Goodbye Summer: Artists You Need To Know

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As the end of summer is quickly approaching, we have listed some new artists that should be a household name. With genres spanning from folk to synth pop and from hip hop to alternative pop rock, here are eight new artists that you need to know:

How To Dress Well

Tom Krell, also known by his stage name How To Dress Well, is no newcomer in the music industry. Starting in 2009, he started releasing his EPs for free online, and quickly was recognized by Pitchfork as an artist to keep an eye on. Coming off his latest release of “What Is This Heart?” Krell is looking for his well deserved recognition before he sets off on his U.S. tour. The album features soulful and dreamy vocals mixed over upbeat drums and bright synths, but still makes you sit back and reflect on life. Two of my favorite songs on the album are “Words I Don’t Remember” and “Precious Love,” which both will be on the playlist at the end of this post.

Shawn Mendes

At only 16 years old, Shawn Mendes found his success through social media like a lot of young pop stars. Most being found on YouTube, Mendes went a different route and posted covers of pop songs on his Vine account, gaining millions of followers in a matter of months. His top single, “Life of the Party,” has peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts, is absolutely amazing. It reminds me a lot of “Stay,” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. A piano driven love ballad, with soft spoken vocals matched with the keys, makes this sixteen year old stand out as an artist to watch.

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion isn’t a household name, but definitely should be. You may know the song “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna, but what you don’t know about it is that Bellion was the writer of the song’s chorus. Most of his monetary success has been from songwriting, but that’ll soon change. He has released a couple mixtapes, and signed to Visionary Music Group, headlined by rapper Logic. This week he is releasing a new album, but what will set this apart from the rest will be the animated film he is releasing alongside the album. The short film was also 100% written and directed by Bellion himself. He is by far one of my favorite artists in music right now, as he fuses hip hop production, into powerful pop and soul vocals mixes with amazing storytelling. His musical talents are through the roof, and continues to impress me along every release. Keep an eye out for an album and film review later this week.

Vance Joy

Known for his single “Riptide,” James Keogh, is hearing his hit single across all airwaves. Soon it’ll be more than his one single that America is familiar with, as he just released his debut album Dream Your Life Away. The singer-songwriter released the album on September 9, which peaked at #17 in the US, but topped the charts in his home of Australia. The newest single on the album, “Mess is Mine,” is an upbeat song with a catchy chorus that’ll soon find success that Riptide did. He draws comparisons to Mumford and Sons, mainly because of the common folk traits used by each, but his powerful vocals reminds me a lot of Marcus Mumford’s. “Wasted Time,” one of my favorite songs on the album, James shows his soft side and shows everyone how vulnerable he is when it comes to love.


Afie Jurvanen, known by his stage name, Bahamas, is finding his way to success mainly online through music blogs. I discovered his single “All the Time,” while surfing through my usual blogs. This was one of my favorite songs of the summer, with its slower, electric guitar driven, and falsetto vocals driving the song. What I loved most about the song was that I felt this suspense coming through me for some reason, and then at the 1:35 mark the guitar takes over, and again around 3 minutes into the song. Growing up on classic rock, I heard those guitar riffs and fell in love with the song and more importantly I was won over as a fan. “All Time Favourite,” starts off with multiple voices humming, all in harmony, then comes in with an acoustic guitar and vocals coming right at you. It’s a very honest feeling song, and shows Afie’s versatility as an artist, as he can switch up he styles on the album and still sound great.

You + Me

Now, I doubt you know this duo from the name, but if you hear their debut song “You and Me,” they made sound familiar. Well the duo consists of Pink, and Dallas Green, the lead singer of City and Colour. At the moment this is their only single, but their debut album, RoseAve, is due to release October 14. Not a traditional love song that you would hear on the radio, but still a love song nonetheless, and in my opinion better than the typical love songs. It feels darker than most, due to the perfect harmonies made by the two, paired with strings in the background that makes the song have a mystery factor. I can’t wait to hear their whole album when it releases in a couple weeks.


