Celebrity stylist and former Fashion Director of Interview magazine, Annabel Tollman has passed away yesterday morning. According to Fashionista, it’s been reported that the beloved stylist died in her sleep from a blood clot, “possibly due to complications from a recent minor surgery” at the age of 39. Tollman worked with high clientele celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Liv Taylor, and the Olsen twins.

The industry took to their Twitters to mourn and remember the stylist:

“Remembering Annabel Tollman, a beautiful Muse and friend. Rest in Peace love.” said Natalie Joos.

Mickey Boardman wrote, “Devastated. Just devastated to hear about the loss of dear Annabel Tollman. She was just a nice, sweet, really good girl. A real gem.”
Rest in Peace Annabel Tollman.