Artist Update: You + Me

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Last week I wrote an excerpt on the new duo You + Me. For those that didn’t see, the duo consists of pop star Pink, and Dallas Green, the lead singer of City and Colour. It’s not a surprise that the two pop singers got together to form a duo, but it is strange in the matter of how they did it.

Their first single “You and Me,” is a dark folk love ballad. Two pop stars join forces for a love ballad, but wait, its folk not pop. An odd combo. At first listen I was mesmerized. The two go out of their comfort zone and make a beautiful piece of music, that impresses me more and more after each listen. In my opinion, this song is more powerful than any pop composition they could make with these lyrics. The instrumentation sounds so…depressing, but the lyrics say otherwise, confirming the love within the song. This juxtaposition stopped me in my tracks, because when the first chords come in I thought it would be a sad, more honest folk song. But I was wrong. Really wrong. It’s actually a positive, reassuring folk love ballad. You know when you listen to a new song so many times you start to feel animosity towards that song, or just get bored with it? Well, I don’t think that’s actually ever going to happen with this song.

The next single “Capsized,” was just released, and it’s another dark sounding song. The slower tempo, chord progression, and background ambience creates this mysterious and unknown. This is actually my least favorite of the three singles released, but I still do enjoy it. I’m madly in love with Pink’s vocals and background vocals on this song and personally I think she steals the show on this one.

The third single released “Break the Cycle,” sounds more of what we are used to from Pink. Vibrant strings welcome you into this song followed by Pink’s perfect vocals. The harmony created by her and Dallas during the chorus is unreal. Almost as if they were created to join forces and make music together. Again, not a pop song for the two, more of a singer-songwriter and folk vibe on this one, but still some pop elements thrown within. This is my favorite song released by the duo. When the chorus comes in Pink and Dallas’s vocals are joined by more of an upbeat, syncopated string and guitar part that builds up power and emotion soon to be collapse back down with the use of the strings. In no way can my words describe the beauty of their harmonies, so if you haven’t heard anything by the duo, I highly suggest you listen to this song first, you’ll fall in love.

October 14 we get their debut album, Rose Ave., in its entirety, in which I will write a review of the whole piece. Until then I will be updating their playlist on Spotify with any new released singles between now and then.

Let us know what you think of the three singles are, and any expectations you have for the album!

Fictional Bands from TV and Film

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So we’ve all seen movies or TV shows where some of the characters are in a band and wonder why they can’t be real. This story will feature 5 fictional bands, from both TV and film:

1) Infant Sorrow

Starting in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and thriving in Get Him to the Greek, Russell Brand surprised me with his skills as musician Aldous Snow. After I saw Get Him to the Greek, I remember going home to listen to the soundtrack. The top songs by Infant Sorrow are “Going Up,” and “Bangers, Beans, and Mash.” I couldn’t get enough, and part of me wanted more music by Russell Brand, but then realized I’d much rather have him as a comedian.

2) The Blues Brothers

One of the most recognizable bands in general, not just from movies, are played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, both iconic roles. “Shake Your Tail Feather,” was one of the first songs I remember listening to growing up, and it doesn’t get old. Getting Ray Charles to sing on that song makes it even better; there’s not way you can’t dance to it. “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Riot in Cell Block Number Nine,” are probably my two favorite Blues Brothers’ songs and always play those two first when listening to them.

3) Sex Bob-Omb

Created of Mark Webber, Michael Cera, and Alison Pill, they show that they can actually play well themselves without having to fake it and hire other musicians to record the songs. They landed 4 songs on the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which is a lot for a made up band. We saw Infant Sorrow have the whole soundtrack themselves, but in Scott Pilgrim, there are more bands to be featured as well, but Sex Bob-Omb gets more recognition than the others.

4) The Soggy Bottom Boys

Lead by George Clooney in O Brother, Where Art Thou, The Soggy Bottom Boys worked with T-Bone Burnett to perfect their sound for the movie. Growing up listening to T-Bone, I could definitely hear the resemblance, and enjoyed them in the film. “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow,” was their only song on the soundtrack, but I wish there was more.

