The newest issue of Allure Magazine may feature a fully clothed Amanda Seyfried, but don’t let that fool you. Turn a few pages, and you will be directed to the “Look Better Naked” portion of the magazine. Jennifer Morrison strips down for the mag, and gives us a little insight on her shoot. “The concept was based on Somethings Gotta Give, which was the film that Marilyn Monroe never finished, because she actually died during the filming, and there was a very famous scene where she’s getting out of the pool and she’s sort of putting on her robe, so that was kind of the concept for the shoot.”  Here is a sneak peek of the blonde bombshell showing of her lengthy body.

Also featured in the issue will be Glee’s Naya Rivera, Cougar Town’s Christa Miller, and Nashville’s Clare Bowen.

“My mom was a model, so we’d go to our country house and all her friends would be topless, because a lot of the models were from Europe. I grew up knowing everyone has different boobs.”  - Christa Miller

 “I actually was not nervous for posing nude today. I was excited more than anything else, actually.” – Naya Rivera

 “I was that kid who always refused to wear clothes and shoes. It’s actually quite nice being out in the sun with nothing on.” – Clare Bowen

Look for the teasing issue on stands and in stores on April 22nd!