That Fashion Thing: Modern Times, Retro Perspective

It’s all about throwing it back this fall. Mod, retro, feminine, sleek and structured is where it is at for the upcoming fall season.

Seemingly the strongest thread running throughout all the various looks for fall 2014, we figured you’d want to know about it.

What this means for you? Take a bunch of risks! Not only with your fab mod attire but with your hair and make-up as well! A huge part of the 60s mod and retro look has to do with fluttery Twiggy eyes, so grab your white eyeliner and flutter them up!

Designers like Miu Miu, iCB, Ochirly, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Moschino have all released similarly themed campaigns within the past few months reflecting the mod vibes.

Additionally, editorials across the world featured in your favorite magazines – InStyle, Elle, Town & Country, W, Flare – have styled some of your favorite faces in the growing trend including, Gwenyth Paltrow, Chloe Grace Moretz, Miranda Kerr, Mila Kunis and many more.

So mod up and glam up!

ElleCanada-1ChloeGraceMoretzFlareMiuMiuFall14Gucci-2 JoanSmallsICB KateBosworthInstyleUKValentinoSaintLaurentLiWeiElleVientman MilaKunisW MoschinoFall2014ElleCanada-2TCX080114_074MaxFactorGwynethPaltrow Gucci-3SaintLaurent-1

Images via: Fashion Gone Rogue

That Fashion Thing: 60′s Revival


Tapping into mod chic, the style of the 60′s seems to be taking over Hollywood. We have seen it pop up during different occasions, like Marc Jacob’s Louis Vuitton Spring 13 collection, or even Blake Lively’s 2011 Glamour editorial and most recently, Mila Kunis’ W magazine editorial. We realize some celebs have committed more than others (ahem-Lana Del Rey), but from street style to runway, our favorite IT girls have been channeling their inner Twiggy - and it looks groovy baby.

Blake Lively in Glamour Magazine photshoot spread editorial love 3

Blake Lively, Glamour Magazine 2011


Blake Lively, CFDA Awards 2014


Lana Del Rey H&M Campaign 2012

cara 60s-mod-style

Cara Delevingne Louis Vuitton Spring 13


Mila Kunis W Magazine 2014

images via E! Online, Hawt Celebs, Glamour, Fashion Tag, Wassermoth (deviantART)

That Fashion Thing: Flat Chested Diaries

We just can’t get enough of the oh so chic bralette trend. It has grazed the runway as well as street fashion. They have become the new “flat chest” girl trend, not just because they are comfortable, but simply, sexy and chic.


Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.27.58 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.48.50 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.32.01 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.47.39 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.26.53 AM




Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.56.06 AM

Hanky Panky- Peek- A- Boo Lace front tie Bralette $42

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 10.59.42 AM



For Love & Lemons- Bat your lashes bralette $125

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.20.39 PM

Nasty Gal- Heavy Hitter Bralette $30

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.33.04 PM


Top Shop- Mesh Strappy Bralette $50

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 12.37.13 PM

Top Shop- Triangle Cup Bra $40

That Fashion Thing: Wimbledon Wear

Wimbledon 2014 brought out some amazing fashions choices among celebrities, but what’s more, is that it continues to inspire street style and runway collections. The sporty chic style has always been a trend that fluctuates with time, but during the Wimbledon championships, we see a lot more of it. People show their support with the wear of tennis shoes, pleated skirts, and varsity knits. The tennis look not only makes for a cool preppy look, but it is perfect for the summer. Check out some of the looks below!




Lacoste (left), Karen Walker (right)


Kate Middleton and Zooey Deschanel 

images by In Style and A White Carousel

That Fashion Thing: 5 London Mens Collections Worth Checking Out!

Today we’re hashing out the best mens collections directly from London! European fashion has lead the world’s trends for quite a long time and let’s face it, a good looking man dressed in London’s top collections are any woman’s fantasy, right? Some of these collections include Joseph, Kent & Curwen, Christopher Shannon, Burberry Prorsum, and JW Anderson.