Norwegian EDM/pop duo of Ketil Jansen and Ulrik Denizou, Lemaitre, is shooting up the charts after their release of Singularity in July. This project only has 4 songs, but each one is so different it fills all musical cravings you might be having. It ranges from piano-pop (High Tide) to  old school disco (Wait) to a more traditional electro house song (All I Need). The four song project also features Chuck Inglish, one half of The Cool Kids, and LOLO, an upcoming artist on DCD2 Records, an imprint of Fueled By Ramen. This was a daring move for them to leave their roots of primarily electro house, and start to become more versatile as a duo.

The Madden Brothers

Joel and Benji Madden started working on music as The Madden Brothers in 2011, as a side project of Good Charlotte. They would release a mixtape collaborating with a star studded roster of rappers in 2011. It took them 3 years to finally release their debut album, Greetings From California. This album sounds like its roots were based off of Joel and Benji’s experience in Good Charlotte, mixed with more modern synth driven pop. A couple stand out songs are “Dear Jane,” “Jealousy,” and “Bad.” The album is 2 parts, the first being a more upbeat, Good Charlotte-esque sound, and the second half is acoustic driven, which is my favorite of the two. I automatically think of Good Charlotte and mid-2000s alternative rock when I hear the vocals on each song, but the instrumentation and composition of each song keeps me coming back for another listen.

Here is the Spotify playlist featuring all of the songs covered in this post, I hope you enjoy!


Annex Exclusive: Starring Rooftop Hottie Marvin Cortes


Marvin Cortes is a total hottie that was blessed with his hunky looks. Using his God-given talents, he’s found his niche and the perfect industry that fits his requirements. Model from NY, runner up for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, and amusement park enthusiast, Marvin (Twitter & Instagram) packs a lot of personality.


Marvin wears LURA eyewear, David Giampicollo, and Creative Recreation.

He feels most comfortable in front of a camera – lensed by Mat Abad a.k.a. BadBoi and styled by Jeremy’s Image - where he’s able to show his personality best. He doesn’t like to take himself too seriously, where’s the fun in that? His contagious big, cheesy smile can brighten literally any room.

The reason he chose being a contestant on ANTM rather than going a traditional modeling route was simple. The benefits of being on a show with Tyra Banks, being able to travel the world, and meet incredible minds and celebrities like Katy Perry, Johnny Wujek and many more, is a bargain you cannot pass up. It shot his modeling career straight into the fast lane, and he’s been busy booking deals ever since. He shares with Annex Mag what a good day on set looks like, “When theirs food for sure. No, but in all honesty, a great day on set is when everyone is on point. Everyone knows their job and it all flows so naturally because everyone’s work ethic is synonymous. I also love just having conversations with the team. I like it when we are able to talk about more than just fashion. That’s a good day on set: food, being on top of your game, good conversation. That’s it.”


He’s far from where he once was, but not yet where he wants to be. He dreams of someday soon modeling for brands like Dsquared2, Diesel, and Givenchy.



Hair & Make-up by Savannah Enz.

The Princess is Here — Princess Pia Mia

‘THE PRINCESS IS HERE ‘ <I say to my self a la Missy Elliott, 1, 2 step> whenever Pia Mia enters a room.

pia mia annex magazine

Hailing all the way from Guam, this 17 year old’s career is ever budding right before our eyes. From her Kim K keek feature covering Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’,  to a record label at Interscope, Pia Mia’s in it to kill it!

We were first wowed by Pia’s camera skills back last summer when we shot her alongside the coolest Columbian actor we know Moises Arias for an Annex feature.

pia mia annex ma

Lensed by: Kaleb Khu

Back at it again, Pia didn’t fail to perform, rather further honed in on her modeling skills. You’d never guess the artist stands 5’5” with stems that read for days. In this video directed by Justinne Enriquez the artist is captured BTS of her cover shoot donning For Love & Lemons, Gail Be, Camelia and Skikos, + more.

Lupita Nyong’o Lands Her First Vogue Cover!!!

Lupita Nyong’o was EVERYWHERE for quite a while, especially after the Academy Awards, but news surrounding her has seemed to quiet down in the last couple of months. But that silence has ended now that Lupita has landed her first ever Vogue cover for the July 2014 issue. In the issue she claims, ”It just feels like the entertainment industry exploded into my life. People who seemed so distant all of a sudden were right in front of me and recognizing me—before I recognized them!”

