Sex and The City: Los Angeles


Outward beauty was made to be looked at, inward beauty was made to be felt; Sex and The City: Los Angeles.

Since the dawn of our platforms existence we’ve pined for New York City; admired it’s authenticity, dreamt of it’s opportunities, and craved it’s vibrations. Always looking to justify that red-eye flight that jets you across the country in the middle of a likely warm Los Angeles night to a crisp, New York morning. You’ve arrived refreshed and inspired, in a ‘New York state of mind.’ Feeling your most Sarah Jessica Parker like you’re greeted with an active agenda boasting of exciting meetings and appointments. You’re in the city and you belong.


Suddenly in one gasp for air this has all changed. Ok it wasn’t one gasp it’s been changing right in front of us we just didn’t acknowledge it. And it’s not all different it’s just a substantial realization that made a big difference.

Calendar > New Event > Location Ace Hotel  929 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Meetings at the Ace Hotel have found their way into our calendars, Cold brews from Coffee Colab gripped in our hands, shopping bags from Acne Studios sitting at our desks. It’s mid-May and Intel has invited us to give their fresh All-In-One computer a run. Con gusto we embraced the opportunity. Through Intel’s #AIO program we attended a brunch at a trendy West Hollywood restaurant where we got to know more about the device’s capabilities and where we discovered StudioDIY brainchild of Kelly Mindell. About Kelly, ‘I’m an east-coast transplant living in Los Angeles. I’ve been a DIY-er since birth, an entrepreneur since age fifteen and a freelance blogger and crafter for the past five years. Studio DIY is the culmination of everything I love and live for. And, I get to share it all with you! Boy, am I lucky, huh?’ Lucky indeed, StudioDIY inspires the wanderer inside of us to explore through a creative process. Her creative experience with the #AIO fell nothing short of that.


cc: Studio DIY

Kelly isn’t the only New Yorker out here, the New York Times put together an amusing post: Los Angeles and Its Booming Creative Class Lures New Yorkers, stirring up 600+ mixed comments.

“Many people say that there are more creative people — visual artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers — living in Los Angeles than there are in any other city in the world, and I feel it,” Ms. Philbin said. “It’s like New York in the ’80s. There is a huge, growing community of artists here.”

A similar renaissance is underway in fashion. Hedi Slimane, the creative director of Saint Laurent, moved the fashion house’s studio to Los Angeles, while labels like Band of Outsiders and Rodarte spearhead a homegrown design scene.’


Of course we had to have our coffee out of our FRIENDS cup!

While once scorned for being the mecca of vapid plastic perfection, Los Angeles is still just as beautiful on the outside (and we’re not complaining), but it’s also a blossoming garden that possesses an inward beauty you can feel. We’re inspired to water these grounds where we’ve laid our roots and grow together like flowers under the almost always sunny skies.

Los Angeles we see you, and we now feel you too. LA has become the city where if you bring it, it’ll embrace you.

So what’s been going on in Los Angeles that really made us feel?

GQ called Downtown Los Angeles “America’s next great city” last year.

Burberry draws in 700 beautiful humans to join them at the Griffith Observatory for their first-ever runway show in L.A.

Leading feminist and photographer Petra Collins throws a massive launch party at LA’s MAMA Gallery nestled in the Art District where scantily clad gals and vintage foxes line up alongside one another a la Brooklyn energy.

On the other side of town Bootsy Bellows has relaunched presenting a black tie affair opportunity where sequin dresses and bow-ties are appropriate, burlesque dances are frequent, and the guest list includes Justin Bieber, Travis Scott, Jason Derulo and more. West coast Studio 54?

Blogger heavyweights Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan, Sonya Esselman have all dotted their i’s and crossed their t’,s on a lease in Los Angeles that is.

Much like NYC’s fast-pace, we get up in the morning and get on the go, and 24 hours just isn’t enough. Carrie Bradshaw once said of NYC, we’ve arrived to the place where so many others are working to live out their dreams. We can’t wait to find out where this city takes us and share it with you.

With a high volume LA agenda we’ve been staying on top of it utilizing Splash Top the ultimate tool to maximize the All-In-One experience. Splash Top, the easiest and fastest way to access your Mac or Windows PC from your tablet, smartphone, or another computer. So whether we’re covering the latest label collection on site or taking a remote meeting we can always access our desktop. This is one of those things you share with everyone because you don’t know how you lived without it.


