Brit ‘It Girl’ Alexa Chung is the New Face of Eyeko

Alexa Chung with Max and Nina Leykind. Photo by Steve Eichner, courtesy of WWD.

Alexa Chung is a Brit ‘It Girl’ with astonishing and well rounded talents. If you don’t know Alexa all too well, she’s one to keep a close eye on. The 29-year-old fashion muse has an overflowing agenda; she is a contributing editor at British Vogue, a DJ, and a model. Alexa presents daily on a music TV show, “Fuse News,” and has recently authored a style book called ‘It’ which debuts Sept. 5 in the U.K. and October 26 in the U.S. Most recently, Alexa signed a deal with indie cosmetics brand Eyeko.

She has been working closely with brand founders Max and Nina Leykind to create a limited edition $45 makeup set that will include black waterproof mascara and Alexa’s must have beauty product; black eyeliner. Alexa is bearing her name and love of art into this project and is delighted to share its debut.

Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme

After months of speculation, it’s been reported that our favorite vampire heartthrob, Robert Pattinson is now the newest face for Dior Homme!

WWD said, “According to Dior, the print campaign will break from Sept. 1 in a range of magazine titles for women and men, along with daily newspapers. The television commercial, shot largely in New York, is to debut the same month in 60-second and 80-second lengths.”

Rumor has it that Rob was offered $12 million for the new gig.

Lucy Hale Becomes MARK Cosmetics’ Beauty Ambassador

11 June, 2013 All, Beauty 35 comments

Lauren Conrad and Ashley Greene, two beauties who once represented Mark Cosmetics have now passed the crown over to 23 year old, Lucy Hale! Lucy is best known for her role as Aria Montgomery on the hit T.V. show, Pretty Little Liars, which premieres its fourth season, tonight! Now that she has become Mark Cosmetics newest beauty ambassador, we will be seeing a lot more of her, and I don’t mind it at all!

“I’m incredibly proud to partner with a brand that is as passionate about empowering women as I am. I’ve been a fan of mark’s products for years, but it was important to me to work with a brand that is truly about beauty on the inside and the outside.” Lucy truly is a beautiful person on the inside and out, and she is a perfect role model for those who are fans of this cosmetic line. The official debut with Lucy and the brand will come out in August, when the brand celebrates their 10 year anniversary. Quite a special year for Lucy as the beauty ambassador!

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Makeup Artist: Hilary Montez

22 April, 2013 All, Beauty 158 comments

Twenty year old, Hilary Montez has been makeup obsessed since the day she picked up her first makeup brush. She had always enjoyed being her own canvas, until people began asking her to do their makeup, and that is when she knew this was something she had a passion for, and decided to pursue it without any doubts. “Katy Perry & Lana Del Rey are my biggest inspirations because they are both beautiful, powerful women that went for their career and succeeded.”

Hilary has worked on a few independent films for the University of Southern California as a makeup artist, and has also been a makeup assistant on a short film which was shot in Los Angeles.

This past weekend, Hilary worked an event in Orange County with RAW Artists where she was able to showcase her talent on the four lovely models above.

The talented artist has also done makeup for a wedding which was located in Laguna Beach, and will soon work another wedding in San Diego. For bookings, she can be contacted at the addresses pictured below:

Time to Wake Up & See the Beauty: Dove Real Beauty Sketch Ad Campaign

We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t like. Women in particular can always find something that can be changed about themselves, whether it’s for their thighs to be smaller, their boobs to be bigger, or their nose to be straighter. We can all look in the mirror and be critical, no matter how confident we are.

Dove, a company famous for creating videos that boost self-love instead of self-dislike,   launched a new video pointing out this fatal flaw of being over-critical.

They commissioned a forensic sketch artist to draw women’s faces based off of their descriptions of themselves and then a second sketch according to a person that had observed them during the project. At the end of the video, you see both sketches side by side, the ones on the left being the critical “self-portraits” and the ones on the right being those that were dictated by the person that had observed the women. The forensic artist did not see any of the women’s faces until the end of the project.

The difference between left and right is outrageous- the sketches look like two different people. The one on the left usually being less attractive and almost angry or depressed as compared to the confident looking beautiful woman on the right.

The artist asks: “Do you think you are more beautiful then you say?” And even though it’s directed to the woman in the video, it is truly a question that we should all ask ourselves. And I could look into the mirror and say “Well, I have a bump in my nose and people have asked me if I’ve broken it but I never have. I really don’t like it at all.” Or I could say “I have my great-grandmother’s nose. And I love that a part of her is a part of me.”

This video encourages you to be kind to yourself. And to love everything that makes you who you are, because at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And if we behold our true beauty, then there really isn’t anything to dislike is there?