Looks like this is the year of Lupita!


Images via

Cara Delevingne Forgot Her Clothes In Her New Mulberry Campaign

Annex reported back in January in regards to Cara Delevingne‘s Animal Tea Party themed campaign for Mulberry and, well, it seems a few months have changed things drastically. A new shoot for the collaboration with Cara and Mulberry has been released and if the point was to focus solely on the amazing bags Cara herself helped design, this may not have been the way to do it. The nude picture aside, the collection is actually incredibly versatile and features a three-in-one bag that is available in various colors and styles. Little personal touches were added as well such as lion rivets, a tribute to the gorgeous model’s notorious finger tattoo. The campaign also shows a shot of Cara with an adorable puppy, which seems to be a trend with Alexa Chung recently shooting with Jack Russell Terriers as well. When asked about whether or not people will like her collection she responded, ”My granny will like this bag. She’s 102 years old. My five-year-old cousin will probably like this bag. He’s a boy.” Now I’m not quite sure how her granny feels about that ad though…




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That Fashion Thing: 5 London Mens Collections Worth Checking Out!

Today we’re hashing out the best mens collections directly from London! European fashion has lead the world’s trends for quite a long time and let’s face it, a good looking man dressed in London’s top collections are any woman’s fantasy, right? Some of these collections include Joseph, Kent & Curwen, Christopher Shannon, Burberry Prorsum, and JW Anderson.




Initial Reaction: Very clean-cut, could make any man look a little more David Beckham-like. The simple pairing keeps the outfits more on the plain side, but we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. Sometimes simple goes a very long way.

Upon closer look: Pretty Sure Harry Styles has donned the second outfit down many a time. In addition the hem lines of the pants in the first pictures seem to indicate possible flash flood warnings…. No?….. Alright then.




Kent & Curwen


Initial Reaction: The singular pattern matched with two solid color pairings seem to work very well. In addition, the sharp blazers exude class and confidence. These can be dressed up for formal events (with formal shoes and tie) or dressed down for a more casual evening (no tie and possible absence of the blazer.)

Upon closer look: These are some good looking men… Oh right, the fashion part of it. Though the outfits seem in tip top shape, the ad itself is a bit contradictory when it comes to trying to sell the idea of playing sports in this get up. (Let’s be real, grass stains are not a matching accessory for those slacks.) Though this is not too typically seen in American daily wear, we’re sure many women wish their man dressed more like this on the daily.




Christopher Shannon


Initial Reaction: Christopher Shannon is more of a radical designer and as such was recently awarded the BFC / GQ style menswear fund, so there’s reason to be proud of your brand. This look seem a throwback to the 80′s/90′s style, a bit on the quirkier side with unique elements.

Upon closer look: There are moments where fashion becomes a bit um… Well, difficult to understand. This is one of those moments. Though Christopher Shannon is definitely a genius, this would not be received well as day-to-day wear. However, on the runway this would definitely stand out and make an impact. Is it too much? The jacket in the second picture down seems to be asking the same question, but it’s up to you to decide.




Burberry Prorsum

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 6.52.52 PM

Initial Reaction: This collection stems from British menswear, but with a nomadic twist. Designer Christopher Bailey explained that the idea of travel is fascinating and should be done by all at some point. That being said each of these looks has a classic style at its root with a bit of a flair of pops of color and travel themed hints accompanying each look.

Upon closer look: Though the collection as a whole is pretty amazing, and the idea behind the travel/color inspired outfits is superb, some of these are a bit borderline. The final outfit shown here seems to be fitted a bit too snug, and do all of these hats seem to be little baby replicas of Pharrell’s big hat???





JW Anderson


Initial Reaction: J.W. Anderson is pretty well-known for being a bit on the odd, more peculiar, side. Anderson has always been one to blur gender when it comes to fashion, as made evident by his collection. Each piece has had a lot of thought put into it with the idea of  ”the personality of the bourgeois woman” as an inspiration to the creation of the pieces. Many of these pieces show a comfier side to them, something not often a factor in collections shown on high fashion runways.

