Oscar Snubbed: Marion Cotillard in Rust and Bone

24. January, 2013 All 91 comments

Awards season is underway and with the Oscar almost here, there have been many a controversy over who deserved to be nominated and who did not. From Ben Afflect’s lack of a nomination for Best Director for Argo to Leonardo DiCaprio’s wonderful performance in Django Unchained being unrecognized, no one is ever truly happy after those particular nominations are out.

Marion Cotillard’s French film, De Rouille et D’os or Rust and Bone, was one such film that was passed over in the Foreign Film category. The film, about a man named Ali (played by Matthias Schoenaerts) and his relationship to his family and with Cotillard’s character Stephanie, is a moving film about life and the relationships one has towards their family, especially when an obstacle arises. Cotillard is wonderful in this film, as she is in every one of her films. Her character’s unfortunate accident, in which she is a killer whale trainer and something goes wrong that causes her to have her legs amputated, makes Cotillard’s scenes the most memorable. While the other actor’s performances are great as well, Cotillard ends up stealing the scene. The nuances of the subtle look in her face carries across her depression over her accident.

Marion Cotillard continues to prove in every one of her films why she deserved that Oscar for La Vie En Rose in 2007. She is a magnificent actress who consistently brings out the true emotions of her characters and helps move the tone of the movie along. Foreign films may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it wouldn’t hurt to check this one out. Or the ones that are nominated for the Oscar.

The film can be viewed at select theaters. Be sure to check local times and be ready for an emotional upheaval.