Michael Kors Beauty Line

14 April, 2013 All, Beauty 154 comments

Featured on the cover launch for Michael Kors newest beauty collection, “She’s sporty. She’s Sexy. She’s Glam” are the three collections of beauty products that will be a part of his new line. In an exclusive interview with WWD, The New York based designer shared, “I think those three things–sexy, sporty and glam–have always been the DNA of Michael Kors, and in a strange way, the Michael Kors woman really is all three of those things–it’s just that she feels more strongly about one of them at certain given times.” Kors also chose to collaborate with beauty line Estée Lauder to produce his new products.

The Michael Kors beauty line will be sold exclusively for ONE year at Macy’s. Each cosmetic collection will include two shades of lipstick and lip lusters, a fragrance, and two shades of nail polish. The line will also launch with three bronze powders, a self tanner, and body cremes for skin care.

Since I’m a sucker for clever beauty product names, here are the official chosen names for the collection:

- Diva lip lacquer

- Hint nail lacquer

- Bombshell lip lacquer

- Scarlet Sensation nail lacquer

- Icon lip luster

- Envy nail lacquer

The items will launch late this August, right as we begin to welcome the Fall.

Coachella : Get This Look

13 April, 2013 All, Beauty 49 comments

Photo Courtesy of O.R.G Skincare- Suzie Kim

Coachella fashion is very very important, but why just limit yourself to clothes when body and face paint is also another a fun way to get into the festival groove!

But how do you do that you ask? Well here are some easy steps to follow!


Step 1: O.R.G Skincare Mineral Peel Face to clean off the skin of any dermal debris before make-up application
(this allows the makeup to stay on longer and application on a ‘smooth’ canvas allows a cleaner look)
Step 2: Dark Kohl lined eyes with heavy lashes.
Step 3: Neon triangle prints on outer corners.
Step 4: Clean, bronzy skin with glow.
Step 5: Nude Matte lips.

(Organic Mineral Peel Face)

O.R.G Skincare is an all-around skin care regimen from face and body peels to its natural handmade soaps. O.R.G Skincare takes all its knowledge & exposure from the cutting edge ingenuity of beauty regimens and methods from all over Asia. Their vision is to introduce effective products that address real beauty issues by thinking outside the box. O.R.G Skincare is the first Cosmeceutical line to introduce an all-natural enzyme exfoliator that offers instant results within minutes of application. To learn more about the O.R.G Skincare brand visit

(Dark Kohl eyeliner and eyelashes)

(Neon Colors for the Triangles)

(Revlon Matte Nude Lipstick)

And voilà! A super filled Coachella and festival look to last the day!


Hayley Williams Collaborates with MAC

28 March, 2013 All, Beauty 142 comments

Lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams has crossed paths with MAC Cosmetics to launch a four piece collection, coming this April. Hayley has always been a fan of MAC and was more than excited to begin a collaboration with them.   The bright orange Matte lipstick looks like it was inspired by Hayley’s hair color, titled “Sounds Like Noise.” To match the lipstick, the nail lacquer, “Riot Gear” is the same shade of orange, while the eyeshadow and shimmer of the line are a much softer colors. The eyeshadow is described as a “frosted mid-tone pearl” and to finish off the look, you can top it off with the “soft candlelight beige” shimmer. Hayley quotes ”Orange is actually a pretty great colour for so many skin types. I especially love a nice orange poppy lip on a deep dark skin tone. This line was just the best way for me to fully express myself through different MAC products and I, myself, happen to be a redhead!”

M.A.C. Cosmetics: Cupcake Inspired Summer Collection

26 March, 2013 All, Beauty 1 comment

M.A.C. Cosmetics is not only known for their top of the line makeup, but also for their creativeness when it comes to their different collections. (I’ve always been a sucker for anything MAC) This Summer, MAC will be coming out with their latest collection, “Baking Beauties.” We all love a good cupcake, right? Well get ready, because the face powders will now be designed in cupcake inspired designs! We will be seeing the softer side of make up and colors with neutral tones and pastel colors. The lipsticks will hold delicious names like Raspberry Swirl, Lavender Whip, Devil’s Food, etc, while the tinted lip balms will be named Sweet Tooth, Baking Beauty, Cherry Cherry, and Glacé. Anything dealing with sweets is always a great persuader for me, so don’t be alarmed if you run into me once this line hits stores.

The entire collection will be available internationally in May 2013.

Curious about the other mouth-watering titles for the line?

Pearlmatte Face Powder:

In For A Treat

Pink Buttercream

Lustre Drops:

Pink Rebel

Pro Longwear Paint Pot:

Fancy Frosting



Let’s Skate

Dangerous Cuvee


Raspberry Swirl

Pure Decoration

Lavender Whip

Devil’s Food

Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm:

Sweet Tooth

Baking Beauty


Cherry Cherry

Nail Lacquer:

Blue Velvet


Pistachio Creme