Upon closer look: The collection definitely is more so on the comfy side of things, which makes many of these items incredibly appealing. Some of these pieces seem more on the side of sleepwear, some look like genuine pieces of art (third picture down, for example). The final picture gives a new meaning to “off the shoulder”, especially in menswear. J.W. Anderson’s collection has created a lot of buzz in the fashion world, so what’s your take on his quirky collection?




Images via,,, 

Kendall Jenner Lands Her First Campaign with Givenchy

Kim K needs to watch it because she’s obviously not keeping up with little sister Kendall Jenner. The 18-year-old has been dipping her toes in the modeling world, and it looks like it’s all working in her favor. So far she’s walked the runway for the likes of Chanel and Marc Jacobs and has most recently landed her first serious fashion campaign for Givenchy. Along many other well-known models, Kendall will be appearing in the Fall 2014 campaign. The picture released of the campaign thus far showing the Kardashian’s baby sis was shot by famous photographer duo Mert & Marcus. The picture contains a very dark and sultry feel to it and includes Kendall as well as Mariacarla Boscono, Jamie Bouchert and Peter Brant II.

Looks like Kendall Jenner is definitely one of young Hollywood’s brightest stars at the moment….



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Obsessed: How Hollywood’s Hottest Dads Celebrate Father’s Day

As we all know, yesterday was father’s day and we all gathered to celebrate our amazing dads, obviously. However, now it’s time to check out the many celebrity dads who were celebrated by their families via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here’s a list of our favorite hot dads that also happen to be pretty famous.

First off, Prince William with son Prince George and Kate Middleton while they cheer him on during a polo match.


Gavin Rossdale’s adorable picture was posted by non other than wife Gwen Stefani who captioned the picture, “I always thought you’d be a good dad.” (Cue audience “awww” noise).

gavin rossdale_annexmag

Fergie’s hottie husband, Josh Duhamel posted this picture to Instagram with the caption “Proud to be this kid’s dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.”


Kim K posted this picture of husband Kanye West with daughter North, who’s first birthday was also yesterday!


Kendall Jenner took some time to post this picture of her an Bruce Jenner to Instagram as well letting her dad know she was thinking of him.


One of Hollywood’s newest daddy’s, Kevin Jonas, celebrated father’s day yesterday with his father, Kevin Jonas Sr., and daughter, Alena Rose. Too cute.


Finally, we have Kourtney Kardashian post of this adorable picture to Instagram of Scott Disick with their children, Penelope and Mason.


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That Fashion Thing: For the Love of Soccer FIFA World Cup

Now that Kimye’s nuptials are over and done with the world has turned its attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So what does that have to do with fashionistas everywhere (besides the fact that we LOVE David Beckham in designer anything, especially Calvin Klein, wink wink)? Well, the amount of collaborations the fashion world has had lately with everything soccer related is overwhelming. The obvious brands like Nike and Adidas, have of course not only collaborated, but also signed top players to represent their brands. In addition to that, Asos and Forever 21 have jumped on the band wagon and are selling World Cup related retail, but the biggest surprise in this area has been Karl Lagerfeld. The fashion mogul joined a Brazilian footwear brand titled Melissa to create a pair of chic flat adorned with soccer balls on front part of the shoe.

A few of the collaborations are posted below for your pleasure. Enjoy sports savvy fashionistas.



brasil_annexmag jersey_annexmag futbol_annexmag USA_annexmag openingceremony_annexmag sweater_annexmag futbol_annexmag

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Harmony Korine Takes on Dior Addict and the Result is MIND BLOWING

Harmony Korine‘s officially hit the fashion world with full force. In the past, Supreme, a street wear clothing company, has paired with Korine to create a “unique” and electrifying short to promote their new collection. In addition to that, he tried his hand at designing a handbag alongside Agnès B just last month. Now he’s stepping in for Dior‘s new Addict fragrance ad in a very Alice in Wonderland style, starring model Sasha Luss. Korine’s unique twist on things is incredibly apparent in the video, even a small resemblance to the Spring Breakers style clothing. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts on the Dior/Harmony Korine collab.