Who’s Who? Kat Banas, the Young Stylist Making Moves

The eccentric and hilarious New York based stylist, Kat Banas, offers her witty insight and gets into it with us on what to keep in your styling kit and the rules she believes all stylist dreamers should follow.
Annex: What is your go-to brand that never fails you?
Kat Banas: My homies over at Gypsy Warrior always have amazing clothes that add edge to any designer or vintage pieces I’m wearing. My dream closet however, consists of Mui Mui, Clover Canyon and Rag and Bone.
A: Any advice for aspiring stylists trying to get their first real break?
KB: Know both your value and your place on set, assist/intern as many people as possible, don’t say no when you’re first starting out – the power of a referral is everything in this industry (the industry gets smaller and smaller on your way up, which means everyone knows everyone), and be reliable.
A: How does your personal style translate to styling?
KB: This is a great question, however, I think in this scenario, the question might read as, “how does my styling translate into my personal style?” The answer to that is; my personal style is a much more tame version of what goes on in my head and what comes out on set.
A: The fashion world can be deadly and cut throat. How do you manage to keep your head above water?
KB: I constantly have to remind myself that this entire industry is subjective – everything is just determined by a few peoples opinion.. Who is to say they’re right and I am not? Oh yes, and find good mentors!
A: Styling should always be fun and refreshing! What can you do to make sure each shoot has it’s own flair? 
KB: I wish it was always fun and refreshing! Unfortunately, that is not realistic. I do a lot of research before shoots and am constantly finding inspiration from music and my daily life here in New York!

A: What do you have lined up for the summer?
KB: Shooting on location as much as possible! It’s been such a miserable winter here in NY that I’m dying to get out and collaborate with some of my amazing teams.
A: What’s in your styling kit?
KB: Everything from fake mustaches to neon gloves to granola bars to safety pins in every shape and size!
[Contact: katbanas.com]



Who’s Who: Johannes Paul Doebler, the Internationally Known Stylist

Who doesn’t dream of landing the coveted job of dressing celebrities and brushing shoulders with the fashion industry’s most elite and influential people? We know we do.

So we can’t help but recognize Johannes Paul Doebler in our Who’s Who and ask the internationally-known stylist a few questions.


Annex: In your opinion, what is the sexiest article of clothing a girl can wear?

I personally love it when women wear dresses. I think there is nothing more feminine than a dress. It can instantly make a woman look feminine, glamorous and elegant. Add the right heels and it can add poise. I may be biased as a man, but then again a woman in skinny jeans and boots can be just as sexy. It guess it really depends on the type

A: You’re an internationally acclaimed stylist. How do you see fashion differ between countries?

No doubt there is a big, big difference between countries and their style. Women in Paris are simply pretty chic without thinking too intently; I like that. In America or specifically in New York, everything is a little more sporty but still elegant. I think it’s nice when I see women make an effort and carefully choose what to wear. I live in Berlin and personally wish women and men would make a bigger deal. Of course, Berlin is known to be effortless, but it would be nice to see a change. But in the end, every country and every culture has its own appeal making fashion the interesting notion that it is.

A: What does style mean to you?

To me, style has nothing to do with which clothes or high brand labels someone is wearing. Style means seeing someone who feels comfortable in what she/he is wearing. There is a saying “You can’t buy style”. And that’s true. I am pleased when I see a woman and think she has done everything right. She knows what you can wear and what looks good on her, because I know it’s difficult to figure your own personal style. In the end, I think it is really about feeling comfortable and radiating it.

A: Who has the most impact on the energy behind the scenes of a photoshoot? The models? The stylists? The photographers?…etc.

A photo shoot always incorporates the work of the whole team. For me, it’s great to work with a team I already know and am able to trust their work. You need people you can rely on. The most beautiful clothes are useless if the photographer has no idea about photography or the make-up artist and model are lackluster. Which is why I always try to be open to others’ input.

A: What was your first big break in the fashion industry?

Oh! I don’t think that I’ve gotten my big breakthrough yet. Each shoot is new and different and I try to convey a story through the clothes and mood of it all; It takes more than a beautiful photo. If I can continue to convey a feeling or trigger something within for the rest of my career, that’ll be enough. It’s like constantly selling a new dream.

A: Where do you find your inspiration? And how do you stay fresh and innovative?

Inspiration is found every day, everywhere. I’m often inspired by personalities from movie or book characters. Or sometimes it’s the little things that give the right touches to the finished image. And of course that’s what makes my job so exciting because the world is constantly changing.

In His Styling Kit:
fake jewelry (because you never know what its good for) 
a large bag 
garment bag 
material/ fabric (for outdoor shootings) 
belt( s )
shoe polish

image image

[Photographer: Daniela Shleker]


[Photographer: Patrick Jendrusch]

Find out more about him at johannespauldoebler.com

Who’s Who: Q&A with LA Stylist, Tiffani Chynel


Photographer: Heather Gildroy

Annex: You clearly have a fine taste for style and fashion. Many people with that kind of sense choose to be either a buyer or a stylist. What made you decide to choose the latter?

Tiffani Chynel: Thank you! I always loved being around fashion. I believe my previous jobs in retail definitely set me on that path.


A: Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?

TC: I did, I just wasn’t sure which field I wanted to pursue. My mind was always changing.


A: A problem that many aspiring stylists fall into is, not knowing how to branch out from their own personal style and taste. How does your personal style differ from some of the shoots you’ve worked on?

TC: Let’s just say, if it were up to me, everyone would be wearing black.