Initial Reaction: Very clean-cut, could make any man look a little more David Beckham-like. The simple pairing keeps the outfits more on the plain side, but we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. Sometimes simple goes a very long way.

Upon closer look: Pretty Sure Harry Styles has donned the second outfit down many a time. In addition the hem lines of the pants in the first pictures seem to indicate possible flash flood warnings…. No?….. Alright then.




Kent & Curwen


Initial Reaction: The singular pattern matched with two solid color pairings seem to work very well. In addition, the sharp blazers exude class and confidence. These can be dressed up for formal events (with formal shoes and tie) or dressed down for a more casual evening (no tie and possible absence of the blazer.)

Upon closer look: These are some good looking men… Oh right, the fashion part of it. Though the outfits seem in tip top shape, the ad itself is a bit contradictory when it comes to trying to sell the idea of playing sports in this get up. (Let’s be real, grass stains are not a matching accessory for those slacks.) Though this is not too typically seen in American daily wear, we’re sure many women wish their man dressed more like this on the daily.




Christopher Shannon


Initial Reaction: Christopher Shannon is more of a radical designer and as such was recently awarded the BFC / GQ style menswear fund, so there’s reason to be proud of your brand. This look seem a throwback to the 80′s/90′s style, a bit on the quirkier side with unique elements.

Upon closer look: There are moments where fashion becomes a bit um… Well, difficult to understand. This is one of those moments. Though Christopher Shannon is definitely a genius, this would not be received well as day-to-day wear. However, on the runway this would definitely stand out and make an impact. Is it too much? The jacket in the second picture down seems to be asking the same question, but it’s up to you to decide.




Burberry Prorsum

Screen shot 2014-06-18 at 6.52.52 PM

Initial Reaction: This collection stems from British menswear, but with a nomadic twist. Designer Christopher Bailey explained that the idea of travel is fascinating and should be done by all at some point. That being said each of these looks has a classic style at its root with a bit of a flair of pops of color and travel themed hints accompanying each look.

Upon closer look: Though the collection as a whole is pretty amazing, and the idea behind the travel/color inspired outfits is superb, some of these are a bit borderline. The final outfit shown here seems to be fitted a bit too snug, and do all of these hats seem to be little baby replicas of Pharrell’s big hat???





JW Anderson


Initial Reaction: J.W. Anderson is pretty well-known for being a bit on the odd, more peculiar, side. Anderson has always been one to blur gender when it comes to fashion, as made evident by his collection. Each piece has had a lot of thought put into it with the idea of  ”the personality of the bourgeois woman” as an inspiration to the creation of the pieces. Many of these pieces show a comfier side to them, something not often a factor in collections shown on high fashion runways.

Upon closer look: The collection definitely is more so on the comfy side of things, which makes many of these items incredibly appealing. Some of these pieces seem more on the side of sleepwear, some look like genuine pieces of art (third picture down, for example). The final picture gives a new meaning to “off the shoulder”, especially in menswear. J.W. Anderson’s collection has created a lot of buzz in the fashion world, so what’s your take on his quirky collection?




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That Fashion Thing: For the Love of Soccer FIFA World Cup

Now that Kimye’s nuptials are over and done with the world has turned its attention to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. So what does that have to do with fashionistas everywhere (besides the fact that we LOVE David Beckham in designer anything, especially Calvin Klein, wink wink)? Well, the amount of collaborations the fashion world has had lately with everything soccer related is overwhelming. The obvious brands like Nike and Adidas, have of course not only collaborated, but also signed top players to represent their brands. In addition to that, Asos and Forever 21 have jumped on the band wagon and are selling World Cup related retail, but the biggest surprise in this area has been Karl Lagerfeld. The fashion mogul joined a Brazilian footwear brand titled Melissa to create a pair of chic flat adorned with soccer balls on front part of the shoe.

A few of the collaborations are posted below for your pleasure. Enjoy sports savvy fashionistas.



brasil_annexmag jersey_annexmag futbol_annexmag USA_annexmag openingceremony_annexmag sweater_annexmag futbol_annexmag

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That Fashion Thing: The Great Thing About Pineapples Are…

Well, everything to be honest!

