The Fashionable First Lady To Open The Anna Wintour Costume Center at the Met

Michelle Obama and Anna Wintour seem to be pretty big fans of one another. Through various collaborations and even a couple of Vogue covers for the First Lady, the two seem to get along well and on May 5th we’ll see them both again at the Met Gala. Michelle Obama will be cutting the ribbon for the opening of the newly renovated wing for the Anna Wintour Costume Center.


The infamous designer’s influence on the fashionable First Lady’s sense of style is said to stem from her loyalty to the Obama family. Wintour helped massively with fundraising for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign and has since kept in contact with the family. explained, “Because of her close relationship with Anna Wintour, Mrs. Obama will attend the naming ceremony. There was some talk about her attending the Met Gala itself, but it was decided that her attendance would require huge extra security and screening at the party, which could inconvenience others. Guests wearing gowns wouldn’t wish to go through metal detectors or be patted down on their way into the ball.”


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Born Free Collaborations Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Today Shopbop announced their Born Free collection is now available online for purchases! For those who are not familiar with the brand, Shopbop is a collaboration between the company and 22 esteemed designers. Some of these people include: Donatella Versace, Phoebe Philo, Miuccia Prada Celine, Stella McCartney and even Victoria Beckham in the hopes to end mother-to-children HIV transmission by 2016.


The company uses all of the proceeds from the purchases to aid in making their goal become a reality by selling chic matching outfits for mothers and their children, with most items priced under $250. Now, most people are anti matching outfits with their kids, but these outfits are anything but mainstream and they are for a good cause. In addition, both MAC Aids Fund and Conde Nast have offered to match purchases and donations in order to further aid the movement.

Overall thoughts: designers galore, not badly priced and for a good cause? How can you say no???



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Giselle Bundchen Sings her ‘Heart of Glass’ out in New H&M Ad

Looks like Gisele Bundchen has decided to give it a-go in the vocals department, with the release of her new H&M ad, which benefits UNICEG. The video premiered Monday on Good Morning America which showcased the super sexy Giselle flaunting her vocals in a cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass”. The Brazilian supermodel sings and dances sensually, swaying her hips slowly while flipping her perfect hair back and forth, all while modeling two of H&M’s upcoming swimwear; uhm, can you say talent? Did I mention the pretty horses in the background too? Yep, the video is filled with a bunch of “pretty” and a serious reminder of summer being around the corner (I’m doing ab crunches as I write this). The video is part of H&M’s summer campaign which launches in store and online May 1st. If you can’t get enough of Giselle’s sweet vocals, you can download the song on iTunes and all proceeds go to UNICEF.

Looks Like Everyone Loves Clooney, W Mag vs. Vanity Fair

Remember a while back when Annex Magazine posted about George Clooney being on the cover of W Magazine??? Well, it turns out that the American Society of Magazine Editors thinks Clooney is just a foxy as we do, seeing as they’ve named his W Magazine cover as a finalist for the eighth annual Best Cover Contest. In addition to that, he’s already been named the winner in the “Fashion and Beauty” category.


Past year’s winners include Gwyneth Paltrow, shot by Terry Richardson, on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar and the New Yorker for their tribute to Alexander McQueen. Other nominees for this year include: Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, and O Magazine. Winners for this years best cover will be announced next Wednesday, April 30.



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Vogue is Getting Sued and Kanye West is to Blame?

Looks like Vogue may be regretting their decision to feature Kimye in their magazine. The April shoot, which meant a long awaited cover for Kim Kardashian, has seemed to bring down some trouble on Anna Wintour and her team at Vogue. According to The Post, Rickey Spicer, who has already sued West before, is now trying to sue the magazine for supposedly using one of his songs in their behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.


Spicer’s rep stated that, “his voice is used substantially throughout the video, comprising approximately 44 percent of the lyrics” and that all this took place without consent or authorization. Kanye West apparently lobbied Anna Wintour into getting Kim on the cover stating that she was “more relevant to fashion” than Michelle Obama. Wintour may have thought it a good idea at the time, but the repercussions may be causing more trouble than the cover was worth.

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Gap Kids is Partnering with Kate and Jack Spade

Gap has a history of getting its hands on the best designers to collaborate with including Stella McCartney and Diane von Furstenberg. So when Kate and Jack Spade announced their partnering with Gap, we were not surprised, but definitely excited, especially considering this is the first time the duo will dabble in childrenswear. Holiday season 2014 will bring the arrival of the collaboration with the Spades’ and Gap Kids.


