Vogue is Getting Sued and Kanye West is to Blame???

Looks like Vogue may be regretting their decision to feature Kimye in their magazine. The April shoot, which meant a long awaited cover for Kim Kardashian, has seemed to bring down some trouble on Anna Wintour and her team at Vogue. According to The Post, Rickey Spicer, who has already sued West before, is now trying to sue the magazine for supposedly using one of his songs in their behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.


Spicer’s rep stated that, “his voice is used substantially throughout the video, comprising approximately 44 percent of the lyrics” and that all this took place without consent or authorization. Kanye West apparently lobbied Anna Wintour into getting Kim on the cover stating that she was “more relevant to fashion” than Michelle Obama. Wintour may have thought it a good idea at the time, but the repercussions may be causing more trouble than the cover was worth.

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Now Playing: “West Coast”- Lana Del Rey

Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

Having Lana withdrawals? Not to worry! Just in time for summer, the lovely Lana Del Rey has released a new single titled “West Coast.” This chilled out tune is the perfect precursor to the highly anticipated release of her new album, Ultraviolence.  Take a listen to the Born To Die singer’s beautiful take on life down on the West Coast.

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Gap Kids is Partnering with Kate and Jack Spade

Gap has a history of getting its hands on the best designers to collaborate with including Stella McCartney and Diane von Furstenberg. So when Kate and Jack Spade announced their partnering with Gap, we were not surprised, but definitely excited, especially considering this is the first time the duo will dabble in childrenswear. Holiday season 2014 will bring the arrival of the collaboration with the Spades’ and Gap Kids.


Though no statements have been released regarding what the collection will look like, we can only hope for mini versions of anything and everything Spade-related. This may be one of the more exciting partnerships to take place, especially when taking into consideration just how many there are at the moment. H&M and Alexander Wang, Zooey Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as Adidas and Mary Katrantzou. Seems like amazing collaborations are what’s in style!

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What to Wear Wednesday: Bewitched Boho

kendall jenner coachella what to wear annex magazineScreen Shot 2014-04-15 at 9.10.12 PM

Dorthy Perkins Kimono: $69

Nasty Gal Shorts: $48

Top Shop Bandeau Top: $24

2B Bebe disc belt- $9.95

Top Shop Necklace: $30

Kurt Geiger Sandals: $140

Dior Heads to Brooklyn While the Victoria’s Secret Show Goes to London

Moving around is, apparently, the new trend in fashion.

First and foremost, Dior has decided to show it’s pre-spring 2015 collection at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the month of May. Back in February, Alexander Wang showed his collection there and since then it’s seemed to become the hot spot for fashion shows. According to reports, there will be a ferry, as well as a car service, which will be transporting and dropping off guess to the venue.

Dior knows what’s up.


On a similar note, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has moved from its usual location of New York to London town. Just this morning director Ed Razek, as well as supermodels Candice Swanepol and Adriana Lima, made the official announcement at the company’s London location on Bond Street. Over the years, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has gained an immense amount of viewers due to the huge production they put on, as well as consistently bringing in famed musicians to perform…

Oh and the gorgeous angels don’t hurt either….


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That Fashion Thing: Take A Walk on the Wide Side in Wide Leg Pants

Get your 70′s on and slip into a pair of effortless wide leg trousers. Seen in designer’s spring and fall collections, the anti-skinny jean is perfect for all occasions. From work to the beach, you can dress up or down these “I-look-cool-without-trying-too-hard” pants and be totally glamorous for any occasion. There are many different styles and fits: relaxed, tailored, floor sweeping, and fluid; we love them all.