5) Mouse Rat

This is just ONE of the names of Chris Pratt’s band in Parks and Recreation, which is hilariously awesome. Andy Dwyer changes the name to something just as outlandish as Mouse Rat whenever he hears something odd. In one episode he plays a concert in memory of Lil’ Sebastian (Pawnee’s cherished mini-horse) and when hearing him play in this episode his voice resembled that of Dave Matthews. Again, I would love to hear Chris Pratt sing all the time! It’s the same case as Russell Brand though, I’d rather have Chris Pratt starring in Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World, The Lego Movie, Moneyball, and Her.

I love the crossover of music in film and television, and can’t wait to hear more outstanding fictional bands!

What To Look Forward To

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Since the end of the year is quickly creeping upon us, we’re bound to get an abundance of new great releases across all genres.

Here are ten albums to look out for for the remainder of the year:

1. Steve Aoki - Neon Future (September 30)

The second studio album of Steve Aoki’s will be released this week, with an amazing tracklist. With features consisting of: Fall Out Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Flux Pavilion, and Will.I.Am, most of the songs should find themselves being played at almost every night club.

2. Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright In The End (October 7)

The 9th studio album by the band will be released this year, and the anticipation grows as the release nears. This is their first album since 2010, and according to Rivers Cuomo, the band considered over 200 songs for the album, recorded 20 and then cut it down to 11. This album should find its way at the top of the Billboard charts after its first week.

3. Hozier - Hozier (October 7)

Hozier is by far one of my favorite new bands. The debut album has already been released in Ireland, but isn’t far away form its release worldwide. After hearing “Take Me To Church” earlier this year I fell in love. A soulful, emotion packed voice won me over after my first listen, and soon will win over the rest of the world after this album.

4. Jessie Ware - Tough Love (October 21)

Her second studio album will be released in just under a month, and she’s ready to make an impact in the music industry. Her debut album, Devotion, was released in 2012 and reached number 5 in the U.K., but didn’t make that much of a splash anywhere else. This album she hopes it’ll change. There are no features on the album, but the writers she worked with will make this album amazing. She brought in Miguel, Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Napier, and James Ford, so I am excited to hear the well-written love ballads sang by Jessie Ware.

5. Taylor Swift – 1989 (October 27)

She announced that she was going to step away from “country” and work on a pop album for her next release. After hearing her first single “Shake It Off,” it sounds like she has stepped away from her guitar driven love pop/country songs, and will sound like more traditional pop. The song is catchy, and I often find myself singing along whenever I hear it. It’ll be interesting to hear how different this album was to hers in the past.

6. She & Him - Classics (October 27)

American singer-songwriter duo consisting of Matthew Ward and Zoey Deschanel, will release their fifth studio album this fall. They actually met on the set of the film The Go Getter, and were asked to sing a duet for the end credits, and now have their fifth album recorded together. Definitely a great story behind the duo, and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

7. Lil Wayne - The Carter V (October 28)

A lot of people have claimed that Lil Wayne has “fallen off” but there’s no doubting he’s one of the most influential artists in today’s era of hip hop. His eleventh studio album, and reportedly his last, comes out October 28 after being pushed back multiple times. I would love to see him go out with a bang, returning to his roots and show people that he hasn’t lost his touch.

8. Copeland - Ixora (October 31)

In 2008 Copeland released their last album You Are My Sunshine, which was soon followed by the band parting ways. Earlier this year they announced that the hiatus was over and had a new album releasing on Halloween. Along with the announcement, they released their new single “Ordinary,” and was absolutely beautiful. Nobody knows what to expect from this album, but if it sounds at all like their first single, it’ll be a huge success.

9. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 Soundtrack (November 18)

All of the details regarding this soundtrack are still up in the air, and are a mystery to most. The soundtrack will be curated by Lorde, which makes the mystery factor so much higher. She’s a mysterious artist, and if you’ve seen her live, or just pictures of her live performances you’ll agree. She’s also providing the soundtrack its lead single, “Yellow Flicker Beat,” which will be released on September 29.

10. Kanye West’s 8th Studio Album – Release Date TBD

No release date set in stone just yet, but Yeezy season is quickly approaching us. After he signed a deal with Adidas, a snipper of a new song “All In,” was heard on their World Cup commercial. Kanye has said that a new single will be released soon, and shouldn’t be long until all of the details are released. Earlier this week he was in Paris for an official album listening party. So its confirmed that the album is finished, and won’t be long until its in our album rotation.


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This will be a popular series I will begin posting, as I will pick a new artist each week. This week’s artist is CHVRCHES.

