What to Wear Wednesday: Bewitched Boho

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Dorthy Perkins Kimono: $69

Nasty Gal Shorts: $48

Top Shop Bandeau Top: $24

2B Bebe disc belt- $9.95

Top Shop Necklace: $30

Kurt Geiger Sandals: $140

That Fashion Thing: Take A Walk on the Wide Side in Wide Leg Pants

Get your 70′s on and slip into a pair of effortless wide leg trousers. Seen in designer’s spring and fall collections, the anti-skinny jean is perfect for all occasions. From work to the beach, you can dress up or down these “I-look-cool-without-trying-too-hard” pants and be totally glamorous for any occasion. There are many different styles and fits: relaxed, tailored, floor sweeping, and fluid; we love them all.


Lanvin Pre Fall 2014


Derek Lam Pre Fall 2014


 BCBG Max Azria Pre Fall 2014


 Calvin Klein Pre Fall 2014


  Antonio Berardi Pre Fall 2014

images via Stylesight

Obsessed: Going Green for Spring




So, it looks like the grass is in fact greener on the other side-in hair world. From Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner, the green hair fad is picking up some serious traction. Most people were a little apprehensive about a color that reminds them of their childhood days in the pool, leaving their hair a pukey-green color courtesy of the chlorine, but who knew green could be so cool? We did. Katy Perry mentioned a little while back that she wanted to dye her hair a “slime green” for spring and we were overly excited to see it. First of all, can Katy Perry do any wrong when it comes to hair color? Uhm, no. She has dyed her hair every color in the rainbow and rocked every single look. Second, when we actually saw it on her we were pleasantly surprised by how chic she made it look. She opted to keep her bangs and roots black and dyed the rest of her tresses what she has dubbed “slime green”. Lastly, when we saw Kylie Jenner follow suit and dye her ends green for Coachella, we definitely knew this was a trend that was “obsessed” worthy. There are many different shades of green to play around with, so why not freshen up for spring and have some fun with your hair? Is this a hair color you think you will be joining in on ?

images via dailymail.co.uk, celebuzz, and cambio.com

Must Have Monday: The Jayden Moto Cuff Boot by The Frye Company

chanel iman coachella frye annex magazine

Recently spotted on Chanel Iman at Coachella, the Jayden Moto Cuff boot is our #MustHaveMonday (and honestly, Tuesday through Sunday). A biker boot is a wardrobe staple and The Frye Company gets it right with the perfect pair of moto boots. Available in black or green, these buckled beauties look perfect with just about any outfit. 100% leather and accented with stones, zippers, buckles, stones, and a wooden drum for an antique look, these are worth every penny. Priced at $348.00, you can get yours at The Frye Company.


images via The Frye Company

MTV Movie Awards 2014: Highlights of the Best of the Best

MTV Movie Awards

In case you missed the MTV Movie Awards, there were some things that went down that night that you need to know about, so we are going to break it down for you…you’re welcome in advance.

1. Probably the best thing to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards, Zac Efron goes topless. In honor of his Best Shirtless Romance win, Rita Ora rips off Efron’s shirt, exposing his chiseled abs for the world to see. Thank you Rita.


2. And probably the cutest thing to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards, grumpy cat rocks a sidways-wearing Pharrell hat. Uhm, #adorable.

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

3.  Of course the MTV Movie awards wouldn’t be the same without a little incest, so Seth Rogen tongue kissing his fake mom is our 3rd highlight of the night.


4. Jordana Brewster introduced a touching tribute to Paul Walker that left everyone in the audience (and at home) teary eyed.

Jordana Brewster, Paul Walker

5. Johnny Depp presented the final award of the night for movie of the year…in a ripped hat. We are not sure if this is a fashion trend that Mr. Depp is spearheading or just a fashion mishap, but we found ourselves more amused by his hat than the award he was presenting.

Johnny Depp

6. Mark Wahlberg accepted the Generation award and his speech left us wondering if he was happy to receive it or a tad resentful. Complete with a ton of F-bombs, Wahlberg gave a touching speech (yes, that’s sarcasm) by saying “This is the ‘you’re too fucking old to come back award,” he told the crowd. “This is ‘you’re fucking done.’ But you know what? It was a great run.” He then proceeds to get emotional and as the audience cheered him on, he then tells the cheering crowd to “Shut the fuck up.” It was all really sweet.

Mark Wahlberg

images via Hollywood Reporter, Fashionista, Popsugar, and Yahoo Movies

Man Crush Monday: Nicholas D’Agosto

Why, hello hottie! Looks like the newest cast member of How I Met Your Dad is quite the hunk. Nicholas D’Agosto has been announced as the series’ newest regular and will be playing the role of Frank, who apparently has a decent crush on Greta Gerwig’s character. The winner for this week’s MCM is also on Masters of Sex as a regular and held a prominent role in the popular comedy Fired Up.

nicholas d'agosto masters of sex annex magazine


The 33-year-old Nebraska native has been making waves since his appearance in Final Destination 5 in 2011. Since then he’s worked on Fired Up, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Heroes, The Office, Breakout Kings and Review, among other shows. D’Agosto seems to have the odds in his favor as work piles up as demand for him increases.