Much like the new new Los Angeles, the #AIO is beautiful Inside and Out. All-in-Ones operate seamlessly and are user friendly, increasing productivity. The sleek desktops look just as good in a clutter free design, really nailing the minimalist chic trend. The device has a built-in battery so you can effortlessly operate it off your desk in an upright position or tilt it up for easy standing accessibility and performance. We do warn that exposing yourself to this computer really ups desktop standards with it’s innovative touch screen capabilities. Providing the option to effortlessly transition from using the mouse and keyboard to the touch screen at any given moment.


While we’ll always love New York and Los Angeles will never be a second New York, we’re excited about the Los Angeles it’s becoming.

intel logo-annexmagazine

#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value.

IRIS The Must Watch Film, Jeremy Scott Approved

‘You’re not pretty and you’ll never be pretty but it doesn’t matter you have something much better you have style.’ a wildly fierce 93 year old Iris Apfel recalls Frieda Loheman telling her.


‘I feel lucky to be working. If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.’ She has been on a magical working journey over the decades embracing fine arts, interior design, manufacturing fabrics, and sharing her collection; all in outlandish ensembles. The same ensembles that have led to her mass appeal landing her on the pages of publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, PAPER, and Dazed. Her appeal doesn’t stop at the glossy pages she’s in high demand to design cosmetic lines, attend events, give interviews, and collaborate with major networks.


IRIS pairs with legendary documentarian Albert Maysles who didn’t work with a script but brought forth a doc running on an infectious free spirit that uplifts. While simultaneously presenting the opportunity to experience Apfel beyond her perfectly adorned garb and dive into her way of life from uplifting advice, to all to clever one-liners, to outrageously precious moments with her beau. The documentary is a special portal to the inner happenings of the fashion industry capturing encounters with Kanye, interviews with Tavi Gevinson, and work flow with Linda Fargo. Slated to drop in Los Angeles on May 1st Iris whisps around on the big screen being the marvelous rare bird of fashion that she is.

After the screening we pealed out of our seats feeling like balls on fire, high-reaching and inspired where we met up with none other than Jeremy Scott who was sitting just rows ahead. Jeremy shared he too found the film very inspiring, ‘It was great to learn about her personally and her history.’ We gushed on about our deeper admiration for the fashion maverick and how powerful it was to witness her embrace what others may not understand or even accept.

If you’re not interested in watching this film we’re afraid you cannot sit with us. If you are grab your tickets in advance here!


Danielle Campbell is an Original

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Danielle Campbell is an Original. And we’re not talking about her shockingly being a Mikaelson on CW’s hit show The Originals, which she starres in. She’s actually an original – everything about her feels sweetly nonconformist – from her hand written thank you notes via snail mail to her not at all chliched actress persona.

Danielle Page one

The Originals is about a family of vampires who lived in the city of New Orleans where they lived happily. Much to their despair everything has changed and they must take back what has been theirs for hundreds of years. In between 3 seasons there’s passion, drama, betrayal, heated emotional farewells, dangerous alliances, and unforeseen character fluctuation that keeps the fans guessing what will go wrong next. Danielle Campbell stars as Davina Davina is a young powerful witch growing up in the midst of the Michelson drama. She is strong and does anything and everything  to protect the people that she cares about. This season she teams up with the bad boy Michelson brother, Kol, to make a dagger that could put Klaus to sleep for good. As the tension grows, so does her and Kol’s relationship. At the end of the first season, Davina had her guard up and wasn’t very trusting. But it’s safe to say that now Kol has gotten to her and broken down the walls.’ shares Danielle.

Annex Magazine: Can you two relate? 

Danielle Campbell: Davina is a young girl growing up and transitioning into a woman. I can definitely relate to growing up. I might not have the super powers of a vampire as a best friend, but I like to think there’s some similarities between us.

Danielle Page two

Danielle will be turning 20 this January 30th and is a lively spirit, sunny, girlish, and normal in the most down to earth way considering her roster of roles. In her young career she has starred in Madea’s Witness Protection, Drop Dead Diva, Prom, StarStruck, and more.

*Make sure to wish her a happy birthday @daniellemcam

AM: How do you prepare yourself for a role?  

DC: For me, it’s important to envision and create the world around me and the character. The beauty of acting is that each character is completely different from the next. They’ve been through different experiences and are exciting to recreate!

AM: In terms of your acting career how do you want to be remembered? 

DC: I would like to be remembered for  playing a lot of different characters and for doing movies I’m really passionate about. I want to do work that I am proud of and that have challenging roles. I love playing characters that are nothing like me.

Danielle Page three

AM: Who do you look up to for inspiration? 

DC: Great scripts are inspiring to me and I really look up to a lot of incredible actors.