The premise behind this idea is that I will recommend new artists for you to listen to based on the original band posted. So in this post I will give you new recommendations that are similar to the sound and style of CHVRCHES. CHVRCHES is an electro-synth-pop band, whose single “The Mother We Share,” is still talking over airwaves. Soon enough their song, “Gun,” will join it on the top charts.

So now to the recommendations:

1) MS MR, a duo from New York, has the same vibe to them as CHVRCHES has. The vocals and composition by Lizzy are beautiful. The lyrics and composition of their single “Hurricane,” are much darker than CHVRCHES, and its evident without the bright synths. But nonetheless phenomenal. I suggest listening to “Hurricane,” and “Bones,” both dark but yet both beautiful when it comes to talent and storytelling.

2) BANKS, a signee of Capitol Records, fresh of her debut album Goddess is making listeners turn heads. “Beggin For Thread,” is a combination of MS MR and CHVRCHES. The storytelling and artistry behind it is similar to MS MR’s style, and the instrumentation is more similar to CHVRCHES. I’ve probably have played her new album over 30 times so far since its release. The second song I suggest listening to is “Warm Water.” It’s a very popular track for DJ’s to remix and for good reasons; her vocals in this song are breathtaking. Less instrumentation in this song, which has a “stripped down” vibe to it, where you need to listen to the vocals and the story being told.

3) Grimes, a Canadian producer as well as artist, takes the chilling vocals that are similar from each band so far listed, but combines it with driving drums, and hints of EDM in her work. “Go,” has a lot of the EDM feel to it, but only when the chorus comes in. Other than that part of the song, it sounds more like a faster pace BANKS. “Genesis” has a lot less of an EDM feel to it. This song makes me feel like all time around me has sped up, and I’m in slo-mo just floating there, watching everything happen normally. No idea why I feel that way, but I close my eyes and that’s what I feel. But the beauty is there’s no right answer. Close your eyes and listen to “Genesis” yourself, and see what it feels like to you!

I’m in love with female vocalists. Radio will usually only play normal pop, cookie-cutter songs with female vocals. Nothing dark, nothing experimental, nothing true. I could sit here and submerge myself into my own thoughts to music like this, but still be able to have a smile on my face and be happy while listening! Let me know what you think of these artists, and here is the Spotify playlist for you to check out!


My Favorite Music Documentaries

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Movies, and music. Two of the most cherished forms of happiness in today’s society. My most cherished form of happiness in pop culture is the combination of two, specifically music documentaries. There’s just some awesome feeling that comes across me when watching them. Getting that behind the scenes look into my love and passion is so interesting, and rewarding. I learn more and more from each documentary and most importantly I can apply what I learned into my career.

I, personally, can never watch enough music films, especially documentaries. So I’ve decided to write about my favorite three, as well as one upcoming documentary that I’m absolutely dying to see!

The first documentary I’ll write about is Ray. It’s the story of the life and career of Ray Charles, covering everything from the moment he lost his vision, to covering his amazing career. The two leads in this movie are Jamie Foxx (Ray) and Kerry Washington (Della), and both are phenomenal in their roles. At first I wasn’t sure how Jamie Foxx would perform in this role, as I could only see him in comedic roles, but he impressed me a lot. For him to portray one of the greatest musicians in history, and do it so well and accurate, surprised me. I think it was a good idea not to have Foxx, or anyone else, recreate Charles’ vocals for the film, as nobody could do him justice. If you haven’t seen this film, I definitely advise you to watch this one first before the others, because it truly is amazing.

I’ll stick to soul and R&B for my next documentary, which is Charles Bradley: Soul of America. Unlike Ray, this is solely a documentary, and not a biopic. This film is about the rise of Charles Bradley’s career, didn’t hit its peak until 2011, which unlike most careers, is when Bradley was at the age of 62. Nobody expects a musician of that age to really become successful, but he proves everyone wrong with his debut album landing in Rolling Stone’s top 50 albums of 2011! I actually stumbled across this on Netflix one night, without knowing anything about his career, or his music. I went into it with no opinion on him which was great, and let me learn a lot on his career, and the struggles he overcame to get where he is today. If you want to learn something new about a musician’s career, or just love the success he’s shown, go watch this movie. Even if you’re not a fan of his music, there’s no doubt that you’ll become a fan of his as a person.