Let’s hope that means we get to see this dreamy face far more often.  ;)

Images via listpixel.com, poptower.com

5 Things We Learned About Amanda Seyfried from W Magazine’s May Issue


Oh Amanda Seyfried, how we love thee. This blonde hair, blue doughy eyed bombshell is no stranger to the silver screen, and has landed an impressive list of roles making this Hollywood Starlet, a chameleon that can take on any role and run with it. Still this actress is pretty quiet about her personal life, but we got to know her a little better thanks to W Magazine.


Boredom Kills – she is most afraid of being bored. While vacationing in late February at a resort, she thought to herself she “should be loving this” but couldn’t wrap her head around the fact she wasn’t being productive. She loves to work and if she hasn’t accomplished something – she feels like she failed the day.


Addicted to Love - Amanda loves acting like she’s in love! She loves sex scenes and thinks they’re a lot of fun especially given some of her hunky costars like, Justin Timberlake, Channing Tatum, Adam Brody, and Megan Fox – can you blame her with a lineup like that?!


Amanda’s Best Friend –  Sometimes Amanda thinks her dog is more famous than her (come on, who wouldn’t love that face). Her dog, Finn has appeared on soap opera’s with her, The Late Show with David Letterman, and when she landed in Korea recently people had pictures and signs for Finn!


Rise to Fame –  According to Amanda she doesn’t think she was really famous until last year. Les Miserables was the international hit she feels like propelled her into stardom. She didn’t think anyone paid any attention to her or what she was doing – which she kind of didn’t mind.


Puppy Love –  She met her first boyfriend on the set of her first soap opera All My Children. They kissed for the first time on the show and to her it felt like a Fairytale. So cute!

Although she’s still a very private person we still can’t but help wanting to know more and more about this continuous rising star. Amanda you’ve always been our favorite since you played Karen Smith and told us you have ESPN.

Alcoholic Ice Cream Sandwiches Cool Down Coachella


Don’t worry, we’re not going to bombard you with coverage of every little detail going on at Coachella. But for this we have to make an exception: Patron Tequila teaming up with Coolhaus for tequila-infused ice cream sandwiches?? Now that’s a story worth covering!


Tonight at Detail Magazines’ DETAILS @ Midnight party, Patron Tequila will be serving up spiked ice cream sandwiches in the following flavors:

Gluten-free Coconut Almond Chip Cookie + Patrón CitróngeBlueberry Mojito Ice Cream

Plain based ice cream with brown and white sugar with fresh mint leaves with a blueberry reduction swirl spiked with Citrónge


Snickerdoodle Cookie + Patrón XO Dark Salted Chocolate Ice Cream

Salted chocolate ice cream with chunks of Chocolate infused with extra salt spiked with Patrón XO Café dark chocolate liquor


Double Chocolate Cookie + Patrón XO Cafe Crunch Ice Cream

Coffee espresso based ice cream spiked with Patrón XO topped with chocolate covered toffee pieces and swirled inside

Patrón Tequila spiked Coolhaus artisan Hot Chocolate

Topped with Patrón infused Marshmallow fluff

Could we be any more excited about this idea? YUM!

Who’s Who? Kat Banas, the Young Stylist Making Moves

The eccentric and hilarious New York based stylist, Kat Banas, offers her witty insight and gets into it with us on what to keep in your styling kit and the rules she believes all stylist dreamers should follow.
Annex: What is your go-to brand that never fails you?
Kat Banas: My homies over at Gypsy Warrior always have amazing clothes that add edge to any designer or vintage pieces I’m wearing. My dream closet however, consists of Mui Mui, Clover Canyon and Rag and Bone.
A: Any advice for aspiring stylists trying to get their first real break?
KB: Know both your value and your place on set, assist/intern as many people as possible, don’t say no when you’re first starting out – the power of a referral is everything in this industry (the industry gets smaller and smaller on your way up, which means everyone knows everyone), and be reliable.
A: How does your personal style translate to styling?
KB: This is a great question, however, I think in this scenario, the question might read as, “how does my styling translate into my personal style?” The answer to that is; my personal style is a much more tame version of what goes on in my head and what comes out on set.
A: The fashion world can be deadly and cut throat. How do you manage to keep your head above water?
KB: I constantly have to remind myself that this entire industry is subjective – everything is just determined by a few peoples opinion.. Who is to say they’re right and I am not? Oh yes, and find good mentors!
A: Styling should always be fun and refreshing! What can you do to make sure each shoot has it’s own flair? 
KB: I wish it was always fun and refreshing! Unfortunately, that is not realistic. I do a lot of research before shoots and am constantly finding inspiration from music and my daily life here in New York!

A: What do you have lined up for the summer?
KB: Shooting on location as much as possible! It’s been such a miserable winter here in NY that I’m dying to get out and collaborate with some of my amazing teams.
A: What’s in your styling kit?
KB: Everything from fake mustaches to neon gloves to granola bars to safety pins in every shape and size!
[Contact: katbanas.com]



That Fashion Thing: I See Through You

Simplicity is bold; the phrase “less is more” means just that. From sheer lining, lightweight fabrics, and see through mesh, designers reveal elegant yet daring pieces on the runway. From Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Elie Saab, we see distinct patterns and designs that bring sexy a whole new meaning.


Calvin Klein


Christopher Kane

Elie Saab

Elie Saab


Vera Wang


Vera Wang


Louis Vuitton


Giambattista Valli