That Fashion Thing: The Wild Ones

   Free-spirit, wild heart, and creativity are three bold words that come into play when attending music festivals like Coachella and Gov Ball. Festivals like these, are where uninhibited spirit and hippy flair kicks off. Boho chic is the annual trendy fashion choice for care-free festival looks, consisting of a lot of light weight fabrics to keep you cool in the high temperatures. Here are a few runway looks inspired by free spirited summer music festivals!




Louis Vuitton


Isabel Marant












Creatures of Comfort

Creatures of Comfort


That Fashion Thing: Art School

A huge trend we saw hit the runways was an expression of wearing your art on your sleeve. This spring is all about masterpieces coming to life and pop art prints. The trend brings art school pieces straight from the paper into your closet. From Prada to Chanel, we saw choppy vibrance combined with bold colors. This trend is really all about self-expression and the beauty of art. It’s about becoming inspired by paintings and other forms of art, and letting your clothing do the talking.




Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2014 WW (2)

Dolce and Gabbana

Christopher Kane

Mary Katrantzou


Alexander McQueen

Christian Louboutin




Red Carpet Alert Zoe Saldana

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At the LACMA Art + Film Gala this past weekend, there were many celebrities and influencers that stole our attention and Zoe Saldana’s Gucci gown took our breath away. This style dress is no news to us as we have seen many hourglass faking dresses before, yet this trick never seems to lose it’s magic on these jaw dropping women. This dress features a sheer, mesh panel with a shimmery touch of green that outlines the actress’ figure, and this effect is totally powerful.



STREET ART REAL ART? x Beck’s Beer ‘State of the Art’s’ Study

The most popular german beer brand in the world that has also been dedicated to innovation and independent thought, Beck’s beer commissioned a ‘State of the Arts’ study. The results were announced and studies found young adults say art is in, museums are out. While an overwhelming amount of young Americans value art only 1 in 4 view it on museum walls.


The online study with nearly 2,000 individuals ages 21 and older found the following:

  • 82 percent of young, adult Americans (aged 21-29) agree that art is a valuable cultural institution.
  • 81 percent of young, adult Americans (aged 21-29) are regularly exposed to art, versus only 60 percent of older Americans aged 30 or older.
  • Young, adult Americans appreciate graffiti/street art more than their older peers; 70 percent of 21-29 year-old Americans believe that graffiti and street art should be hanging in art museums and galleries. Less than half of Americans age 30 or older agree.
  • For 33 percent of young, adult Americans (aged 21-29), it has been at least one year since their last museum or gallery visit, and a full 19 percent have never visited an art museum or gallery in their lifetime.

Shoreditch, London BTOY

  • Americans aged 21-29 tend to consume art via the Internet (52 percent through the internet, non-mobile device, 51 percent on their smartphone/tablet), while Americans aged 30 or older are more likely to consume art with a visit to a gallery or museum than via smartphone or tablet.
  • 50 percent of Americans aged 21-29 regularly consume art organically, on the street or by walking around, whereas only one-third of older Americans say the same.
  • Adult Americans as a whole appear to believe that high-quality art does not need to be expensive. Sixty-eight percent believe they do not need to spend a great deal of money (more than $1,000) on a quality work of art. Sixty-four percent report having spent $100 or less on a work of art.
‘Manifestation Station’ San Francisco Mona Caron

Beck’s Art Labels

Each year for more than 25 years, Beck’s has transformed its beer bottles into art canvases for aspiring and established artists alike. This year, beginning in July 2013, Beck’s turned over its labels to an eclectic mix of musicians, designers, performance artists and photographers, who each created a piece of original artwork. For more details, please visit Beck’s Art Labels media site or

BookMarc Tokyo by Marc Jacobs.

27 September, 2013 All, Top News 1,976 comments

Marc Jacobs just announced his new BookMarc store in Tokyo, Japan, the store will be opened by October this year!

BookMarc Tokyo will offer customers, a selection of art, fashion, culture and lifestyle, stationary and other specialities. This store will set it’s first step into Tokyo for BookMarc by Marc Jacobs, located in the busy city of Harajuku. Existing locations for BookMarc are in Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles.