Now, I get to one of my favorite music documentaries, quite possibly my ultimate favorite. Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, came out in 2012, and I remember I was sitting in my dorm room when I saw the preview and I became instantly excited. I was turned on to hip hop and rap through my schoolmates at a young age, as a result of going to an extremely cultural diverse school. Now the amount of stars in this film is ridiculous. First, its directed by Ice-T. Awesome, right? Then in the film, it features commentary and film from: Bun B, Joe Budden, Common, Ice Cube, Mos Def, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Nas, Kanye West, and many many more. Getting to hear from the biggest names in the genre themselves, this film offers great insight on the prominence and rise of hip-hop; not only as a genre of music, but as a culture as well. This film is currently on Netflix, so you should go watch it before it is replaced.

Now, the film that I am most excited for…

Jimi: All Is By My Side, a biopic on the life and career of Jimi Hendrix, is soon to be released, with a premier date of October 24, 2014. This film actually debuted at SXSW this past Spring, and as a music badge holder, I was saddened to hear I couldn’t see this film while I was there. First off, Andre 3000 stars as Jimi Hendrix, which is a perfect casting. Not only does Andre 3000 look similar to Jimi, but Andre’s musical abilities and knowledge are out of this world, something Jimi was always recognized for. Also, starring in this movie is Imogen Poots, who plays Linda Keith, one of the biggest influences on both Jimi’s career and life. Ever since this movie was announced I’ve been checking the entirety of the Internet to find anymore details about this film. Less than a month, this film will hit movie theaters nationwide, and hopefully do the legend justice.

If you have any more documentaries or biopics to check out, leave them in the comments and I can’t wait to watch them!

Now Playing: Kat Edmonson- Rainy Day Woman

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Kat Edmonson who did brief stint on the Fox show American Idol has moved to on to have her own unique sound. Her song “Rainy Day Woman”  and most of her new album The Big Picture showcases more of her own song writing skills. The Texas native’s third album was produced by the accomplished  Mitchell Froom who has worked with such names Elvis Castello and Paul McCartney. The album has a jazzy pop feel that sounds like something you would find on a 60′s movie soundtrack and is a nice break from the auto-tunes sounds of the 2000′s.
Be sure to buy your ticket here and catch her performance in support of her new album in Los Angeles,October 23th.

Featured Artist: Jon Bellion

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I wrote about Jon Bellion a little in my previous post regarding artists you need to know. It was hard for me not to write everything on my mind right then and there, but I had to wait. His new album, The Definition, was just released this afternoon, and I’m absolutely in love. Last year he released an album, The Separation, which I loved, but his new album blows it out of the park. The Definition, is his fourth free album released, which is rare to see one album given away for free now, yet alone four!

In my previous story, I mentioned Jon has seen a lot of success from songwriting. He wrote the chorus for “Monster” by Eminem and Rihanna. He also co-wrote and produced Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets.” Both reached the top of the charts in the last year and a half. He’s seen great monetary success from these two opportunities, and many others, that allow him to release his albums for free. The money he makes from songwriting gets recycled back into his music, whether it be buying new instruments, new studio gear, or bringing in other musicians, he is making sure to spend the money wisely. In his Reddit AMA (ask me anything) he tells one fan that he’s done making free music. This is pretty exciting because he was improving so much, using money  just from songwriting and touring, but now he will have more money to recycle back into his creation process.

Signed to Visionary Music Group, home of rappers Logic and QuESt, Jon brings a nice change of pace to the roster. One of the most unique artists I’ve listened to, combines pop elements and vocals, with picture-painting storytelling, and all combined with the production heard on top hip hop classics. This is why I love his music. He combines every element of music, and makes it his own. He started off producing at the age of 14, and then just recently started singing and rapping on his own productions. If only he had discovered those skills even sooner…

Jon states his top 5 albums of all time are:

Cease To Begin – Band of Horses

Transatlanticism – Death Cab For Cutie

Donuts – J Dilla

Graduation – Kanye West

For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver

You can definitely hear each album’s influence in his music. Imagine the production of Kanye and J Dilla mixed with the vocals of Death Cab, and the storytelling of Band of Horses and Bon Iver (Justin Vernon). So imagine that combination plus much much more, and then you have Jon Bellion, a musical genius. I can’t even grasp how his mind works musically, but luckily, he makes YouTube videos of how he created each song, and is an absolute delight to get a glimpse into his musical mind. 