Lanvin Pre Fall 2014


Derek Lam Pre Fall 2014


 BCBG Max Azria Pre Fall 2014


 Calvin Klein Pre Fall 2014


  Antonio Berardi Pre Fall 2014

images via Stylesight

Obsessed: Going Green for Spring




So, it looks like the grass is in fact greener on the other side-in hair world. From Katy Perry to Kylie Jenner, the green hair fad is picking up some serious traction. Most people were a little apprehensive about a color that reminds them of their childhood days in the pool, leaving their hair a pukey-green color courtesy of the chlorine, but who knew green could be so cool? We did. Katy Perry mentioned a little while back that she wanted to dye her hair a “slime green” for spring and we were overly excited to see it. First of all, can Katy Perry do any wrong when it comes to hair color? Uhm, no. She has dyed her hair every color in the rainbow and rocked every single look. Second, when we actually saw it on her we were pleasantly surprised by how chic she made it look. She opted to keep her bangs and roots black and dyed the rest of her tresses what she has dubbed “slime green”. Lastly, when we saw Kylie Jenner follow suit and dye her ends green for Coachella, we definitely knew this was a trend that was “obsessed” worthy. There are many different shades of green to play around with, so why not freshen up for spring and have some fun with your hair? Is this a hair color you think you will be joining in on ?

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Must Have Monday: The Jayden Moto Cuff Boot by The Frye Company

chanel iman coachella frye annex magazine

Recently spotted on Chanel Iman at Coachella, the Jayden Moto Cuff boot is our #MustHaveMonday (and honestly, Tuesday through Sunday). A biker boot is a wardrobe staple and The Frye Company gets it right with the perfect pair of moto boots. Available in black or green, these buckled beauties look perfect with just about any outfit. 100% leather and accented with stones, zippers, buckles, stones, and a wooden drum for an antique look, these are worth every penny. Priced at $348.00, you can get yours at The Frye Company.


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MTV Movie Awards 2014: Highlights of the Best of the Best

MTV Movie Awards

In case you missed the MTV Movie Awards, there were some things that went down that night that you need to know about, so we are going to break it down for you…you’re welcome in advance.

1. Probably the best thing to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards, Zac Efron goes topless. In honor of his Best Shirtless Romance win, Rita Ora rips off Efron’s shirt, exposing his chiseled abs for the world to see. Thank you Rita.


2. And probably the cutest thing to ever happen at the MTV Movie Awards, grumpy cat rocks a sidways-wearing Pharrell hat. Uhm, #adorable.

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

3.  Of course the MTV Movie awards wouldn’t be the same without a little incest, so Seth Rogen tongue kissing his fake mom is our 3rd highlight of the night.


4. Jordana Brewster introduced a touching tribute to Paul Walker that left everyone in the audience (and at home) teary eyed.

Jordana Brewster, Paul Walker

5. Johnny Depp presented the final award of the night for movie of the year…in a ripped hat. We are not sure if this is a fashion trend that Mr. Depp is spearheading or just a fashion mishap, but we found ourselves more amused by his hat than the award he was presenting.

Johnny Depp

6. Mark Wahlberg accepted the Generation award and his speech left us wondering if he was happy to receive it or a tad resentful. Complete with a ton of F-bombs, Wahlberg gave a touching speech (yes, that’s sarcasm) by saying “This is the ‘you’re too fucking old to come back award,” he told the crowd. “This is ‘you’re fucking done.’ But you know what? It was a great run.” He then proceeds to get emotional and as the audience cheered him on, he then tells the cheering crowd to “Shut the fuck up.” It was all really sweet.

Mark Wahlberg

images via Hollywood Reporter, Fashionista, Popsugar, and Yahoo Movies

Man Crush Monday: Nicholas D’Agosto

Why, hello hottie! Looks like the newest cast member of How I Met Your Dad is quite the hunk. Nicholas D’Agosto has been announced as the series’ newest regular and will be playing the role of Frank, who apparently has a decent crush on Greta Gerwig’s character. The winner for this week’s MCM is also on Masters of Sex as a regular and held a prominent role in the popular comedy Fired Up.

nicholas d'agosto masters of sex annex magazine


The 33-year-old Nebraska native has been making waves since his appearance in Final Destination 5 in 2011. Since then he’s worked on Fired Up, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Heroes, The Office, Breakout Kings and Review, among other shows. D’Agosto seems to have the odds in his favor as work piles up as demand for him increases.

Let’s hope that means we get to see this dreamy face far more often.  ;)

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