Though no statements have been released regarding what the collection will look like, we can only hope for mini versions of anything and everything Spade-related. This may be one of the more exciting partnerships to take place, especially when taking into consideration just how many there are at the moment. H&M and Alexander Wang, Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as Adidas and Mary Katrantzou. Seems like amazing collaborations are what’s in style!

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Dior Heads to Brooklyn While the Victoria’s Secret Show Goes to London

Moving around is, apparently, the new trend in fashion.

First and foremost, Dior has decided to show it’s pre-spring 2015 collection at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the month of May. Back in February, Alexander Wang showed his collection there and since then it’s seemed to become the hot spot for fashion shows. According to reports, there will be a ferry, as well as a car service, which will be transporting and dropping off guess to the venue.

Dior knows what’s up.


On a similar note, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has moved from its usual location of New York to London town. Just this morning director Ed Razek, as well as supermodels Candice Swanepol and Adriana Lima, made the official announcement at the company’s London location on Bond Street. Over the years, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has gained an immense amount of viewers due to the huge production they put on, as well as consistently bringing in famed musicians to perform…

Oh and the gorgeous angels don’t hurt either….


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Alexander Wang x H&M = Total Freak Out

alexander wang hm collaboration dailymail uk annex magazine

Yes, it’s true – Alexander Wang is collaborating with H&M. Saturday night, Wang announced his partnership with the Swedish fast fashion brand via his Instagram. He posted a video from a Coachella party,  that showed a digital countdown to “Wang x HM” on a basketball scoreboard with the numbers “11:06″,  indicating that we can expect the BEST COLLAB IN H&M HISTORY (come on, you know it’s true) to debut November 6th. This will make Wang the first American designer that the Swedish retailer has partnered with for its annual designer collaborations. The collection will launch in 250 stores worldwide and online. Wang, who is the creative director of Balenciaga, will be joining other designers who have collaborated with H&M like: Stella McCartney, Donatella Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, and Isabel Marant. WWD caught up with Wang at the Coachella event and asked him a few questions about the much anticipated collaboration. One of the questions asked was, “Do you have any details on the collection?” Wang responded with, “It’s too early to say. There will be a new element of lifestyle offering that’s a completely new way of approaching the collaboration, but it is too early to give away.” So, he is staying pretty hush-hush on it for now, but we only expect the best from Wang and we are confident that he will deliver.

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Yahoo is Taking Over and They’re Taking Elle Magazine’s Joe Zee with Them!

Yahoo News is taking over. Recently naming Bobbi Brown to direct its beauty section, it has nabbed another big name for its team. Elle‘s creative director, Joe Zee, is heading to Yahoo News to help with expanding their expertise in fashion. According to reports, Zee and Yahoo have been talking for a while, but this Friday made the move to Yahoo a done deal.


Zee has also worked for and hosted two television shows on the Sundance Channel, expanding his   relationships and experience within the industry. Aside from that, he has worked for W Magazine as well as with many top name celebrities. According to those who have worked alongside him, Zee is easy to work with and friendly, unlike a lot of his counterparts within the industry which makes him a special asset to have. Looks like Yahoo is on their way to a revamp that will put them on the fashion and beauty map.

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Giuseppe Zanotti Working With Kanye West On New Collaboration

Giuseppe Zanotti has a new collaboration taking place that may come as a shock. The eccentric designer is teaming up with rapper and Kim K’s arm candy, Kanye West. West and Zanotti first collaborated for West’s very first Paris runway show and the pair hit it off right away. Zanotti explained that the process was very easy when it came to working together.


Zanotti tells, “I met Kanye in Milan during a charity event. He’s very sweet, very sensitive and sometimes dangerous because he’s sensitive. He’s a good guy. Good heart. He’s a poet. We met twice and then he asked to come into mymaison because he wanted to understand the process of [creating a] collection of shoes and design. We started with something elegant for his runway, then we did something else — sneakers — together. He taught me something, I taught him something. Also, I showed him my archives of records and he sang something for me, for my team. It was good synergy, exchange of sensation and love.” Zanotti has quite a fondness for artists, especially the more eccentric ones and this collaboration sounds like it’s going to be very successful.

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