Now I’ll get into some of my favorites from his new album The Definition:

“Pre-Occupied” – The song starts off “Wu-Tang raised me, Death Cab changed me…” both two of his biggest musical influences. This is a very honest song by Jon, he says everything on his chest regarding the music industry. The first verse definitely sounds angry, where he addresses the motives behind most publishers and producers. He then also brings up two more of his influences, J Dilla and Paul Simon. All of a sudden after this angry rant, a very bright and cheerful chorus comes in, where Jon doesn’t hold back his vocals at all, letting all listeners to appreciate his artistry.

“A Haunted House” – The first thing you hear on this song is an electrifying harmony created by Jon’s vocals laid on top of each other. Then comes in the piano and Jon singing about his past loves and current love. He tells a story about a new love in his life, allowing him to feel comfortable and safe in this world. “I’ve been saved, watch them all fall back into the grave.” He is referring to the ‘ghosts’ of his past loves that he would stay in touch with whenever he was lost, and now that he’s found love again, he doesn’t have to deal with his past any longer.

“Ooh” – This is one of my favorite songs because of the mood it puts you in while listening. The instrumentation is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. About a minute into the song, Jon says “these lines won’t make sense,” and while you hear them, you hear Jon laugh. Just a moment for him to be himself and have fun with this song, while still staying true to his creativity and musical talents. Christianne Jensen sings backup vocals to Jon in this song and midway through, you get to hear mainly her sing and paired with Jon’s production, it is stunning.

“Luxury” – This song features Audra Mae, the great-great-neice of Judy Garland, and musical talent definitely runs through their family genes. This is the outro to the album, in complete juxtaposition of the intro “Munny Right.” In this intro Jon is almost bragging about this luxurious lifestyle he’s created for himself, and how his life has changed because of the money. But in “Luxury,” Jon and Audra sing about staying true to themselves and still staying modest despite the success. One of the most beautiful moments on this album is when Audra sings the outro to the song, “don’t let my soul drown in in the luxury.” It gave me chills the first time I listened to it.

In addition to the album, and behind the scenes videos, Jon made an animated short film to accompany his song “Luxury.” It shows the main character, who is an animated version of Jon, become tempted by many different things/people as he grows up. The candle is a symbol for faith and that no matter the temptation, its a must for him to keep his faith and not let the temptations get to him.

He makes it clear that he stays true to himself in all of his works, and I have not yet been disappointed with any of his releases.

Go listen to his new album, The Definition, here:


Featured Artist: ODESZA

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ODESZA, the stage name of Harrison Mills (CatacombKid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches), started in 2012 when the duo started making music together their senior year at Western Washington University. Only two years of making music, and they’ve given us two albums, an EP and an endless amount of remixes along the way. The duo just released their second studio album, In Return, and are embarking on a 3 month world tour. They just had 2 shows in the LA area, at the Fonda Theater and then at Amoeba Records. I stopped by the show at Amoeba and will be reviewing that as well as their new album!

We’ll start with their new album In Return, which is one of my favorite albums of the year, surprisingly. I heard “Sun Models” over the summer and fell in love with this song, and at that point I had no clue who ODESZA was other than this beautiful song. Not knowing who they were killed me. I had to know more and more about them, as I then came across their remix of the summer hit “Faded.” I knew 2 songs, and loved both of them. After listening to their 2012 debut album Summer’s Gone, I was sold. They had me. I was on the edge of my seat awaiting the newest single, or any news for a matter of fact, and I got both. They released 2 additional singles, which were instantly added to my Summer playlist, and announced their new album. This was in mid-summer, so I had to wait almost 3 months until the full project, one of the worst feelings to have. Imagine starting a countdown for Christmas in September, where the Indian Summers are still in effect, and you’re off dreaming of snow and presents under the tree. Rough. But luckily September 9 came faster than I thought, and In Return released!

This album will only put you in a good mood. In comparisons to Porter Robinson’s Worlds that just released, or Aphex Twin’s soon to be released Syro, ODESZA made sure every song could lighten your mood and make you want to dance. Those two albums I mentioned have multiple acts in them, whereas In Return has one act, dedicated to brining positivity to the world. The  opening track “Always This Late,” starts off with an upbeat clapping, setting the tone of the track. Soon enters in a females voice, but almost mumbled so you can’t hear what exactly she’s saying, but its catchy enough to where you start singing what you think she is saying. The following track, “Say My Name,” has chopped vocals coming in almost instantly, but soon enough there’s actual words you can sing along to. “I wanna dance, I wanna dance, daaa-aaa-aance, with you,” belts Zyra, the featured artist on this song, and as a listener you quickly want to dance with the song. This is one of my favorite songs on the album, thanks to Zyra’s electrifying vocals. Only 2 songs in, and those three long months of waiting are finally worth it.

