Annex Mag x Brad Goreski ‘Let The Sunshine’ BTS Exclusive

This summer, Annex dropped by former cover star, Brad Goreski‘s Let the Sun Shine shoot featuring Mr. Brad Goreski, styled by himself! His daily routine consists of styling the best’s’ of Hollywood, but we asked him to style himself this time. Detailed florals, athletic sandals, and basically a very sexy Calvin Klein ad, come together behind the lens, where Brad sees men’s looks going this summer. Whether summer means the office, the beach, or running around town, he’s got you covered. Photographer Kaleb Khu captures Brad constantly smiling, as he weighs the differences between being behind the camera and being in front of it – broody and all.


Brad wears an American Apparel t-shirt, J Brand jeans

We asked Brad what’s he been up to:

Annex: You’re usually on the other side of the camera styling A-listers – what is it like being in front of the lens for a change?

Brad Goreski: It’s fun being in front of the camera but it’s stressful. I don’t know how models do it! It’s not as easy as it seems.

A: How does the process differ from styling a client and styling yourself for a big shoot?

BG: I know exactly what I want to wear so there’s no gray area about whether or not the client will love the pull.


Brad wears Louis Vuitton button-up, blazer, & jacket, Christian Louboutin shoes, Tom Ford glasses, Dsquared tie

A: If you were being flown to the moon and could only take wardrobe from ‘Let the Sunshine’ editorial which pieces would you take?

BG: The Louis Vuitton jacket, Louboutin knapsack, and the Dries Van Noten floral shorts.


Brad wears a Phillip Lim top, jacket, & pants, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Christian Louboutin backback.


Dior tuxedo blazer, top, & shorts, Jimmy Choo shoes

Check out the full editorial shot by Kaleb Khu on Mr.BradGoreski!

WCW: Danielle Campbell


From being the ever-so-sweet and innocent baby faced girl who falls in love with superstar “mega-babe”, Sterling Knight, in Disney’s StarStruckDanielle Campbell, has caught our hearts and dragged them over to the CW where she now plays a less innocent roll as a witch on The Originals.

Danielle was born in a small town in Illinois and was discovered at a hair salon in Chicago. Don’t you just love those kinds of stories? The ones who don’t go looking for it but instead just get found - I guess I should hangout at more hair salons.

Being cast in the main cast on The Originals has led to many great things for Campbell within the past few years. Most recently, it was announced that Danielle signed on to a project with Luke Benward called 16 South, it is still in development so there isn’t too much to be said about the project. However, with two cuties like them I bet this will be something you won’t want to miss.

Constantly with a smile on her face, Danielle seems like the kind of girl you would want as a best friend and we love that about her!
To keep up to date with the adorable and charming Danielle, follow her on Instagram (@thedaniellecampbell) where she posts fun photos from behind the scenes on The Originals as well as flashes from her fashionable and entertaining life.

Talented, a sweet pretty face and still so young, we are thinking great things are coming for this girl!968full-danielle-campbell

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 1.27.20 PM




Annex Exclusive: Starring Rooftop Hottie Marvin Cortes


Marvin Cortes is a total hottie that was blessed with his hunky looks. Using his God-given talents, he’s found his niche and the perfect industry that fits his requirements. Model from NY, runner up for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, and amusement park enthusiast, Marvin (Twitter & Instagram) packs a lot of personality.


Marvin wears LURA eyewear, David Giampicollo, and Creative Recreation.

He feels most comfortable in front of a camera – lensed by Mat Abad a.k.a. BadBoi and styled by Jeremy’s Image - where he’s able to show his personality best. He doesn’t like to take himself too seriously, where’s the fun in that? His contagious big, cheesy smile can brighten literally any room.

The reason he chose being a contestant on ANTM rather than going a traditional modeling route was simple. The benefits of being on a show with Tyra Banks, being able to travel the world, and meet incredible minds and celebrities like Katy Perry, Johnny Wujek and many more, is a bargain you cannot pass up. It shot his modeling career straight into the fast lane, and he’s been busy booking deals ever since. He shares with Annex Mag what a good day on set looks like, “When theirs food for sure. No, but in all honesty, a great day on set is when everyone is on point. Everyone knows their job and it all flows so naturally because everyone’s work ethic is synonymous. I also love just having conversations with the team. I like it when we are able to talk about more than just fashion. That’s a good day on set: food, being on top of your game, good conversation. That’s it.”


He’s far from where he once was, but not yet where he wants to be. He dreams of someday soon modeling for brands like Dsquared2, Diesel, and Givenchy.



Hair & Make-up by Savannah Enz.

Obsessed: Prince George and His First Royal Year in Fashion


Of course there are many reasons to adore this little hunk of british bred royalty.
One of which being that it is his first birthday, and well, who can really deprive a child lots of love on their first birthday? Most definitely not I, that is for sure!

So of course we are obsessed with this little munchkin. But, we wanted to point out more than just his stature and that he will someday rule one of the greatest nations on planet earth – just as important, isn’t he always dressed impeccably?

From his overalls, to his cardigans and his monochromatic looks to stripes and sail boats, this baby has got it going on.

So, here is to one royal year of spectacular outfits and we can’t wait to see what you’ll be wearing once you are dressing yourself!
Happy Birthday Prince George of Cambridge!


