooks the busy town, while his outfits contrasted on the setting he was set upon.

“The Green Light In Her Eyes” An Editorial Inspired by “The Great Gatsby”

“The Green Light in Her Eyes” is an editorial inspired by the simply extraordinary and passionately beautiful novel and movie The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. A fictional novel about the roaring 20’s, specifically the summer of 1922, in which the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby and the love of his life Daisy Buchanan are reunited in West Egg, Long Island after being separated for five years. Daisy, already being married to another millionaire Tom Buchanan, sees Gatsby for the first time and longs to be with him, her first love whom she never stopped loving.

Gatsby had immediately fallen in love with Daisy’s aura of luxury, grace and charm before he was sent off to the war. She promised to wait for him to return, however Gatsby knew he could not return until he had acquired a lifestyle that was suitable for her. He dedicated his life to reinventing himself and achieving an extravagant lifestyle to impress Daisy in the hopes of winning her back and sharing their life together. Five years later he finally returned and purchased a gaudy mansion across the bay from which she lived and threw lavish parties every weekend in the hopes that she would stroll into one of them.

Before the two lovers were reunited Gatsby spent many nights staring at the green light at the end of her dock, across the bay from his mansion, hoping to one day rekindle their lost romance. Once they had rekindled their passionate love Daisy begins to crave him and has an affair, leaving her confused and overwhelmed.

One of the main themes of the novel is that Gatsby is longing for the “green light” which represents Daisy. In a sense they both had “green” in their eyes, hers being greed and his being Daisy. Love is blindness. 

Rachel Rutt and Seon Sweetens Up An Editorial by Shxpir

Rachel Rutt and Seon creates a sweet and tasty hangout in front of an ice cream truck for Harper’s Bazaar China photographed by Shxpir, with pastel hues and Louis Vuitton it’s a sweet story not to miss.


Carey Mulligan’s Jaw Dropping Flaunt Cover Shoot

Actress and star of the new and upcoming anticipated film version of “The Great Gatsby” Carey Mulligan stuns viewers with her spread and cover of American Flaunt Magazine. The British beauty transforms herself into a sophisticated and mysterious angle for the magazine in colorful images shot by Stevie and Mada. The stylist Elizabeth Stewart had selected standout designs from the high fashion brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen for Carey to wear in the cathedral-snapped story. /Hair by Jenny Cho @ The Wall Group, Makeup by Georgie Eisdell @ The Wall Group, Props by Taylor Lorentz

Wang Yang In “The Flowers”

The textures and spring of colors comes alive in this editorial photographed by Wang Yang. Model Li Ke beautifies the bright eyeshadow colors of rich gold, orange, magenta and some subtle greens. The beauty shots were beautifully blended with flora in her hair.

 Read more of this story here!

Kait Young Stars In L’Officiel Singapore Cover Story


Young Model Kait Young strikes many poses and lands the cover of L’Officiel Singapore for Chuando & Frey’s lens. Styled from head to toe in Gucci, La Perla, Chanel, Hermes and much more! (Styled by Jack Wang and Jumius Wong) Stunning and fierce as she stands in front of a camera filtered by the black and white some could say she looks like a Catwoman during the day without the whip and costume. Hair by Rick Yang, Makeup by Linsey Li


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