Miley’s famous mohawk is back and on the cover of Love Magazine

Miley Cyrus is ending this year with her infamous mohawk, gracing the cover of Love Magazine’s March 2014 issue. The shoot photographed by David Sims encompasses Miley’s past year, a little wild, but showing her somber beauty as well. The iconic hairdo seems to bring a perfect end, seeing as Miley’s platinum blonde mohawk at the 2012 VMAs at the beginning of her radical transformation. No matter what this next year brings for Miley, we know we’ll be front and center waiting for whatever surprises she has in store.


Here’s a look back at Miley rocking other magazine covers..


MILEY CYRUS at Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers



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Must Have Monday: Aedes de Venustas Candle, Phoenecis

Though this Barney’s candle has a tongue-twisting name to represent it, we can vouch that it is the highlight of our week and we are obsessed. The intricate  detail of the front of the candle resembles a medieval stamp and the gorgeous deep color would make a wonderful addition to any room in your home. This particular candle’s scent is that of “smoldering pine needles and incense ashes”, according to the Barney’s website, which could not be more perfect for the winter season. There are also three other scents to choose from; Cellarius, with scents of spices, rosewood and cedarwood, Mel Mellis, with scents of rosemary, juniper and lime, and finally, Indica, with scents of cedar, basil and opoponax. All of these products, and some others from the Aedes de Venustas collection, can be found here.

Barney's Candle

Aedes de Venustas: Phoenecis, $85

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Red Carpet Round Up!

Every female celebrity has her claim to fame in one way or another, but the ones that stand out the most are definitely those who dress well. Here are a few ladies worth keeping an eye on because their red carpet fashion is red hot!


CarrieUnderwood Elizabeth Banks Jessica Alba JenniferLawrence Naomie Harris Miranda Kerr

Kate Bosworth Freida Pinto

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Gwyneth Paltrow to Collaborate with Michael Kors


What is better than winter fashion? Or Gwyneth Paltrow? Obviously, Gwyneth Paltrow modeling her favorite winter fashion, all while giving us style advice. News broke that she is now collaborating with Michael Kors on a new collection, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store. Recently,  Gwyneth posted to her online site, Goop, all of her personal favorites as well as what’s popular this year in the fashion world for the fall/winter season. Here’s a sneak peak!


pairing-cali weather


Love these looks? Click this link and you can have these gorgeous outfits for yourself!

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City and Colour is Musical Perfection

4 October, 2013 All, Hear, Music 46 comments

There exists only one word that transcribes the musical genius that is City and Colour: melodic perfection. Alright… technically that’s two words, but it would be an impossible task to accurately integrate this Canadian acoustic-folk band’s presence into just one. Songwriter and mastermind behind the group, Dallas Green—whose name is a literal inspiration for his project’s title (a city and a color)—hits audiences with a talent so raw, falsetto notes so eloquently on-point, and a performance so untouchable, it leaves all viewers in awe. Luckily for us, Annex was fortunate enough to see Green play at Central Park’s Summerstage.

The most difficult duty, which of course is also the most pivotal transaction when it comes to writing about music, is doing exactly that; writing about music. Taking one medium that is founded on sound and translating it into physical words, while expressing the moving, emotional power embedded in a performance, almost seems impossible… and City and Colour amplifies this challenge immensely. Songs inspired by “life things”—such as Dallas’ wife, family, love, loneliness, and growth—while accompanied with impeccable instrumental sounds, makes this a nearly unattainable mode of art; it’s hard to grasp in a physical sense, yet it surrounds us everyday. It is something a couple in love or a fan passionately devoted to music could gravitate to. This perhaps explains why the crowd was largely comprised of couples—young, old, tattooed, gay, and straight—tightly hand held while sipping on wine or beer. And if one did not have a significant other, the viewer certainly had the music to slow dance with.

While Dallas is the creator, songwriter, singer, and guitar player of City and Colour, it would be a mistake to not give credit to his excellent touring band: drummer Doug MacGregor, bassist Jack Lawrence, guitarist Dante Schwebel, and Matt Kelly on the piano. All five members worked harmoniously together, igniting the crowd during energetic tracks such as “The Lonely Life,” “Sleeping Sickness,” and “The Girl,” (which was an excellent encore), and subduing their sounds on simplistically gentler songs such as “As Much As I Ever Could,” and “The Grand Optimist.” It was a real treat to hear a time-warped mixture of new and old City and Colour songs, starting with the first song Dallas ever wrote at age sixteen, and fast forwarding to new tracks off of this third debut album The Hurry and the Harm.