4-26-14 Jingumae,
Shibuya-ku Tokyo,

Richard Corman: Madonna NYC 83

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Madonna NYC 83 celebrates a moment in early 1980s New York that has been increasingly reappraised in recent years for its fecund interactions and overlaps between the worlds of fashion, art and music. Coming in the wake of punk and new wave, this economically fragile period gave rise to a vital, edgy restlessness in the city, spawning adventurous personal styles and music that merged rap, funk, punk and pop. Madonna represented this sensibility like no-one else. As this book makes amply clear, from the start she was determined to define a look for herself, and to carve out a space in the public imagination. After her countless subsequent incarnations over the past three decades, it is extraordinary to revisit these early years. Richard Corman met Madonna by chance in 1983 and created a bountiful collection of images that constitute a multifaceted portrait of the young Madonna and a New York that remains timelessly inspiring and significant. Madonna NYC 83 is not only an homage to Madonna and the early 80s, but also a collage of exuberance, humor, fashion, sexiness and performance. The book is designed by Yolande Cuomo Design.As a portrait photographer, Richard Corman has worked with subjects ranging from Nobel Peace Prize recipients (Nelson Mandela, James Dewey Watson) to actors (Robert De Niro, Paul Newman, Al Pacino), athletes (Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, Muhammad Ali) and musicians of our time (Sting, Wynton Marsalis). A native New Yorker, Corman studied at Hunter College, later spending two years apprenticing with Richard Avedon in the early 1980s.


Richard Corman: Madonna NYC 83
Published by Damiani
cloth 9.5 X 12.5 in. / 96 pgs, illustrated throughout
ISBN 9788862082884 | $49.95 US
Distributed by ARTBOOK | D.A.P.

Alexander Wang Collaborates with Samsung and Art Start

Balenciaga’s Creative Director, Alexander Wang has proven that fashion can come together with technology and help a great cause. Wang has teamed up with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. to design a bag using the Galaxy Note II. The bag is a drawstring lambskin backpack with leather corners featuring a black and gray print retailing for $550. The bag is called the Alexander Wang Wallie Gym Sack. The print was designed by Wang’s fellow designers, photographers, and stylists by sketching on the mobile device, to ‘capture the energy of New York City.’ This collaboration is helping to provide funds for NYC Youth Charity Art Start, a charity that nourishes the talents of underprivileged children and the youth in New York.

Supermodel Cara Delevingne Records a Song

21 August, 2013 All, Hear, Music 239 comments

Cara Delevingne is a 21-year old supermodel who just so happens to be multi-talented. Her love for drums has been well known but Cara also has a voice. She shows off her singing talents in a duet with singer and songwriter, Will Heard. They recorded an acoustic version of Sonnentanz (The Sun Don’t Shine) in a studio in London last week. Cara has always been open about her career path and seems to be well rounded enough to be able to venture off in different industries and succeed. Cara admits that she wants to sing, make music and act in addition to being a top model. What’s next for this renowned talent? We can’t wait to see what more she can bring to the table. Surprise us Cara.



Men Take Over Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

This week at the Magic Trade Show hosted in Las Vegas, the men’s market has come a long way and frankly, it’s about time . The industry has exploded in recent years, as said by Senior Trend Analysis, Tim Bess, there are rapid changes in technology. We are seeing performance fabrics and active wear in the designer market. Well tailored merchandise is taking the limelight and men consumers are under the impact of this powerful attraction. We see slim fits, classic seasonal fabrics, and a dark saturated color palette. The Doneger Group’s Mobility in Menswear presentation prior to the Magic/Project Trade Show on Monday conveys this overriding theme of tailored clothing and technology for the Spring season. Each look in the presentation comes together and embodies the quintessence of class. We are looking forward to more innovating influences menswear can bring while staying true to their simplistic nature.

Brit ‘It Girl’ Alexa Chung is the New Face of Eyeko

Alexa Chung with Max and Nina Leykind. Photo by Steve Eichner, courtesy of WWD.

Alexa Chung is a Brit ‘It Girl’ with astonishing and well rounded talents. If you don’t know Alexa all too well, she’s one to keep a close eye on. The 29-year-old fashion muse has an overflowing agenda; she is a contributing editor at British Vogue, a DJ, and a model. Alexa presents daily on a music TV show, “Fuse News,” and has recently authored a style book called ‘It’ which debuts Sept. 5 in the U.K. and October 26 in the U.S. Most recently, Alexa signed a deal with indie cosmetics brand Eyeko.

She has been working closely with brand founders Max and Nina Leykind to create a limited edition $45 makeup set that will include black waterproof mascara and Alexa’s must have beauty product; black eyeliner. Alexa is bearing her name and love of art into this project and is delighted to share its debut.