Danielle will be appearing in an independent film about horse barrel racing where she’s had a blast learning to barrel race. We’ll be sure to share it with all of you as we’re eagerly anticipating it. For now we’ll continue obsessively watching The Originals, and hope that one day Davina will see that Klaus isn’t all that bad he’s just been a victim of circumstances. #TeamKlaus


I’m My Biggest Fan, Jessica Meraz

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We often forget about the importance of believing in yourself. Having faith in your abilities. Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. For a young actress in Hollywood, it’s certainly necessary to possess this quality. Jessica Meraz understands that if she has confidence in her craft anything is possible.

Jessica Meraz annex magazine chasing life We’re talking to Jessica days before Chasing Life premiere’s. An ABC series that captures the life of a lively aspiring journalist who is relentlessly working her way up the ladder when she gets the devastating news that she has cancer. In it, Jessica stars as Natalie, a strong willed, fun, exciting, and feisty girl who deals with being the daughter of an affair. Jessica jokes to have partied a lot to prepare for the role but in real life she’s able to easily relate to Natalie. While she admires many actresses she turned to Lizzy Caplan for inspiration for this role.

Hailing from El Paso, Texas she now resides in Santa Monica, California where she’s most comfortable as she’s a beach girl at heart. The most challenging part about being an actress is the constant rejection but despite that her focus is to enjoy each audition and have fun. While she does watch all of her projects she makes sure to not be overly critical, ‘I’m my biggest fan’ she laughs. Before you become a fan favorite you have to be your own biggest fan.


Fact, We Love Kylie Jenner’s Pants

Fact, we love Kylie Jenner’s pants. Only Kylie would make us want to go to J Brand right now and pick up a pair of their Photo Ready Ankle Skinny! However, they’re currently only available in blue mercy/8227.

kylie jenner pants annex magazine

kylie jenner grey pants annex magazine

love kylie jenner grey pants

kylie jenner pants love annex magazine

Happy 80th Birthday, Elvis!


Happy 80th Birthday to the king of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley! 

Not only was Elvis the undisputed King of Rock and Roll, he was, and still is till this day, one of the most influential fashion icons of the world. “He was the guy the guys wanted to be, and the guy the girls wanted to date,” said Kevin Kern, the director of PR for Elvis Presley Enterprises.

Sabrina Antoinette channels her inner Elvis Presley to capture iconic songs like ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, and ‘Love Me Tender’ by the late King for Annex!


Jailhouse Rock. American Apparel leotard, Anaikka harness, Effy earrings


Love Me Tender. Nicolas Jebran jacket and necklace, George & Laurel Norbert earcuffs.


Blue Suede Shoes. Alpana Neeraj dress, Luichiny shoes, Dsquared2 sunglasses

 Fun fact: Elvis didn’t wear denim because “denim reminded Elvis of being poor“.

Marz Leon

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Effortlessly divine self-realization, bold brows, and monochromatic fresh ensembles is the lifeblood of soulful Los Angeles based artist, Marz Leon. The budding talent has positioned herself in a lane all her own – the fast track to eminent success.


Top and Skirt  by Represent Clo, Necklace by NOVUM Sunglasses by Lura Brand

Annex Magazine: When you’re not your alter ego Marz Leon, who are you?

Marz Leon: I am still an Alien.

AM: When you’re writing what comes first? Song titles, melodies, music?

ML: Melodies & Lyrics. Title comes after its all put together.

AM: In recent days you called out the rappers and their music, “i wish one of you big time rappers would talk about some positive real shit instead of the same bullshit that is irrelevant in life.” What change would you like to see in the future?

ML: I would lauhve to see artist really understand how powerful their positions really are in the Musiq game and start making a positive influence on the world and the children of our time. Stop making people think that money is all that rules the world along with materials. They can be so quick to teach people how to disrespect one another rather than to show people that lauhve does still exist and that respecting one another can really bring people together to become a stronger nation then we are now.

Speak on reality, but don’t influence to club your life away, drink, do drugs, and just focus on making money.

Those things are temporary pain relievers for the moment. Smoke weed, chill and show people that Lauhve and happiness is forever. Inspire kids to grow up to make a difference in the world. Not become followers.

AM: Let’s talk LONER. How is this track in particular close to you?

ML: All my songs are really close to my heart.

But L O N E R is my most powerful song off the EP by far. Every word has a strong meaning to me that I have gone through in life. 

Embrace your lonesome. 

AM:  You’re donning a wire crown in LONER’s official music video, what’s the concept behind sporting the crown? 

ML:  The crown I made is to resemble my position in this world as a Queen.

I am still alone without a King and know how power my worth and place is in being a Queen.

What’s a Queen without a King?

A Queen.