Not only are pineapples absolutely delicious and not to mention refreshing, but they also make for a great print.

Pineapples are no longer just a fruit that graces the “summer only” button up that your dad wears when it gets hot, hot, hot outside. They are now the object of every pattern makers inspiration for your summer wardrobe as well!

And though it seems that pineapples are already versatile enough, they have not limited themselves to one gender or even one type of garment. In fact, pineapple prints are completely interchangeable between males and females and range from socks and shoes to dresses and button-ups. There is most definitely no shortage in options of how to make this hot trend all your own.

Wether they are abstracted or exact depictions of the lovely fruit, this is one pattern that will be a must-have for summer!

Bloggers, Celebrities, and even us “regular” people are eating up this trend (pun intended) and you should too, it really is a juicy one!

PineapplePrintAsos PineapplePrintStreetStyle

PineapplePrintBikini PineapplePrintButtonUp PineapplePrintFestival

PineapplePrintMixedPrints PineapplePrintModCloth PineapplePrintRihanna PineapplePrintRomper PineapplePrintShorts PineapplePrintSocks PineapplePrintVans

Photos via Tumblr, ASOS, Mod Cloth

That Fashion Thing: Designers Entering Fast Fashion

Mulberry has created a new line of affordable bags, titled ‘Tessie‘, that are blowing us out of the water. The affordable and fashionable bags are becoming a reoccurring trend in the fashion industry with designers like Joseph Alltuzarra creating collections and Armani Exchange venturing out into fast fashion to compete with retailers like Zara and H&M that won’t break the bank. Mulberry’s new line includes smaller bags, such as the mini satchel, or even full size bags that will match with any outfit and ranges in price from $860  to $1190. In addition, rumor has it that even Armani will be venturing into the affordable side of things to expand its consumer demographics.

Sounds just fine to us all. More excuses to shop, that’s always good news!

mulberry_annexmag mulberrybag_annexmag mulberry-cheaper_annexmag mulberry-ch_annexmag

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That Fashion Thing: Slip Dress minus the Extra Dress


Slips have always been a part of fashion, however they have generally been a behind the scenes supporter. With the 90′s being back in style it is no wonder that one of the more racy trends from back in the day is resurfacing.

The great thing about wearing your underwear as outerwear is that you can dress it up or dress it down. Slips work well as an alternative to shorts and a t-shirt in LA heat or for a night out on the town. Not only are slips versatile, they are also accessible. Whether you are scoring a vintage slip from the thrift store or a designer slip from Bloomingdales, either way this is going to be a fun and easy trend to translate into your own personal style.

SlipDressSJPPinkSlipStreetStyleSlipDressRunwaySlipDress SlipDress2 SlipDress3 SlipDressRunway2 SlipsSlipDressRunwayStreetStyleSlipDress2

That Fashion Thing: Shocking Runway Locations


Designers have certainly been stepping up their game lately when it comes to marketing. With Valentino shoes being modeled by men’s tattooed hands and an eyebrowless Miley Cyrus starring in a Marc Jacob campaign, we’re seeing countless designers leaving their comfort zones in an attempt to get everyone’s attention.

The latest way designers have been generating buzz is by choosing some pretty out-there locations to show their collections.

For starters, Dior showed their 2015 resort line at a navy yard in Brooklyn, earlier this month. And then, just last week Alexander Wang hosted a show for Balenciaga in Beijing!

It used to be that you could count on most designer runways to take place in New York or Milan, but now it seems like any location is fair game.

The latest designers to join in on the trend, have been Hermes and Celine.

French luxury brand Hermes showed their autumn/winter line, last night, at probably the oddest l0cation we’ve heard yet: on Wall Street! After the show, guests were treated to an entire fashion carnival–complete with carnival games, fortune telling, and dance shows.

Similarly, Celine–who usually only shows in Paris–is coming to Beijing for their first ever runway to be hosted in China.

Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors have also done “off schedule” shows in Asia recently.

So have all the rules of fashion come to be disregarded even by top designers? At least they’re keeping us all on our toes.

(Photo via: NY Mag)