I won’t go through each individual song, so I’ll list some of my favorites:

“White Lies” – This song features another female vocalist, Jenni Potts, whose voice I fell in love with from this song and is is fairly unknown, as her entire Spotify discography has less than 1000 plays. This starts off with spacey vocals over a piano, and all of a sudden Harrison and Clayton start their magic. The upbeat synths enter, followed by a simple, yet driving drumbeat, and more angelic vocals.

“Memories That You Call” – This one has a mysterious intro. While listening you’re not too sure where this track is going to go, and then all of a sudden, here are the bright and upbeat synths that the duo has mastered. Paired with chopped vocals, unable to catch what Monsoonsiren (the featured artist) is saying, but that makes it all the better. Everyone is going to hear something different. That’s one of the bonuses of the album that I just discovered tonight. It creates a unique listening experience for each listener out there.

“Sun Models” – Here it is, the song that got me hooked! This single features Madelyn Grant for the vocals, and once again they are chopped in a way for you to imagine what you want to hear form them. Every time I listen to this I hear something new, which I love, and makes it so this single, or album never gets old. I find myself singing random pitches that I hear from Madelyn, or random words that I think I hear, or want to hear.

You can close your eyes and pick a song at random to play, or put the album on shuffle, and no matter what song comes on you’re going to be tapping your feet, nodding your head, and then all of a sudden you’ll find yourself on top of the table dancing and singing random words that may or may not even be in the song!

Their show at Amoeba was great, despite some technical problems at the record store. When the speakers worked 100% it sounded amazing! It sounded so much better live than the studio version, but then when some speakers began to malfunction the magic went away. But the duo actually improvised during their set. They played the beginning of the songs we all knew and loved, and then remade it into a new, one of a kind experience. I knew I would never hear that rendition of “Say My Name” again, so I appreciated every second of that performance and every other song they played. The record store was packed with a younger audience, majority of them holding their new In Return vinyls in preparation for the signing afterwards. Harrison and Clayton played a mix of older and newer material, while making up the setlist on the spot.


ODESZA_amoebaThe songs they played tonight at Amoeba were:


If There’s Time

Memories That You Call

I Want You


Sun Models

All We Need


Say My Name


With only 2 studio albums under their belt, ODESZA is still fairly new and only going to rise in popularity. I highly advise you to go listen to In Return,  as well as their debut album Summer’s Gone.

Check out their tour schedule and see if they are playing anywhere near you, it will be a great show to see in person!

Alicia Keys is Making “The Best Music I’ve Ever Done Yet”

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Earlier this month Alicia Keys released her new single “We Are Here.” The track is part of new music the R&B songstress and expecting mother has been working on with husband Swizz Beatz. During and interview with Billboard after her performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, she explained her upcoming work, it was ”done by what we call ourselves ‘Illuminaries’. It’s actually the four of us: myself, Swizz, Mark Batson and Harold Lilly. Crazy outrageous music, outrageous lyrics. Just really, for me, the best music I’ve ever done yet. I love what’s happening, what’s coming, I feel really humbled and blessed by the experience. It’s a lot deeper and there’s more clarity to it and I just can’t wait.”

There is still no set title or release date but we are hoping that Keys will keep releasing new music for us to enjoy.


Material Girl, Madonna Collaborates with Diplo, Dj Dahi, and Blood Diamond

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Three decades later and Madonna is still going strong. The material girl has been working on her 14th studio album and some big names have made her collaboration list. Over the weekend Madonna posted on her Twitter that she would be working with with Dj Dahi and Blood Diamond. Dj Dahi is the name behind Drake’s “Worst Behavior” and has previously worked with such artist as Kendrick Lamar, Lily Allen, and SchoolBoy Q. As big as these names are they aren’t the only ones on the list. Diplo, one of the most sought out producers in the EDM scene and has been working on at least 5 of the tracks on the upcoming album. The album is set to release in 2015 and although it has no tittle just yet, we can expect it to be full of hits.