Lyrically, musically, and vocally City and Colour is a magnificent talent. But the specialty in each piece lies in their organic roots. His songs are both relatable and intimate; thoughtfully conceptualized and executed in a mostly soothing manner. Because of this, there is a sense of purity and a natural musicality within the infrastructure of every track, which varies from somber tones to lovely lyrics. It is an element that at times may yield from being worded, but can always be felt.

Be sure to check out City and Colour’s album “The Hurry and the Harm” on iTunes! Also keep an eye on tour dates here.

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23 September, 2013 Fashion 386 comments

So, yeah. Let´s be honest. We all know that people go crazy everytime there´s a red carpet event. And just like every single actress tries to do her best when choosing the lucky dress she´ll wear, the same happens with almost all of the men.
The “I´m-a-macho-and-I-don´t-care-how-I-look,” times are over and we couldn´t be any happier about it. Today, more men pay attention to what they wear and the way they look, and there´s nothing wrong with that.
Take a look at some of the best dressed men during the Emmy´s 2013 red carpet.
What do these guys have in common? That´s easy: they either have a great taste or they hired a great stylist.
Cheers to that!

Ty Burrell knows exactly that the simpler, the better. The bow tie plus the DB gray tux gave him a perfect, elegant and clean look.

Sofia Vergara looked amazing, but when she walked out with Jimmy Kimmel, she looked even better. Guys! Wanna impress that girl you like? Copy Jimmy´s style and nothing could go wrong.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Will Arnett decided to take the risk by choosing gray for the red carpet and he looked impecable. Maybe a bow tie could have been better, but the outfit is still great. The lenght of the pants and the shoes are the perfect match. Way to go Will!

Could this guy get any better? More men should learn from him. Neil Patrick Harris rocked the night with this Dolce & Gabanna suit. We´re still not sure about the tie and the shirt, but c´mon, he still looks good.

Jimmy Fallon has been looking so good these past months, and we hope it stays like that. From head to toe, the guy knew he was definitely one of the best dressed of the night. No complains!

Supermodel Cara Delevingne Records a Song

21 August, 2013 All, Hear, Music 239 comments

Cara Delevingne is a 21-year old supermodel who just so happens to be multi-talented. Her love for drums has been well known but Cara also has a voice. She shows off her singing talents in a duet with singer and songwriter, Will Heard. They recorded an acoustic version of Sonnentanz (The Sun Don’t Shine) in a studio in London last week. Cara has always been open about her career path and seems to be well rounded enough to be able to venture off in different industries and succeed. Cara admits that she wants to sing, make music and act in addition to being a top model. What’s next for this renowned talent? We can’t wait to see what more she can bring to the table. Surprise us Cara.



Men Take Over Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas

This week at the Magic Trade Show hosted in Las Vegas, the men’s market has come a long way and frankly, it’s about time . The industry has exploded in recent years, as said by Senior Trend Analysis, Tim Bess, there are rapid changes in technology. We are seeing performance fabrics and active wear in the designer market. Well tailored merchandise is taking the limelight and men consumers are under the impact of this powerful attraction. We see slim fits, classic seasonal fabrics, and a dark saturated color palette. The Doneger Group’s Mobility in Menswear presentation prior to the Magic/Project Trade Show on Monday conveys this overriding theme of tailored clothing and technology for the Spring season. Each look in the presentation comes together and embodies the quintessence of class. We are looking forward to more innovating influences menswear can bring while staying true to their simplistic nature.

Elle’s September Issue Cover Model Kate Upton Strikes in High Fashion

Kate Upton shines on this year’s Elle September Issue and she is throwing the fashion industry a curveball. Kate Upton is most famously known as the cover star of Sports Illustrated on the Swimsuit Issue in 2012 and February 2013, capturing the attention span of most men in America. Kate Upton uncovered she ‘felt terrible about herself’ for the Sports Illustrated Cover. We can’t wait to read the whole story in the September Issue of Elle, on newsstands August 20th. Now she is exerting herself into high fashion and wants to be taken a little more seriously. Becoming a respected lady may take some time for Upton, can she evolve from sexy bombshell to sophisticated fashion icon?

Photos by Elle

Penelope & Monica Cruz Create Lingerie Line

In case you haven’t already heard, Penelope Cruz, and her sister, Monica Cruz have become quite the pair. They created their very own Lingerie line for Agent Provocateur, which officially went on sale yesterday. The dynamic duo had spoken to each other about the possibility of a lingerie line, and just two weeks later, they began putting their designs together without wasting any time. The very scandalous line has a variety of colors and styles to choose from, and you can get your very own little sneak peak, below!

I must say, I am VERY impressed. The cruz sisters have truly blown us away.