PrinceGeorge10 PrinceGeorge1 PrinceGeorge2 PrinceGeorge4 PrinceGeorge5 PrinceGeorge6 PrinceGeorge8 Prince William and Kate Middleton continue their Royal Tour with Prince George **USA and Canada ONLY** PrinceGeorge12

The Princess is Here — Princess Pia Mia

‘THE PRINCESS IS HERE ‘ <I say to my self a la Missy Elliott, 1, 2 step> whenever Pia Mia enters a room.

pia mia annex magazine

Hailing all the way from Guam, this 17 year old’s career is ever budding right before our eyes. From her Kim K keek feature covering Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’,  to a record label at Interscope, Pia Mia’s in it to kill it!

We were first wowed by Pia’s camera skills back last summer when we shot her alongside the coolest Columbian actor we know Moises Arias for an Annex feature.

pia mia annex ma

Lensed by: Kaleb Khu

Back at it again, Pia didn’t fail to perform, rather further honed in on her modeling skills. You’d never guess the artist stands 5’5” with stems that read for days. In this video directed by Justinne Enriquez the artist is captured BTS of her cover shoot donning For Love & Lemons, Gail Be, Camelia and Skikos, + more.

Woman Crush Wednesday: Imogen Poots


Currently on our radar, the sweet and stylin’ Imogen Poots.

We found ourselves falling back in love with this British honey in That Awkward Moment as she played the off-beat and intriguing love interest of one of our favorite hunks, Zac Efron. (Sidebar: How hard would it be to not be in love with her? I mean, not only is she adorable visually, but her name is so quaint and peachy, she is the perfect English rose!) Since then we have seen Poots blossom along the red carpet at multiple events. Needless to say we were excited to see her in Need for Speed earlier this year also.

Now that she has established herself as a well versed actress and style icon, it is safe to say there are only big things coming her way.

Some of those things include, but are not limited to; Knight of Cups, Squirrels to the Nuts and The Blunderer - all of which are in pre-production. 

Catch her gracing the silver screen or scrolling down your tumblr dashboard in some of her amazingly breathtaking fashion shoots.

She’s a beauty and it’s not going unnoticed.


That Fashion Thing: 60′s Revival


Tapping into mod chic, the style of the 60′s seems to be taking over Hollywood. We have seen it pop up during different occasions, like Marc Jacob’s Louis Vuitton Spring 13 collection, or even Blake Lively’s 2011 Glamour editorial and most recently, Mila Kunis’ W magazine editorial. We realize some celebs have committed more than others (ahem-Lana Del Rey), but from street style to runway, our favorite IT girls have been channeling their inner Twiggy - and it looks groovy baby.

Blake Lively in Glamour Magazine photshoot spread editorial love 3

Blake Lively, Glamour Magazine 2011


Blake Lively, CFDA Awards 2014


Lana Del Rey H&M Campaign 2012

cara 60s-mod-style

Cara Delevingne Louis Vuitton Spring 13


Mila Kunis W Magazine 2014

images via E! Online, Hawt Celebs, Glamour, Fashion Tag, Wassermoth (deviantART)

Man Crush Monday: Douglas Booth



Douglas Booth is a total cutie we’ve been obsessing over lately. If you aren’t familiar with Doug just yet we’ll tell you one thing: He’s from London. All you need to know.

The 22 year-old first came to public attention following his performance as Boy George in the BBC Two film Worried About the Boy. He also starred in the BBC adaptations of Great Expectations and Christopher and His Kind. Since then, he’s done great things that has only made our hearts swoon.


He’s acted in the latest rendition of Romeo and Juliet and we saw him share a screen with Miley Cyrus in the 2012 movie ‘LOL’

You might ALSO recognize Douglas Booth as the pouty-lipped model standing next to Emma Watson in Burberry ads.


photos courtesy of GQ

I KILL EVERYTHING, but succulents… succulents live!

The thick fleshy plants have adapted to survive any condition life throws at them – EVEN friends intoxicating them with Four Loko poison (please do not try that at home). From plants + animals with Stephen Eichhorn to boho goddess Leah Hoff’s home, succulents are without a doubt ride or die plants.

obsessed succulents


+ in case you needed a new screensaver, please find below. You’re welcome.

cats annex mag

Woman Crush Wednesday: Chloe Grace Moretz


For me, this crush began in 2011 when Moretz played the female lead – opposite Tyler Posey – in the Best Coast music video for Our Deal. But since then, Chloe Grace Moretz has grown up, worked more and is now being taken very seriously as a wonderful talent. With a few projects still to be released later this year, she is our Woman Crush Wednesday and should be on everyone’s radar.

Currently, at the still young age of 17 she is one of the best young actresses in the biz and also becoming quite the style icon.

The upcoming release of the movie If I Stay (August 2014) is the highly anticipated story of a girl who’s life changes when she is in a serious car accident. Laggies and Clouds of Sils Maria, which both are to be released in theaters later this fall/winter are two big budget films in which Moretz stars opposite other great actresses like Kiera Knightley and Kristen Stewart.

Chloe Grace Moretz  is a girl you want to keep an eye on. From comedy to drama it is very apparent that she can do it all. Not only has she got a great talent but she also has the personality and humility that you want to see in a young celebrity. She appears to be really down to earth and an all around fun girl to have around. You can tell she’s got some good taste in music and style as well – via her Instagram (@cmoretz) – and you know we’ve got to respect her for that!

With so much already achieved, there is really no saying what is next for Chloe but we know it is sure to be something amazing!

ChloeGraceMoretz-1 ChloeGraceMoretz-2



Images via Tumblr