Dress by Represent Clo, Necklace by NOVUM


One piece by Forever 21, Vintage fur jacket and jewelry by Marz Leon

AM: You have a blatant sense of style that’s all your own how would you describe it?

ML: Alien.

I just wear whatever makes me feel good. 

AM: Who are your style icons?

ML: I always looked up to Aaliyah & Pharrell growing up. Then I just listened to my brain of weirdoness, (<—- that’s my new word) and do whatever I feel.

Top and Skirt  by Represent Clo, Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Necklace by NOVUM Sunglasses by Lura
AM: How do you want to be remembered?
ML: As some one who has healed hearts and helped influence people to do better in their lives.


Photographer:  Mat Abad otherwise known as Bad Boi

Stylist: Marz Leon

Hair and make-up: Jenny Gomez




B Is For Boys

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A perfect whimsical Men’s Wear editorial just in time for the autumn weather is here. Gui Fedrizzi, Andrew L, and Cody Saintgnue are lensed by the photographer, William Callan, Groomed by Midison Blue. The reflective of Autumn colors and layering are well thought out by the stylist, Andrea Sagun.

Continue reading “B Is For Boys” »

K1X x Patrick Mohr MK5

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K1x the footwear brand created ‘for ballers, by ballers’ and avant-garde, German designer Patrick Mohr chose FourTwoFour for the international launch of the MK5  collab.
k1x_patrick_mohr_mk5_11 annex magazine

The launch came with waves as dedicated sneakerheads and fashion enthusiasts lined up in hopes to attain their very own MK5s. Theses individuals were not only walking out with one pair in hand many of them purchased the entire color way offered in black, red, and white.

k1x_patrick_mohr_mk5_18 annex magazine

The idiosyncratic style was true to K1X’s basketball culture while clearly nodding at Patrick Mohr’s forward-looking design approach. The result of the 5th collaboration was much like the other 4, a trailblazing, eye catching, and in high demand.

“I love the fact that two entities from the same city in Bavaria could run off into two completely different directions, each making a name for themselves
in polar realms of the fashion industry,” says Niels Jäger, K1X Brand Manager. And then end up collaborating on such a unique project, which brings out the best of both worlds. Sporty and refined. The demand for the K1X Patrick Mohr Mk5 remains stunning, I am quite confident that our latest release will make the biggest splash yet.“

k1x_patrick_mohr_mk5_05 annex magazine

The latest edition of the K1X Patrick Mohr will be available in limited quantities from mid October at international selected shops including Overkill (Berlin), Pigalle (Paris), 424 (Los Angeles), Acht (Amsterdam) & Luisaviaroma (Italy).

k1x_patrick_mohr_mk5_16 annex magazine


Full Length Fashion Documentaries on YouTube! Part 1

Because we’ve nearly forgotten what it’s like to watch anything on a screen bigger than 15” these fashion flicks are perfect to stream from the comfort of your computer.
McQueen and I
McQueen and I shows the relationship between Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen. Including rare, never before seen footage of the famous designer, and interviews with his friends, family, and fashionistas.
   Documentary Annex 14
Lagerfeld Confidential
For three years, Rodolphe Marconi followed fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld. If you’re seeking career advice on the industry, please do look forward. However this is a must see for fans.
Documentary Annex 15
Confessions of a Shopaholic 
Rebecca Bloomwood, a charming woman from New York City with a dream of working for a fashion magazine, is a shopaholic who just cannot keep her credit card down. Confessions of a Shopaholic captures a character who struggles to pay her bills, working, and her romance.
Documentary Annex 12
4. Coco Before Chanel
Before there was Coco Chanel, there was a poor orphan, a seamstress for performers, a failed business owner. Despite her obstacles Coco had the ambition to better herself. The film captures Chanel and her journey of becoming the most renown fashion designer.
Documentary Annex 11
5. High Society
Starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Cosby, this star studded cast play the roles of the ever so fitting rich and famous. High Society is a musical that revolves around Tracy Lord, an elite socialite and her wedding.
Documentary Annex 10
6. The Secret World of Haute Couture
Would you spend a quarter to a million buying couture apparels? Who buys them? The Secret World of Haute Couture focuses not only on how these couture apparels are created but also the clients/buyers that live in a fantasy world who are willing to spend as much as a quarter to a million and their reasons for spending this much on an outfit.
Documentary Annex redo2
7. The Tents
The Tents, Bryant Park, Fashion Week. The tents are synonymous of the birth place of fashion, as it showcases designers latest collections to the whole fashion world. Director, James Belzer, provides insight to what really happens behind the scenes at the chaotic NY Fashion Week.
Documentary Annex 8