A: Some people might think girls in fashion are all about shoes and shopping, but you are nothing short of a cutthroat businesswoman! What are some of the accomplishments you’re most proud of?

TC: Honestly, all of them. I set a lot of goals for myself (monthly and yearly) and I am very hard on myself to accomplish each of those goals. As I get closer to some of my personal deadlines, and the goals are still not met, that’s when I really start to push myself.

A: What’s the key to balancing your creativity with that business-like mindset?

TC: Not to take things too seriously (easier said than done when you create high standards of yourself), I am a bit of a control freak so at times when I am most stressed about work it builds a creative block. Taking a step back to appreciate that I am doing what I love everyday, grounds me and helps maintain that balance.


A: Who are some of the big names in the industry you have styled for? Exciting celebs, high-end designers, popular television shows…etc

TC: I recently styled Taryn Manning from Netflix Orange is the New Black. She was so wonderful to work with, hilarious and really down to earth.


A: What do you enjoy doing on your free time? Do you even have any?

TC: When I allow myself a couple days off, I love to catch up with my friends and family. I feel like I have the craziest group of friends; hearing what’s going on in their lives that’s not work related from traveling, getting engaged, or even an unforgettable night out, really helps me relax and enjoy my time off.


A: You are always moving from one project to the next. Do you ever take the time to sit back and feel accomplished? Or are you one of those people who’s just constantly restless and hungry for the next adventure?

TC: I am definitely always hungry for the next project. I work in an industry that allows you to use your imagination and it is constantly changing. I look at my job as playing dress-up for a living, so it’s always fun and exciting to get started on a new project where I am able to transform someone’s vision.


A: Speaking of the next adventure, what exciting things do you have coming up in your career?

TC: I am launching a new website in the near future that will be focusing on fashion and lifestyle. Later, I will working my way into film and adding a few more celebrities to my resume.


Who’s Who: Micaela Erlanger Stylist Behind Lupita Nyong’o's Red Carpet Moments

Micaela Erlanger has made quite a name for herself in the past few months by creating a client list including, Michelle Dockery, Winona Ryder, Martha Plimpton and Lupita, of course. Erlanger’s life motto is, ”You can have anything you want in life, if you dress for it”, which shines very true in her life, and her clients’ life. Her past includes graduating from Parsons The New School for Design with a BA in Management and Design, but what truly set her aside from the others was her six-years a senior stylist to Anabel Tollman.


The very talked about stylist was recently on the cover of the Hollywood Reporter with two of her most prominent clients of the moment, Lupita and Michelle Dockery. This was a monumental moment for her as a stylist as she beat out famed Kate Young AND Rachel Zoe, being named 3rd on the top 25 most influential stylists. Erlanger’s two top clients of the moment, Dockery and Nyong’o, have been to many of the awards shows this past seasons and ended the season with Lupita winning an Academy Award in the stylings of none other than Erlanger. When asked about the Oscars she explained, “Sure, it’s set the bar really high and all eyes are on her, and as a result all eyes are on my work, but the success that we’ve had is because we’ve been trusting our gut and doing what we love … I’m so lucky that I have someone who I can dress who showcases wardrobe beautifully, but above and beyond, is a force to be reckoned with as an actress.”




Images via style.mtv.com, micaelaerlanger.com,

Model Behavior: Rylee Breen

The Australian fox that is Rylee-Breen Maver has rapidly captured the attention of some of LA’s finest tastemakers. With a budding career and bright future ahead of her- Rylee’s journey contains dreams, ambitions, failures, hopes, compassion, & love.

Did you find modeling or did modeling find you?

I believe it found me,  i never really took it seriously and just did it for fun as a way to express myself. For me it’s like a snowball effect, one job leads to another and then another. I consider myself very fortunate because of the opportunities i have been given in the industry.

We love your tweet, ‘You must sacrifice the past, so that you can move fully into the future, for no one truly lives while the past dominates.’ What have you had to sacrifice to be where you’re at now?

Moving from tiny Brisbane, Australia to Los Angeles and leaving my content life behind to take a leap and follow my dreams. I left everything that I loved behind to start living my life and make a life for myself that I could be proud of. It was the scariest, most nerve racking journey I have ever been on to leave my family, friends and support network and step out of my comfort zone.

What does fashion mean to you?

I find fashion is all about expression and how you are feeling. Everyone has their own view on fashion and trends and I believe you don’t need to buy the most expensive garment in the world to be fashionable, it’s about how you wear it and making it YOU!

 Day in The Life 

8:00 A.M. getting home from the gym and making my Rawr Energy Protein shake.

10:45 A.M. Replying to emails and working on my two businesses Rawr Energy and Bruce Heart.

12:30 P.M. Heading to a job either it be by Uber, bus or someone has kindly offered me a ride because I don’t have a license or car(probably the only person living in LA who doesn’t drive).

1:45 P.M. Getting prepped and at a shoot.

3:00 P.M. Probably thinking about food and checking emails and social media

8:00 P.M. Cooking up something vegan for dinner, thinking about work.

10:45 P.M. fast asleep snoozing in my cloud bed!

As the success continues to unravel what’s next?

Starting my own label with my best friend and focusing on taking my businesses to bigger and better places. I would love to get a major campaign and working with legends of the industry.


View the full issue: ‘Roll Call: Vol 6′

Woman Crush Wednesday: Karla Deras


Woman Crush Wednesday, Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet.

Karla is an American fashion blogger. Her style has been described as a ‘pot of stew’ exuding a mashup of effortless sex appeal and undeniable luxe. Simplicity, androgyny, and femininity.