Lady Gaga for Versace SS14

23 November, 2013 Campaign, Fashion 34 comments


Lady Gaga definitely lives for the applause, isn’t that right? Today, we were all able to take a look at Versace’s most recent  campaign, and yes, we loved it. The pop icon looks stunning wearing a long hair wig and a purple cut-away gown that make her seem just like the always stylish Donatella. Photographed by by Mert Alas, Gaga will be Versace’s face for summer and spring 2014.
We cannot wait to see the other ads that are about to be released. Music, Italian fashion, luxury and pop culture come all together to become one of the most successful campaigns of the upcoming seasons!


Music and fashion are definitely two of the most important things for anyone that appreciates the good life. And when these two combine, great things happen. Why are we so sure about it? Take a look at Louis Vuitton´s most recent campaign and you´ll know what we´re talking about. For this year´s L ´Invitation au Voyage campaign, the French house chose the music icon as their newest face, and oh my, we´re loving it! The official campaign comes out on November 7th. In the meantime, let´s enjoy the teaser that is driving everyone crazy!

BookMarc Tokyo by Marc Jacobs.

27 September, 2013 All, Top News 1,976 comments

Marc Jacobs just announced his new BookMarc store in Tokyo, Japan, the store will be opened by October this year!

BookMarc Tokyo will offer customers, a selection of art, fashion, culture and lifestyle, stationary and other specialities. This store will set it’s first step into Tokyo for BookMarc by Marc Jacobs, located in the busy city of Harajuku. Existing locations for BookMarc are in Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles.

4-26-14 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo,


12 July, 2013 All 396 comments

The coolest way to be sustainable and fashionable? A clothing swap party, of course. Epica Wines is thrilled to announce our latest video, featuring a group of creative people living creative lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


“We noticed that clothing swaps and thrift stores are big right now, and we wanted to bring this party idea to a bunch of fun people and capture it on film,” says Epica’s Sebastian Reitze. “This crew is awesome: a leather bow-tie designer, a hip-hop tour manager, a skateboarder/designer; the list goes on. They’re creative young people who love clothing, parties and wine. I mean, you can’t go wrong with wigs, runway struts and one adorable French bulldog.”


Epica Wines is encouraging people everywhere to throw their own clothing swap parties and share their epic moments with us online using #clothingswap and #epica. Epica will sponsor a few of these parties, providing wine and goodies, while publishing photos and video content on our social channels. Fans can send a Facebook message to the Epica Wines page for more details.

A Fashion Affair with Culture, Ancient Art Forms, and all Things Naturally Beautiful- Introducing Kayu

Kayu is the result of  a true love affair with culture, ancient art forms, and all things naturally beautiful. If you have a case of the travel bug and a love for fashion this collection has birthed those two interests into something tangible!

The Kayu collection consists of distinctive silhouettes created from an electric mix of straw, satin, jute, and tinalak. From color stories to luxe for less pieces, the assortment absolutely has the perfect handbag to add a hint of glamorous luxury to your ensemble.

Coachella Inspires the Fashion Industry

Music festivals such as Coachella have inspired retail stores for years. Specifically, stores like Forever 21, H&M, and American Eagle. These stores will always give you a lot of bang for your buck, so if you will be attending Coachella this weekend, and still have yet to find your perfect outfits, the stores listed above are some great ones to check out. Coachella has even inspired higher end stores such as Lacoste and Guess who are planning on launching new lines focused more towards the music festival loving crowd.  Linda Chang, the marketing director at Forever 21 says “Music festivals have influenced the fashion industry by reinventing popular styles of past decades of music and pop culture.”

 Jen Foyle, chief of merchandising for Aerie says “Music festivals are just one of those moments when people can showcase true individual style.” Coachella gives people a sense of freedom which is why people are dressed in more relaxed clothing, but that is still very stylish, just their own type of style. It’s a weekend where different types of people come together to celebrate and enjoy their love for music and art. The environment given is what makes the festival enjoyable to so many people, and the fact that nobody is there to judge what another is wearing is why we are able to see so many different styles. Nobody is afraid of what anyone will think.

Fashion Blogger, Aimee Song, posted a picture on Instagram of what she wore at last years Coachella to give a little Coachella inspiration to her followers.

Get a little more inspiration from celebs who have attended Coachella in the past!

Year of the Snake.

9 February, 2013 All 169 comments

The year of the snake symbolizes so much for the people in Asia, as they prepare for the biggest celebration of the year when the clock strikes midnight tonight, consisting of fireworks, food and millions of people on the streets. Beautiful lantern decorations being placed on the trees, parades being done by the locals and so much more to be seen in Asia at this second. As a tradition they stick red paper snakes on each others’ doors and stock up by drinking the night away on the traditional snake wine.

Hong Kong has seen an increase of sales on snakeskin materials in fashion, also the actual reptile as a household pet. Now it can be seen as a “cool factor” to be seen with a snake or to own one! How crazy!

It has been said that if you are born in this year, the snake are intelligent but they have a tendency to be very suspicious. It is a great way to use these characteristics to your advantage with anything that comes through this year.


Going back to the 90′s

15 January, 2013 All 259 comments

Taking a trip down memory lane and in spirit of our 90′s issue coming close to launching, I would like to take you on a short trip to the 90′s. As much as I love fashion and it’s amazing position in the global industry. I want to redirect you into some other important things that happened in the 90′s, that we should praise on our knees for.

Firstly, the World Wide Web, invented in the beginning of 1990 changed the meaning of technology altogether, the ability to contact each other through a big box and some buttons on the keypad, revolutionized the world. Think about it without the World Wide Web I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now or even talking to my dad in a different country through Facebook. Let’s just take a minute to thank the people who created one of the greatest invention of all time, giving us the ability to update people on Instagram with what we just ate for breakfast.

Secondly, Viagra invented in 1991. A random yet well known product till this day in age, providing men all over the world hope for giving that women that he loves pleasure for a long amount of time. Without this obnoxious yet great invention who knows where some early climatic men will be.

Virtual Pets, started around 1999. Just like real pets, but the inability to pet them, see them in color, feed them actual food, go on walks with them, and much more. But i guess these toys like Tamagochi and Furbies gave kids preparation for the future so they won’t kill their pets by just thinking it’ll come back to life after it dies. But what kid didn’t have some sort of Virtual Pet in their time, you weren’t cool if you didn’t have one. :P

So i guess in concluding on this blog, all I’m saying is technology from 20 years ago have come a long way, and it’s just going to progress at a higher and most likely, quicker rate.

What was your favorite 90′s invention?